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  1. I agree with Ray K. I like the Nesco original. I mix meat well and the dehydrate for about 3 and a half hours . I just put it on a timer and let it go. Works well for us.
  2. I have tried that with the inlaws but they still come around.
  3. I have been wanting to check that out, I figured that you could walk across the Bay with a short pair of boots. The bay will freeze fast.
  4. Should be a fun weekend. There won't be many boats in shallow!!
  5. I bought a pack of 12 Green Label Herring last week, filleted em and brined em. I had 24 baits for 8 bucks. They seemed to work just fine.
  6. Thanx a lot Freddie. Hopefully the Black and Gold are done playin in Denver for a while. Man Peyton looked good last nite. Ben's gonna beat up on the Jets this weekend. We were out yesterday morn for a few hours. Kind of slow but managed a few.
  7. I would say go offshore for a consistant Steelie bite. Not sure about Oswego but here in the Western end start about 400 fow and head north. Fish top 50 fow or so with spoons. You should find a few plus immature Kings. Good luck.
  8. Yup we have fished the Oak this year quite often and have more than noticed the lack of courtesy. Some ports are like that. I guess Oswego is way worse. Oh well. Fishin has been good however.
  9. Thanx guys. I think when the cold water is in and high it makes it tough. I don't have down temp but when I was getting Salmon on the 10 color I should guessed the temp was high. I never do too well with the divers and flashers when the fish are high,too spooky I guess? I tried meat for quite a while with no takers.
  10. They do get supervised by Fisheries Biologist in the Cape Vincent office. That is where the Lake Ontario unit is. You can find the number on the DEC website I believe. It would be a 315 number.
  11. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):8/26 Time on Water: 6-1 Weather/Temp:Nice Wind Speed/Direction: Not much at first then a lil east Waves: Surface Temp: 75 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 6 Total Boated:5 Species Breakdown: Steel/King Hot Lure: Stingray Trolling Speed: 2.5 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 70-130 Lure Depth: 50 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Got out for a lil derby fishin. Headed a lil west although most of fleet went East. Marked bait but not a lot of fish. Had Skunk on board for a while. Finally smartend up and headed east. First hit at 9:30. Got good King off of 10 color. Thought I had one for the board but was kind of skinny. That fish was 29 pounds. Got one other decent king low 20's and a few Steel. Had fun but wished I went East earlier. Hope to get back out sometime this week. ====================
  12. Thanx for the report Rob. We are gonna do a lil derby fishin 2moro. Mayb there is a mid 30's king around.
  13. Brian, just watched that video of your Laker on LOC. That was funny as heck when you guys got it in the boat. That thing is a slob. Good job.
  14. You can use a snap just make sure it is small enuff so the lure can free float up the line. I usually tie direct to the hooks.
  15. I sent an email to Dan Bishop of the DEC and asked him about Cohos in the Salmon River. They see a lot of young of the year Coho as well as Steelhead along with the Chinooks when they haul seine in May. The Coho move to the tributaries of the Salmon River during the summer as the main river gets too warm. He did not say how many would eventually make it to the Lake.
  16. Thanx for the report. We might try out of there for Salmon and then see if we can find a few bass. Have not fished Smallies out of there in years.
  17. Back in 2007 the Salmon were not getting to the Hatchery cause of the low flows. It could be the same this year. Netting fish and bringing them to the hatchery would increase tne number of fish that could be spawned. However as mentioned before increased water temps as well as additional handling of the fish will increase sress on the fish and decrease the eye up of the fish. This happens with all salmonids not just Salmon. As for those who say the clipping rate is below what the State is saying that is not true. It is backed up with the information from the head hunter crews who most of you have seen at various tournaments. Natural Salmon are recruiting at upwards to 40 percent in the lake,although some of us refuse to believe it. The fishing the past few years has been fantastic and hopefully it stays this way. Baitfish numbers and size seem to be holding their own. Take a look at what is happening in Lake Michigan right now. Baitfish populations have crashed and stocking will be cut 50 percent. We are far from that scenario and hopefully will never get there. Hopefully we will get some much needed rains and we will get healthy fish to the Hatchery. Time will tell.
  18. Only King's are clipped. There is plenty of natural reproduction with both but a lot more of kings and a lot more concern with the number of kings, although the amount that make it to the lake is just a guess at this point. Look at the DEC Lake Ontario reports for the past few years. There is some good info on natural reproduction of Chinooks. I will try to find some more info on Cohos.
  19. Glad to see the lake settled for ya. Should be nice rest of the day and in the morning.
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