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  1. Guys Anybody know the correct gear lube for a 2013 60hp merc 4stk - the manual doeasnt say and I cant find much out there - I found 1 spot of merc site that says use premium gear lube (80-90w) for OBs below 75hp Thoughts?? Thanks ted
  2. it has happened to every Eaqgle claw rod I have owned - they are junk
  3. anything less than an 8hp in a 4 stroke will be single cyl and will run a little 'rough'. I had a 8 on my 16' lund rebel - handled the weight fine (the new 4 stks are lighter) and trolled all day and a couple gallons of gas
  4. Frogger I had a 6hp Tohatsu 4stk on my 16' lund - there were no issue - however I believe most 6hp 4stks are single cyl engine so they are not as smooth running - I eventually went up to a 8hp and it was definately smoother
  5. Shakespear Ugly Stiks 7', one piece, light action ( I believe model is BWD 1131) - match them with some 27 series Diawa LC reels - great for D/Rs and flat lines on the fingerlakes PS - They will take down a king real nice as well as long as you change to a larger series reel
  6. Kevin There are some after market downrigger mounts that are designed to easily lock into your lund tracks - I got 2 of them and mounted a triple rod holder on each - they worked real nice Got mine at Seager marine
  7. I used the traxtech mounts that go into the Lund track on you gunnels to mount 24" tracks on each side of my Rebel. I then mounted cannon DRs and Berts Rachetting rod holders in the tracks (Adjusting as required depending on type of fishng). The mounts and tracks worked great, were very strong , and the berts rod holders worked excellent for board fishng in sprig and also handled dipsey rods the best of any rod holders I have used. I got my tracks mounts at Seager marine in Canadaguia This setup allowed me to change boat setup and fish other species if so desired
  8. The launch at SeaBreeze is a county launch - I wouldnt expect a state pass to work there
  9. I believe if you look into it a little deeper you will discover that the smaller Mercs are made by Tohatsu so paying the longer money for a black housing may not be a fiscally prudent move
  10. I use this arrangement on my lund ( 24" track Using Mag5HS riggers pulling 13# Atomik weights) and it works fine.
  11. kinda doubt it based on how it fits me - im 5'7" and weight 180
  12. Two Piece Fladen Survival/Flotation Suit Size Large Brand new - never worn - still has tags on it $100 - Pick up in Rochester or Buyer pays shipping PM me here if interested Thanks ted
  13. I switched to 7' Uglystik rigger rods about 5 years ago and they will take a king down as fast as any of the 8 - 8.5 footers I ran for the 25+ years before that - i also had Jeff make me 2 7' roller rods for my Dipseys last year and they are AWESOME- at this point the only rods I use that are longer than 7 are my outside dipseys ( when running 4) and my junk rods - you dont need telephone poles to catch fish - you need good drags - you can 'steer' a fish just as well with the 7's
  14. here is what it looks like at forrest lawn beach http://weather.weatherbug.com/NY/Webster-weather/weather-cams/local-cams.html?zcode=z6286&camera_id=WBSTR&camera_animate=60
  15. SOLD For sale is a 1985 Suzuki 30hp elec start, long shaft, tiller steer Outboard The engine is in excellent shape(low hours), runs great, was just serviced (carb done, water pump replaced, new fluids,etc). Comes with fuel tank (full of fresh treated non-eth gas) and hose I have just replaced this with a new 4 stroke Asking $400 OBO Located in Rochester , NY Reply thru PM
  16. Many 6hp kickers are single cyl and as such have some pretty fair vibration - I would recommend making sure whatever kicker you get is a twin cyl ( and best if a 4 stroke). I ran a 9.8hp on my 20' Crestliner cuddy and it handled it fine. You will likely need to use an EZ steer to link it to our Outdrive and then you can steer with your wheel at the helm - I have fished numerous boats with this type of set up and they work fine. For speed control I suggest a Control King unit - One of the LOU members is a Rep - I have one on my Lund and it works very well
  17. Have an older 30hp Suzuki that I need some work on - seems like going to Hank is the thing to do but cant find a number for him - HELP Thx' Ted
  18. Since I seemed to spend most of my time fishing from the smaller boat I started to run 7' rigger rods a number of years ago and they will take down a King as well as any 8-9 footer. (there was an article in GLA Mag several years ago that explained the dynamics of this) Based on my above experience and some reccommendations I heard - I had a couple of 7' roller Dipsey rods made up last year (made by Fish Doctor) and all I can say is WOW are they sweet rods - they handle Kings on Wire excellent and they are much easier to manuever in the smaller boat. That said I still run my 9.5 ft rods as the outside rods when I am trying to run 4 wires
  19. here are links to Webster (Forrest Lawn beach) http://weather.weatherbug.com/NY/Webster-weather/weather-cams/local-cams.html?zcode=z6286&camera_id=WBSTR&camera_animate=1 and Sodus Point http://weather.weatherbug.com/NY/Sodus%20Point-weather/weather-cams/local-cams.html
  20. For sale is a package consisting of 2010 Starcraft SF1420ss 14' boat – this was purchased new in spring 2012 as a left over- includes 2 padded swivel seats,6 rod holders, asstd rod storage, rubber mats on the floors 2012 Tohatsu 9.8 hp Elec Start 4 stroke outboard (w/ Fuel tank, hose and battery) 2011 Yachtclub Trailer – purchased in 2012 as a leftover (includes winch & spare tire) This package was put together in spring of 2012 and has about 5 hours of use on it, It has been stored inside and is like new - $4000 or Reasonable offer Please PM me here
  21. I used the traxteck mounts desigend to allow you to mount a track on top of them ( they were about $35 a pair and needed 4 per side to mount 2 foot of track) - they work great . I am running a Cannon mag 5 and a couple of Berts rachet holders in each track Segar marine also has a new mount that fits the sport trcks and allows a DR to be mounted directly to the plate - it does have a limit of a 2 foot boom DR
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