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  1. Nice Report Nick. Fishin will get better. Thanx for the ride.
  2. Buy the orange one when it is on clearance,,,,,, then paint it Black.
  3. I was there yesterday. Park in the lot near the Treatment plant, it is across the street.
  4. We were out of Wilson on Wed., same thing, cold water not many fish.
  5. I would stay near Rochester. Right now the fishing is great.
  6. I am done with Gander. They just remodeled the store in Rochester and it is great if you want clothing. I went in there last week for some planer board line and of course none. The selection of lures is poor and overpriced. I used up the last of a gift card and it is either mail order or Narby's from now on.
  7. Got out yesterday morning for a quick solo trip before the wind got too bad. Fished in front of the creek and got 2 Browns and a skippy King. I was off the pond by 8:30. Hope for some better weather this week to really get out and stomp em. Brian
  8. I thought of that this morning and gave my outboard a couple cranks to make sure all water was drained out. Thanx for the heads up anyways.
  9. I have a 2 by 6 that spans gunnel to gunnel, with riggers and rodholders mounted on it. It is a popular way of mounting. Search History for more ideas.
  10. I saw some big Pike last week at the inlet but no 20's.
  11. Looks like fun to me. Wish I could get into some action like that at Braddocks Bay. Nice Goin.
  12. Nice Andy. You have been out 3 more times than me.
  13. Rick, Just a genetic misfit. You see a few of those in the Fish Hatcheries. When there are millions of fish raised ya get a few oddballs. Most of them don't survive to adults.
  14. Nice Goin. Thought ya might have fish of the day. The fish are bigger this year. Get another one 2moro.
  15. Sounds like a fun mornin Shawn. You tell a great tale. Brian
  16. There is plenty of info on this site. Do a search and you will find it or just scroll through the pages. To get ya started green and white spin doctors with lite or dark green flies will get ya some fish.
  17. We got out around 7:30 to chase a few Kings but we did not find any. Got into some decent Browns in 75 FOW with tons of bait around. We left those fish and headed out to 200 FOW searchin and marked 2 fish and hardly any bait north of 90 Feet. Went in at Noon. Nice mornin to be out.. Till next time Brian
  18. Thanx for report. Fishin off of Sandy in Mornin but gives me starting point.
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