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  1. I just found out that the Rochester area meeting will be at RIT on Monday March 14th at 7:00 PM in the Carlson Auditorium, in the Imaging Science Bldg. There will be a press release coming out soon.
  2. Election Day I will be in a stand, It always seems to be a great day to see Bucks.
  3. When will you guys start the project if you get it?
  4. Most matures are 3 1/2. There also some early maturing younger fish. There are very few 4 1/2 fish, like less than 1 percent of matures.
  5. Wow that is gonna win the Fall LOC. Oh that's right we don't want a laker winning the derby. I forgot. Nice Fish.
  6. Yes do a charter. You will need more gear than what you have now. Most Captains will do an evening charter.
  7. Nice fish Old Timer. I am surprised you can still reel. Haha
  8. Great job. Thanx for the report. Might head out 2nite in my big 16 foot boat. Haha
  9. We have a couple for the kids. You put glow sticks in them but they don't fly, maybe with helium?
  10. Im gonna bring my boat down for the july 4th weekend, hope you guys have some good info for me by then.
  11. I thought you would chime in Brian. We saw a bunch off the oak last weekend in same depth. Who knows now.
  12. Nice goin and thanx a lot, now I have to rig another rod and reel for the 100 copper.
  13. Do a search for running dipseys. Lots of info on here.
  14. Great Lakes Salt and I left home at 4:30 and got to Wilson about 6. Got the boat in the water and called the Rigger and he was already spankin the kings. We set up just west and got into fish right away. The first hour or so was awesome. Wished we would have gotten there an hour earlier but we ended up 16 for 20 with 5 being Kings and 1 Brown and the rest Lake Trout .Wrapped it up at 12:30. It was a great way to spend a Friday. Kudos to The Rigger for getting me out on Wedensday also. We did really well that day. Wish I was out fishing the Invitational, but have to work. There should be more reports on the West End fishing after the tourneys are over this weekend. Get out and Fish.
  15. Nice fish. That might have won the Grand Prize in the LOC Derby, Oh that's right Lakers don't count for the grand Prize.
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