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  1. You can dry dock it at sutters marina, and mayers. Both are on the bay.
  2. Larry i dont know how you do it. Is it the no caffine in pepsi??? Something has to slow jerry down. Great job rebel team, trash em in asswego.
  3. If you had some real riggers you could go to a store and get parts. Ha Ha Ha
  4. Subtroll are awesome. I can sell you a unit for 380$. Call 585-750-3164
  5. You forgot rochester. Never mind, all the more fish for ME!
  6. This year is the highest level on the genesee river i could remember in the 33+ years i have been around. It is good to see, but i hope it doesnt get any higher, damage will occur.
  7. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ====================I left the dock at 3:30, they were late. Went out to the color change and rolled east heading to the shoreline to try try the brownies. We fished for 2 hours and were 6 for 9 on the spotted ones. They were definately fat ones at that. The water is just starting to look good, it is still milky green but they chewed on spoons off the boards. Natural colors with white backs were the man. There is still lots of junk in water. SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================
  8. Nice rob, we have to go quite aways in either direction to get to good brownie water. We need good west wind or south.
  9. I couldnt agree with you more with all the issues. 1984 is my first year in the fish biz as well, we have seen it all.
  10. I can go for that kind of bite anyday. It is like the good times of rochchacha we have had in the past. Yeeeeeha. Yes it was awesome today once again matt, imagine that.
  11. No thanks for the bacon jerry, i bet it is good. Jim, i have sold horns for years to people who do what you do with them and them some. We all pay for horns one way or another. Yes rob, istill have all my bunny trophys. The 13" beagle SOCO is a killer, she smokin em and so is KATIE as usual. We will get together again and hit some hot spots.
  12. Hey vince, i cant believe I am reading about you looking for your shade of mud to beat up. I hear things are tough for whatever reason this year. Good luck
  13. I did i read A tasty bottle? I hope you know better then that matt, scotty you'll learn. Best of luck to ya.
  14. I have 14 sets of whitetail horns that go from 6pt to 11 pt and some sheds. These would be great for making lamps, chandalier, knive handles, etc. They are all in great shape. I am asking 120$ for all. Call 585-750-3164
  15. I have a brand new Glynn Scobey goose call for sale. This is a short reed call, easy to master. Comes with a instructural tape in box. Call 585-750-3164
  16. I have 71 of #4 jplugs for sale of all colors. 160$ takes them, great deal. Plugs are 5 to 7 dollars. There 64 #3 plugs of all different varieties as well. 150$ grabs these. 300$ can take all of them. I have a bag of harnesses to go with them. Call 585-750-3164
  17. I have 33 size O dodgers and 8 size OO. The size O has 4 yellow/white, 3 green/white, 3 red, 5 white, 2 lemonlime, 10 kelly green, 6 yellow, and 18 silver in hammerd, silver prizm, silver glow, silver green. Some are still in wrappers. Size OO are in green, white, yellow, siver, red. 1.50 each is 88.50, 75$ will take all. Call 585-750-3164
  18. I have 17- 8" bechold flashers for sale. All of them have crushed or smooth glow. There are 5 white, 1 clear glow, 2 clear crushed glow, 3 light green, 2 dark green, 4 chartruese. Some are still in packages, all are in great shape. I would say 50$ is fair for all. I will even throw in 13 baitheads new in package, 6 baitbuster and one 6" apex lure. Call 585-750-3164
  19. I have 3 old fenwick rods for sale. These are collectors items, or could be used as well. Rod one is model FS55 5'6" ultra light, 1 to 4lb test. Model #2 is a SP-8 7' 6 to 12 lb, with a browning SFS-13 spinning reel on it this is in mint condition. The last rod is still in cloth wraps and a hard case in mint condition. The model is FF-756 7'6" fly wght 6. Rod #1 is 60$. rod #2 is 75$, rod#3 is 80$.180$ will take all. Call 585-750-3164 if interested.
  20. I have not heard any results, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everybody was all wound up about it, then you hear nothing. Whats up??
  21. Hi steve, sounds like you might have spider inside the unit, very common. Box it up and send it back to moore electronics.
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