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  1. I also label mine left or right on the Dipsey in case I'm drunk.
  2. I had a new 1000 feet this year and then I had a king on and the spool got snarled. I saved the wire and tried the splice in the Torpedo video, had a couple Lakers on it this weekend but need a couple screamin Kings to see how it holds up.
  3. The Cottonwood was not an issue on Sunday but it was bad last week
  4. Went out of the creek with my friend Matt yesterday morning at about 6. With a tip from one of the Sandy regulars I decided to start shallow for browns. We started at the creek and headed East in about 10 fow. Water color was awesome and so was the fishing. I ran spoons off of planer boards and riggers. We ended up 9 for 11 all Browns. 3 were over 10 pounds, biggest just under 13. One of the fish burped an Alewife and had one down his throat. A lamprey went back into the drink dead. We went in at 10:30 and was back home with the family by 11:30. I love livin near the Lake. Hope to get out later this week.
  5. Great article. It really shows how important the food chain is and how it affects the fishery.
  6. We had a similar result off the Genny although we did get a couple Lakers. We caught them first thing after that nuthin. Hardly marked anything. We should have went west.
  7. I just picked up a few yesterday hope to try them soon.
  8. Yes it does really work well. We have had Steelhead revive and swim away when I was sure they were never gonna make it after we got them to the boat.
  9. Very depressing. Even the ponds are freezing back up. Might have to get the Fish Trap back out.
  10. Just want to let everyone know that Oatka Creek will be stocked this year with yearling and 2year old browns on Friday March 29th. Looks like it will be a little while to the big lake gets goin so why not get some creek fishin in. The trucks will be in Canawagus Park in Scottsville around 9:00 if anyone wants to watch. Also if you have never seen it the trucks will be loaded with the fish at about 8:00 AM at the Hatchery in Caledonia.
  11. Our first trip last year was March 12th and the water temp was 36 degrees and we went 15 for 20 on Browns. Its comin.
  12. We were on Braddocks yesterday from 9-2, had 20 tipups in and we got 4 Pike on top. We had seven runs. I tried tip downs first for a while for Perch with not much goin I switched for Pike. Perch bite seemed pretty slow for most that I talked to. They are probably slaying them today.
  13. I just wanted to let you guys know that the Fisheries Program Highlights have been posted on the DEC website. In general the fishing remains great and the Alewife populations seems to be doing well. Preliminary results indicated that 56% of harvested Chinook are wild.
  14. We will be goin 2nite and will stop by to say Hi to you Sandy Captains. Andrew wants another Salmon fly of his own you gonna be there Scott?
  15. I pretty much agree with the other guys on the set ups, however with one change. Run the 15# mono with the spoons until early summer and then when fleas start getting bad,pull off some of the 15# and add 100 feet or so of 30# mono to combat the fleas. I run 30# Big Game then add a 10 foot leader of 20# floro. Good luck.
  16. I never saw a flag while I was there but there is a report on Ice Shanty that a couple were caught that day. We saw one on the Camera. I have been there when there are no flags flying at all then one goes off and someone gets a fifteen pounder. Ya never know. Use some smaller minnows ya might get Bass and Crappie, there are some slab Crappie in there.
  17. If runnin a longer leader gets a few more bites then its worth the effort, especially during a tournament.
  18. Just a quick update on my last trip. Went to Conesus on Wed. morning and fished until 3:00. My buddy put in tip ups but I just jigged for gills. Have no idea how many we caught. Between the three of us we kept around 50 decent gills and one bullhead. I saw other Bullhead swimming around. I lost a nice Crappie at the hole. Probably won't make it back there till next week. Might try Braddocks or Long Pond tommorrow afternoon although I know it has been slow, but it's close by. Till next time.
  19. There were guys on it Saturday. Not me.
  20. Well guys not much to report about. Made it down to Silver Lake a couple of weeks ago at first ice and got some Gills but didn't pound em. Yesterday afternoon I took the Boy to Braddocks for some Hot late afternoon Pike Fishin. Well it wasn't even lukewarm. Two hours and not a flag was seen on the entire bay. The boy was bored and now he hates Icefishing again. Oh well. Today January 28th I went down to the north end of Conesus Lake to pound on some gills. They were hitting really well unfortunately they were all small. Two might have kept. Might try it again this weekend if ice holds. If you see me out somewhere this season stop and say Hi. I will be the one with the black Steelers coat. Sorry Ravens fans I can't root for them this Sunday. See ya. Brian
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