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  1. That sounds like a plan to me. The sheepies are usually chewing hard in july.
  2. Hey dave, old buddy old pal, how did the shots of the mighty HOOKEDUP turned out? Dont be afraid to call. I still luv ya.
  3. Thats right dave, you must give it your all no matter where you chose to fish. Something like that.
  4. I couldnt agree more with you. Here off of the genesee river the alewives are early, plentiful, and very large. Not to mention the biggest gobies i ever seen. I am talking about 8.5 inches long and the diameter of a golf ball. The juvinile smelt in the atlantics that have been captured seem to be doing quite well. Bottom line is there is PLENTY of all types of forage fish to be chewed on, by ALOT more predators then what is swimming around in the big pond.
  5. Vinny, remember the ruthy baby the 35? viking docked at dean johnsons place. That is what i was trying to say. Too many nuclear mugs that night maybe.
  6. Good deal vinny. I hope i dont have to dive below the decks to look at wires again. Remember oswego 97??? Is that ruthybaby from milson or simular? I am glad you you stepped up 6 notches, good luck.
  7. There is not ONE positive item that you will ever see from these hunks of broken concrete rusted metal. That is all we will have in years to come. That would definately attract loads of people from all over to see. NOT! Vote NO and let your voice be heard.
  8. Myself personally, 33 years of fishing the big pond it is the lowest i have ever seen in the spring. In hearing people talking to the dec they say they are holding back water at the dam to keep the marshes from flooding???? I dont understand. Anybody else know any hearsay?
  9. Fireplug, So far this year, ( i ran only three trips ) it has not been the usual crazy bites as the early spring typically has. There has been some 2 and 3 year old browns, some nice cohoes, and bonus keeper atlantic salmon. (10 to 12 lbs) The usual cookie cutter browns have not been present as normal so far. I am a little worried as to the possibilities of what is going on with those fish. None the less right now i would get your house squared away, and wait for better bites. Maybe tommorow, next week????????
  10. HWM, I would be happy to show you some things and explain some more. However, i can tell you that the best way to learn and ask questions is hands on. By that, i mean a trip on a charter boat will probably fill your head, and your sons with more info and ideas than you would imagine, let alone catch fish and have fun. Please let me know if i can be of any help. My dock is at voyager marina, right next to the bridge. My phone # 750-3164. Capt. Bruce
  11. Yeeeeeeha bring it on. Im in. You fishin with me dave?
  12. It definately makes you think. We take early spring fishing like its nothing. I keep my ring close by in the spring especially.
  13. Just a note for those who like to help the G.C.B.A. get thier pens ready . This will be happening tomorrow (sat) at 9 am at shumway marine. The more the merrier, it goes quite fast and easy with more hands on. We all enjoy the fishery, a little effort from fellow fisherman and fisherwoman would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. I would stay close to end of the rocks and cast out and around the sides.
  15. You can cast from shore no problem. The fish are right in the 3 to 7 feet or water. The yak sounds like fun though.
  16. The outlet by round pond where we have been putting in fish, at the kodak property is mighty tasty. Same scenerio as far as spoons go. Good luck.
  17. Final flight how are you doing in your argument? A-Tom- mik you dont have blow smoke up vinnies butt.
  18. I would be happy to show him a fantastic time on the browns and cohoes in april. The earlier the better. I am in the water by 3/30. As many as 30, 40 even some 50+ bites a day.
  19. could someone please tell me when the pro am in wilson olcott is? The King of the Lake out of Wilson? The Sodus Pro Am? Thanks
  20. Sorry rob , shelly erased your message by mistake. Try again and maybe we can get hookedup for some bunnie action. Soco the 1yr old is smokin em, and the usual katie the 4yr old is a killer.
  21. where the hell are those bunnie spots?????
  22. This ladder is great for small storage spots. The ladder extends to 5 ft and collapses to 1ft. It will hold up to 300lbs. Questions call 585-750-3164
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