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  1. I have 12, J-13 rapalas ;2 black and silver, 2 black and silver red bellys, 2 perch, 2 orange and gold, 1 black and gold, and 3 chartruese. All are new, and 35$ takes them. I do not want to break them up. Call 585 750 3164
  2. I have 2 120 quart coolers that are new inside and need to be cleaned outside. I will sell for 35$ each. Call 585-750-3164
  3. I have a Everstart Maxx-29 deep cycle marine battery. The cranking amps is 875, the amp hours are 125. It is a group 29 size. This battery was used for 3 months. It performs and looks new. 35$ will take it. Call 585-750-3164
  4. Please lets have a major showing of people at the rochester state of the lake meeting TONIGHT. It will start at 7pm at the Chester Carlson bldg. (#76) This meeting like all of them, is your future in this fishery. You dont have to fish to attend, everyone is welcome.
  5. The rods and reels have all been sold to a happy fisherman. I do have 2 shimano triton extra heavy 8 ft rods for sale, 20$ each. Still have over 200+ spring stickbaits, NKs 28s and mags. Call steve 585-362-7034
  6. The rods are 8ft 2" long. They have the best action of the many fishing poles i have used. Original price was in the 80 plus range.
  7. The nets i have listed have been sold. I still cant beleive that the rods and reel combos have not been sold. You cant even buy a shimano reel for the deal on a combo.
  8. I also have 2 salmon nets for sale as well, i forgot to list them.
  9. We need to see the turbines that exploded and threw parts for hundreds of feet, the ice that was tossed off the blades that traveled over 2000 feet. Lets not forget all 200+ gallons of oil that is spewed everywhere. Thats what we need. NOT!!!!!
  10. The evil eyes have been sold. The rod and reel combo price is 70$ per. If you take all of them the price is 60$ per, or 660$ for all. These rods and reels are in mint condition. Everything is going very cheap. Please call steve at 585-362-7034
  11. I have 11 fenwick DR82C fenglass rods, 10 shimano triton GT high speed reels, 200 stick baits of all variations (aprox 200). Evil eyes 3f, 4f sizes all variations (200 aprox), NK 28s and Mags (aprox 150 of each). J-plugs #3s and #4s 15 of each new and 50 of the #3 used and 75 of the#4s used. Dodgers 0 and 00, 30 of these, plus 50 flies and squids. Everything will go at a very reasonable price, must sell. Please call steve at 585-362 7034.
  12. I want to hear some thoughts about the best goose shells out in the field. I want ease of carrying, set up, looks, and durability.
  13. What, my word wasnt good enough?
  14. Carl Paladino is in. Lets hope this new blood helps us all on the water and land. Keep voting!
  15. Hey tom, my buddy was just asking me if i knew any lefties with a bow for sale. Call me tomorrow or ill call you.
  16. Try working some big lipped deep diver plugs in bright colors. The fish were a little deeper than normal monday. Good luck
  17. I have a scotty boom rod holder that fits all scotty riggers with a 3/4 to a 1 inch boom. It adjusts up and down. 20$ will take it. 585 750 3164
  18. I will take a loss and sell all three for 155$ apeice and no less.
  19. Vinny, come on, i would not leave all those fish for you with out poking holes in them. I almost took the early retirement the state offered us, but the penalty was not worth it. Sorry, i guess i will be (part time) for another few years. Oh, the diver set ups i have, i have doubles of. And yes i still love my catalinas for wires. (i can hear the clickers)
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