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  1. I would strongly suggest a down speed and temp unit. The subtroll 900 is the least expensive with the most reliability. Call me if you want to know more. Bruce 585-750-3164
  2. Tom, you will never see what p-man is using in his program. Right vinny?
  3. I have 3 Diawa saltist model 30LCHA reels for sale. They are loaded with 30lb big game with 20lb flouro leader. I personally used these reels for one month, they are brand new with the box as well. I would sell these at 160$ apiece. They are 189$ in most stores without hte line on. Call bruce 585-750-3164
  4. I have 2 brand new 10ft Quantum Alliance dipsey rods,twilly tips, with Diawa Saltist 30lcha reels loaded with 1300ft of 19 strand wire. I have 4 diver sets now, this would make 6. I will sell them for 200$ each. If you price this out it would be over 250$ per setup. Call bruce 585-750-3164
  5. I dont understand why nobody is chewing on this deal? How about some feed back.
  6. Great job! I had a charter lastnight and we boated a 33lb 8oz female. Of course they were not in the loc. Fishing has been fantastic off of rochester.
  7. Great job! I had a charter lastnight and we boated a 33lb 8oz female. Of course they were not in the loc. Fishing has been fantastic off of rochester.
  8. Well if people were not so apprehensive about spending 15$ for the loc derby everybody would have been happy campers. Right now i woulda, shoutda, coulda be in first place laker after day one of loc with 25 plus slob, 3rd place brown 14lb, and tonight took the cake. I wanted to slice my wrists (with a rusty knife) when i slid the net under a 33lb 8oz fat a-- female, that would be in GRAND PRIZE position. I was happy for the people. Explained to them the deal they lost out on. Paul Adams came to the dock and picked up ANOTHER ONE for the wall. Fishing has been hot in rochester and the rochesterterians are the only ones who know. Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow????????
  9. My hands were full with 3, 12 year olds and one 11 year old. I wish i got down there earlier. We managed a few matures, tons of skippys,(which they cuold land) and some steelhead. Speed was definately an issue. It was all i could do to slow down going east. The screen looked like mid august conditions. Lets hope it stays that way.
  10. These reels have seen 2 seasons on my boat. They are lever drags that are butter smooth and great to work with. They are loaded with 15lb big game new this year. All the reels are in mint shape. The reels sell for 130$ apiece. I am asking 85$ each or 800$ for all 10 of them. This is a smoking deal. Serious inquires only please. Call Bruce 585-750-3164. I do not check this site as often as i like.
  11. I use 30lb big game for my main line with 15 or 20 for leaders. Very little issue.
  12. Good job chad. i knew jerry couldnt take all the open slots in that division. I am going to beat them up reel soon myself.
  13. Check and scrape clean the silver button behind your speed wheel on the probe. The fleas crust that up and then screw it up.
  14. I am sorry for your loss mark and vince. Moms are one of a kind.
  15. I along with many others who are fulltime love the subtroll 900 from buffalo n. y. I sell the complete units for 380$. Call bruce 585-750-3164
  16. Sure i could break them up. I have somebody grabbing 4 tonight. Call me 585-750-3164
  17. We need to stop asian carp as we speak. There is a website at http://www.stopasiancarp.com that you can sign a petition to help the project out. Numbers talk bullsh.. walk. Please get on and sign now, thanks.
  18. I have 9 shimano 7ft med action rigger rods for sale. They were used for one month this year. The model is TDR70MB. There are 9 cabelas dm20 line counter reels on them that are loaded with 15lb big game. The reel are 2years old, and in great shape. I am asking 475$ for the whole smash. This a smokin deal! Please call bruce with Questions at 585-750-3164
  19. I like the idea of winning every week or every other day, depends on how much you fish and lucky you can get. The thought of winning just your entry fee back isnt the attraction.
  20. My thoughts are lower the fee say 300 or 400, base a daily payout the way you had it stuctured with size of the fish. You would give daily prize monies according to the entries you have at a certain deadline. Anyone entering late pays 50$ more. Then that money( all of the entry money from the late boats ) goes into a pot that pays out the largest fish in each catagory as a bonus. Sounds good?
  21. I am guilty of waiting to the last minute, and then my card didnt work right. I will pony up as soon as i hear about the next one. There will be one right? Buddy, old pal, dave. Did you read the progresive post on here? How about lowering the fees and prizes to attract a few more boats? I will call ya soon.
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