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  1. Yeeeeeeha bring it on. Im in. You fishin with me dave?
  2. It definately makes you think. We take early spring fishing like its nothing. I keep my ring close by in the spring especially.
  3. Just a note for those who like to help the G.C.B.A. get thier pens ready . This will be happening tomorrow (sat) at 9 am at shumway marine. The more the merrier, it goes quite fast and easy with more hands on. We all enjoy the fishery, a little effort from fellow fisherman and fisherwoman would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. I would stay close to end of the rocks and cast out and around the sides.
  5. You can cast from shore no problem. The fish are right in the 3 to 7 feet or water. The yak sounds like fun though.
  6. The outlet by round pond where we have been putting in fish, at the kodak property is mighty tasty. Same scenerio as far as spoons go. Good luck.
  7. Final flight how are you doing in your argument? A-Tom- mik you dont have blow smoke up vinnies butt.
  8. I would be happy to show him a fantastic time on the browns and cohoes in april. The earlier the better. I am in the water by 3/30. As many as 30, 40 even some 50+ bites a day.
  9. could someone please tell me when the pro am in wilson olcott is? The King of the Lake out of Wilson? The Sodus Pro Am? Thanks
  10. Sorry rob , shelly erased your message by mistake. Try again and maybe we can get hookedup for some bunnie action. Soco the 1yr old is smokin em, and the usual katie the 4yr old is a killer.
  11. where the hell are those bunnie spots?????
  12. This ladder is great for small storage spots. The ladder extends to 5 ft and collapses to 1ft. It will hold up to 300lbs. Questions call 585-750-3164
  13. This is a 20lb danforth anchor, with 100 ft of dacron rope. These anchors are the best when you need to hold the bottom for sure, regardless of the bottom stuctures. This is rated for up to a 32 ft vessel. Any questions call bruce 585 -750 -3164.
  14. Thinking about grabbing some perch fillets soon, just wondering how good the bite has been? Has there been size to them? A buddy of mine father caught a 15incher.
  15. I am looking for places to run my doggies for bunnies. The more places, the merrier. You are more than welcome to come along, wether its your first time or ninty first time, it is always a good time. My dogs do not trash. and they listen very well. I am only interested in rabbits. Please let me know
  16. This is the first time i have been on this site in 2 months and i did not know. I am very sorry to hear about rich. My condolences go out to family. He is a very strong minded man from what little i know of him. I wish nothing but the best of recovery, and a long healthy life ahead. bruce
  17. This unit has about 200 hours on even though it is 7 years old. It has a monochrome screen that has speed and temp. The unit has 200 watts rms power (plenty). Great unit for details under you. Asking 200$. Any questions call bruce at 585-750-3164.
  18. I have a new subtroll unit for sale, 380$. I feel there is nothing better on the market for accuracy. Run a double scotty realease above the probe for your only rod on that rigger.
  19. This boat is in mint condition. It has less than 200 hours on it. Bought new in 2006 paid 25k. A 115 mercury four stroke engine. (very quiet, no smell and great gas mileage.) To many extras to list. This is a perfect all purpose boat for sking, fishing, and just cruising. Must be seen in pittsford. Call Andy anytime at; 585-967-7784. No reasonable offer refused. Asking price is 15,000.
  20. I have a complete 840 fishhawk for sale. This unit looks and works like new. It gives you down and surface, temp and speed. Any Questions please call 750-3164. 300$ takes it all.
  21. I have a complete, working 840 fish hawk for sale. It has down ,and surface speed and temp. I will sell for 350$ complete. Any questions call me at 585-750-3164
  22. I have sold over 30 units around the lake with very few issues, that are resolved after talking to them. Many full timers that use them every day, love em. 400$ buys you one.
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