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  1. Pro-cure herring and alwife. I put it on my hands before I put the balls on the cable and set up. Then I use it on the lures. Does it help, I think so. If the Salmon find their way back to the stream of their birth by their sense of smell. Then everything I can do to make my set up smell right should be a plus.
  2. Maybe the phone works like a +ion thing. :shock: Charges the wires with the fish call ringtone
  3. Gander in Cicero is in Ice fishing mode. The Eastren Lake Ontario Salmon and Trout Assoation meets there . I know that in the spring they have lots of stuff. http://www.elosta.org/
  4. I wouldn't be to keen on magnets near the dash of the boat where the compass is. If you use those you would want them as far away from the compass as possable . I love my eletronics, but I want to CMA with the old school stuff to be sure to get home
  5. Fishstix , I will have to hook up with you and show you my 7' roller rods that Jeff made for me. My friend at 84 could reel in his own kings last spring with these rods. I have a set of eagleclaw 8.5' foot rollers that he couldn't use. The shorter rods sure make life on the wire easier.
  6. I have a pair of 10# chrome. I think they do draw fish to the spread. I have watched lakers in Cayuga come up 50' on the graph to hit a small stinger. I know that they wouldn't do that for just that small spoon.
  7. Those are dandies!! Those are homebodies they don't travel to far all year. Seen some bigones caught in sixmile creek in the middle of town, in Sept.
  8. What good is a kitchen table that you can't fix reels at? :shock: And you guys got this Chrismas shopping all wrong. One for the wife one for me, one for the daughter one for me , one for the son one for me.
  9. Happy New Year to all and best wishes for fishiest year ever!!!!!!!
  10. use a small off shore clip. Snap , 6" 30# line ,clip then a bead swivel. From the bead swivel leader to the clip for the spoon. Thats how I do my fixed cheaters. I use the black ones.
  11. There were three or four boats out today at the south end . The Starcraft was running boards, I have no idea how they did . Looked better than working though.
  12. Thought I was hearing things when I drove by a field of sheep and heard, SSSTTTTTIIIIIIIIXXXXXXs ,SSSTTTTTIIIIIIIXXXXXXs. Some people come out here to WHAT!!!
  13. Thought I was hearing things when I drove by a field of sheep and heard, SSSTTTTTIIIIIIIIXXXXXXs ,SSSTTTTTIIIIIIIXXXXXXs.
  14. To get the twentyfive watts to transmit it takes a lot of juice. If you are coming off the ignition switch or the regular fuse panel the wiring from the batt. may not be big enough to carry the load. That causes a voltage drop and all that fancy computer stuff on the dash starts shutting down if it gets below 11 volts. Let off the button on the mike the voltage goes back up and the fishfinder , fishhawk, gps , etc all start working ok again. Run a seperate wire, fused, to the radio from the batt. and it should fix your problem.
  15. Happy Chrismas to all, from the fat guy with the beard
  16. Mick has the right idea !! The lighter spoons will work better at slower speeds and the heavier spoons at a faster speed. They all have their special place.
  17. I still think that the coromorants would have made great targets
  18. You want to tape the wire to the spool after you tie it on. I use the packing tape with the nylon filiments in it. Like Billie said you want it on real tight . I just got some tekotas 600lc and I think they have the post on the spool so you won't have to tape those.
  19. Turns are no problem, thats when you often get a hit. Just try to remember if it was an inside or outside dipsie that got hit. That will tell you if they want a slower, inside, or faster, outside, lure speed. Then you can fine tune the boat speed
  20. Makes me glad I am not a perch!!! :shock:
  21. A big fat guy with a white beard just gave me a pair of tekota 600lcs Got them at a buy it now on e-bay for [email protected] nib.
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