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  1. Yeah, nice one smart ass! Too bad I didnt contribute to your pot.. ..LOL! I had to cancel my trip in Rochester from gail force wind, and couldnt make the tourney blast off. Your lucky for that! I figured if you brought in 18lbs I could have at least pulled a 20lb sack. On the other hand it proly would have been nice if my money was in there to offset all the money I have taken from you in the past.
  2. I run strictly metalic purple and I have good wire bites. I would say 75% of my fish are wire bites.
  3. Gambler that must have been cool to have 7 rods fire. I have cleaned 10 out of 10 rods once all is said and done, but they werent simultaneous. It was more like double here than a single then a double......bla, bla, bla. I would say I had a very memorable year with all sorts of ups and downs. First year chartering was cool! I met some great people and learned a lot. As for the Pro-Am's.....WOW! I would have never expected to take 2 top 5's inthe pro side let alone a win. Then to top it off with a Fall LOC placing. So, in conclusion Uncle Sam will be getting a nice chunk of change from me in taxes this year! :shock: I would say the most memorable trip was either the charter with the two women in bikinis (I swear I didnt sit on the fly bridge and look down, it was to make sure the fish was right behind the boat) or the 8yr old kid who was rod shy at 6am and by 8am was a rod hawg(Will never forget his face or smile when he landed some of those Spring fish)!
  4. I have been running 10 passes worth of leader on the 345. I do believe that is too long, and plan on cutting some down for the simple reason you dont need that much when your 2 football fields behind the boat. LOL
  5. Thats interesting Paul! Im no fisheries biologist by any means and I took the words of some captains over the years. It always seemed to be he case, however, when we were plucking them off the bottom. For example 2 years ago on memorial day we were up at wilson and we were pulling kings off the bottom in 175-200fow. Yeah, i had 300' of cable out on the riggers, but we were smokin the teenagers. A lot of those fish had that folded over tail. I guess most of the tails I have seen were from fish on the bottom, but I never seen a salmon in a tank so i cant argue with you. Do you agree though that a salmon on the bottom can be explanied by the scratches and markings on its belly? Casue I have seen this too.
  6. Mike, Mike, Mike! Yes Lakers hug the bottom, but there atre a lot of kings down there too once the sun comes up! A loto f times you will catch a king and the bottom of its tail is folded over. That is becasue he was laying on the bottom. I would say I catch more Kings off the bottom in that 50-200' range than lakers, but im not targeting lakers either.
  7. Yeah all you need for core is a Penn 330.
  8. While your at it you can also cut a 1/4 in off either side of a NK 28 and it will let you run it at speeds of 4.5-5mph at the ball! I have never had probems running chips at speeds up to 3.0 at the ball. They always catch fish! Oh I know, that must be a laker trick! Guys - the answer for anyone not catching fish on flasher or flies is more than the set-up. Some of you guys run 5-7' leaders off the dipsey. That isnt getting your chip or spinny much action. Also on the rigger you can stretch those things out to 50 foot if need be. Make sure your fly leader is 20-22' on an 8" flasher and use color combos that are popular. To top it off make sure there are fish below you and you are fishing their depth. Somtimes the fish you see are inactive, so it doesnt mean the flasher of fly doesnt work. Fly's have taken 90% of my fish the past few weekends, but somedays they want white and others they want green. You got to give em what they want. Im no expert by any means, but I have never had to cut a chip to make it work and I stick with the colors that have produced for me in the past. For these colors go to the Atomik website and see whats hot or attheoak.com.
  9. I gave my great lakes to Jay Vee a few years back and let them clean and repair one or two of them. Price was reasonable. There is also a guy in Buffalo (Tony's rod and reel repair) he is very good too and also works on trolling motors.
  10. Stix - I asked some guy in a Trophy boat if you were around. Also talked toa guy in a 27 sportcraft.
  11. Im also using the McCoy Mean Green in 25lb test. To rig up a reel full of floro would be expensive. If you really want that floro use a leader of it. McCoy doesnt have a huge following here on the East coast but it is a tough line and like goin deep said it doesnt collect fleas.
  12. 9/3 - Toughest day out of the last four. We only took 5 shots today. All of them on flies with the hammer behind a Mtn. Dew paddle being the best. Size was way down too! We were a brown trout away from taking a Lake Ontario grand slam. Copper took 2 bites and the wires took the other 3. I don't know what's up with my riggers but they have been dead! 9/2 - Another great day out of the Genny River. We got out nice and early and the fish were biting. We did a few quick ones and then it became a steady bite. Wires were the ticket today with paddles and flies taking most fish. The hammer fly did damage as did a white fly. Around 8am we hit a big guy and took 9th place with him weighing in at 29.11 pounds. Hard to top that and it was the biggest guy of the year. He hit the 10 color with 4oz of weight. and a bloody lip silver horde plug. 9/1 - A nasty morning with waves in the 4-6' range. Made our way out to 400fow and set up and went 2-4. two hits on the wires and two raps on the 400 copper. All flies. Worked East and ran into a school of steel and Coho. Finished the day trolling into that 100-200' range and hit some nice kings. The Coho and steel took spoons in a coyote and a super slim Craig's steelhead. Kings took white flies with white chips off the wire. Ended the day 12 for 16. Biggest salmon was 22-23lbs and we took about a 15lb Coho. 8/31 - Flies, Flies, Flies! That was the ticket today. White, mirage, hammer, or anything with green in it. We landed 14 fish and lost 6. Out of 20 bites only one came on a rigger. Wires out 175 to 250 and copper out 500' were HOT today. All fish were healthy 15+lb's with 26-27 being the biggest. We started out in 100fow straight out of the Genny and worked west between 100-150. After a successful morning of Salmon fishing I picked up the bass boat and went after some Smallmouth out of Hughes Marine. Fishing was slow, but we manage some smallies. Only One nice one on this night and it took a tube in about 26fow.
  13. OK guys, here is something Billy and I talked about this past weekend. When Im fishing temp I will set my probe at 39-41 degrees and the rest of the riggers just above that. With most of the set in that 42-50 degree water. What do you guys look for? By the way Billy does the same. This whole discussion started when my dad as ****in casue the probe read 39 degrees. He says we never fish water that cold for kings. Well, if he would stop eating his corn pops and reading the news paper in between fish he would know a bit more! This ought to be a good one!
  14. There is one for sale down the street from me in Rochester, NY. It is fairly new and was barely used. I could get info on it if you are interested.
  15. No, but I know I am gonna do some of that in the next few weeks when the kings are in front of the genny
  16. French - You gonna be out this weekend? Im planning on being out Friday-Monday. We can work together dude!
  17. Great tournament guys! I never weighed in becasue i knew of two great boxes. So, we stayed out and derby fished. There must have been some good fish in front and to the east of Oswego. There wasnt jack in front of FH. We ended the day with 2 10lb steelhead, 20lb king, 15lb king, 10lb king. We had about a 110 day give or take a few points. 10 color took 2, 500 copper took one and the others were wire bites. This is a vrey fun tourney! I would reccomend it to anyone in LO. I am, however, getting sick of them dang PA Screamer guys! Dont you guys ever let up?
  18. It depends on what the fish want. The more distance the more action. I will generally go 20-40 feet back. In clear water you need to stretch that. I rarely go less than 10' behind the ball.
  19. Dude I cant believe you were out there in that stuff Saturday morning! WE went out to like 50' and turned around when we took like 3 waves over the bow. Joe called me and was like if Reeljerks is out here why arent you? I was like casue breakfast taste good right now!
  20. Yeah, lake ontario will do that to you! Once you think u are satisfied you go and get something better. Congrats!
  21. You know Pike Hunter.....the copper usually will always take the big fish of the day, and it will prodeuce later in the day when the riggers and wires slow down. Its just one more tool that you can have to put fish in the boat. There hasnt been a day that I have ran it and not taken the biggest fish of the day on it. Salmonite....next time introduce yourself!
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