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  1. PK I have not been there in years,, and not offended here, just checking,,,, ha ha anyway if you want some eyes cast in the river off the charllotte pier,, with some stickbaits at night you will get some nice eyes they chase the alewives in.. good luck out there
  2. thanks nice fish, may head out this weekend for sure, going to try summerville
  3. anyone been hearing anything off summerville or charlotte piers may give it a shot this weekend thanks for any reports sold my boat,, looks like the piers for me,,, still fun and some good fish to be had
  4. hope not....... season is not open for either one,,, why would you ask that now.... this weekend should be good for the eyes season opens,,, nice fish in there year round white twisters best for me..
  5. very nice lookin, now about the fish the lady is pretty strong looks like a good size brown to hold up one hand,, good for her nice colors what was the weight looks like around 12lbs probably way off.... good job u two
  6. with speed and temp transducer, mounting bracket also Ritchie compass with bracket 75 takes both email me at [email protected] I can send pics thanks
  7. yeah I heard it was mobed there saturday I was at cranberry same thing, caught some nice perch, but not real big yes it was a good day,, any size to the perch you caught? one of my last days out most likely
  8. sorry guy you can get a new one for that price,, you want to sell you should lower I know some people interested price is to high do a search.. I can get you 200
  9. yikes came off the wrong way,,, sorry guys,, I should have reworded it now that I read it my bad just trying to read stuff and see pics cannot get all of it.. cannot close the adds on the left either i do not see an X or anything to do it.. my apoligies kappy
  10. what the heck is going on with the site half of the post show up and the pictures cannot even edit your post unless that part is gone over to the side... FIX IT DUDE slow is hell too...... if you are paying for this you are getting a bum deal... liked the old one better.... sorry tell it like it is...
  11. look here lots of reports just look at the dates,, when they were posted. you won't get much from this site. here yah go http://www.iceshanty.com/ice_fishing/index.php?topic=13683.240
  12. where can you buy that, does west marine carry it thanks
  13. can be good at times do you have a boat? troll off the points at night,head out to the pier and cast stickbaits check with the local bait shop they are very helpfull filling you in and where they are getting fish.. you can PM me when the time comes if you would like Sodus is a great place,, also around the islands is good also Rick
  14. thnaks Adam glad to see some reports,, nice catch,,, always wanted to hit simcoe one day I will get there
  15. sorry if I spelled it wrong A question for you do you know the new site for lakesimcoemessageboard.com looks like they have a new site or does anyone know,,,, thanks I am not a member I just read the post
  16. monster perch in that lake just have to find the schools deep 40 to 80 ft deep,, it is tough though when you find them they will be big.. try a jigging rapala with a decent size minnow,, fatheads will get you some pike also.. don't think this year we will be able to get out to the deeper water.. good luck
  17. how many batteries do you have? one for the main motor, and one for the trolling motor, I have the on board charger also just to charge my trolling motor, they main battery stays charged. does your battery actually go dead out fishing? your alternater should keep it charged.. I troll mostly with my electric which is really nice,, that battery can last most of the day,, the battery for the main motor never had a problem trolling for hours anyway I just plug mine in when I need to.. it is a 2 bank,, like I said I do not have the main motor battery hooked up to it.. if it matters I run a 70 outboard... sounds like an alternator to me... that is not charging the battery, I would take the alternator and get it tested, or do it your self with a meter..
  18. how old are they? and what kind of shape
  19. I have the same setup open bow with a 55lb thrust minnkota I have one 12v battery and it will last all day,, 18.5 ft boat also on board charger which is nice just plug it in.. sealion I would get the mounting plate and mount that,, then you can remove the motor easily bring it in for the winter I live in greece,, anytime if you want to stop by and take a look,, may help you out. I have never had my battery die using it all day, I troll in the lake with it for hours no need for planner boards either. diffenately get the right gage wire with inline fuse.
  20. kappy

    long pond

    has anyone been down that way along edgemere may hit some shore fishing tomorrow morning just wondering if they are iced over if so,,, would save me a trip, my guess is that they are thanks
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