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  1. Nice Goin. Thought ya might have fish of the day. The fish are bigger this year. Get another one 2moro.
  2. Sounds like a fun mornin Shawn. You tell a great tale. Brian
  3. There is plenty of info on this site. Do a search and you will find it or just scroll through the pages. To get ya started green and white spin doctors with lite or dark green flies will get ya some fish.
  4. We got out around 7:30 to chase a few Kings but we did not find any. Got into some decent Browns in 75 FOW with tons of bait around. We left those fish and headed out to 200 FOW searchin and marked 2 fish and hardly any bait north of 90 Feet. Went in at Noon. Nice mornin to be out.. Till next time Brian
  5. Thanx for report. Fishin off of Sandy in Mornin but gives me starting point.
  6. Thanx for report Lou. I hope to get out this weekend. Youth football is hindering my evening fishing.
  7. Chuck you can run a fasher on copper it takes a lot of fish and length of fly leader is usually around 22 icnhes but the standard rule is 3 times length of flasher. There is a lot of info in past reports, look through Tackle and Techniques pages. Good Luck.
  8. Went out last evenin for a couple hour trip. I knew temp was down but I was hopin we did not have go out too far to find them in my small boat. We set up in 80 fow 2 divers 2 riggers and a 10 color. When we hit 200 fow game on. King on the wire down 240 and as Bobby was playing that fish the 95 rigger with a green nuke Stinger goes with a nice steelie leapin out of the water. After a few minutes of panic and keepin the fish untangled I was gettin the Steel near the boat when the other rigger goes off. Another Steel jumpin. We finally managed to get them all in. King was low 20's, the big Steel was 11 pounds, and a five pound steel. We worked that 200 fow area and got another decent King on a Moonshine Carbon 14 and a decent Steelhead. We lost a screamer king on the wire with some tangle issues. It was a fun couple hours. Till next time. Brian
  9. Good luck to all you guys. You are making feel guilty that I live 8 miles from the Boat Launch.
  10. Did an evening trip with my neighbor and my kid. Did not know what was goin on so we set up a lil west of the creek in 80 fow. Marked bait and fish up high and gave that a go without a shot. We were marking a bunch of Lakers on the bottom so lowered a dipsy with a wonderbread SD and a Silver Fox Kryptonite Fly. Right away fish on and my boy struggled with the fish with not much help and we got a 10 pound range laker in the boat. Set the rig back down and it went off again stealin some drag. Bobby was on the rod and a lil while later a 19.5 pound Laker hits the floor. Nice fish. I switched to a laker program and we beat em up pretty well and went in about 8:15. The lake was beautiful, a great nite to be out. Till next time. Brian
  11. Got a text from a friend yesterday about goin fishin this morning. I have tried to get him out but things haven't worked out. He had a friend in from Colorado who wanted to try fishin in the big lake. I checked into the wind and weather forcast and told him I will take the day off from the coal mines and we will give it a try. When we got to the launch an old retired coworker just got there also. Knowing that the fishing was good the past few days we started setting up about 6:45 in 100 fow. I put out a couple dipsy and spinnies, a short leadcore and cheaters and sliders on the riggers. It didn't take long and the rigger fired with a 2 yr King. Chuck had fun bringing him to the boat for his first Lake O fish. We then got into a few steel which managed to avoid the boat. 1 for 4 was not the start I wanted. I changed things up a bit and then got into a nice flurry again. We got a 5 pound steel in and then while putting that rig back down, the .10 color fires and a nice steel is on. Chuck fought him for a little bit and then the fish was off, however he took one more jump just for fun and threw us the bird. Right then the rigger which I just put down 15 feet but did not put a cheater on yet went off. We got a chunky 7 pound Brown in. Things were goin well now and I was glad we got Chuck some fish. After a short lull the starboard dipsy rips and we are into a nice teenage king. It took Chuck a while but we got the king in which was around 17 pounds. Chuck was so psyched about getting that King. Biggest fish of his life. We decided to go play with the Lakers for a little while but they did not want to play 2day. We ended up with 7 fish out of 11 hits. We got most of our hits around the 200 -220 Depth. Surface temp was 73 degrees. Getting warm out there boys. Sorry no down temp. We had a fun morning and I was happy to get Chuck on some fish. Till next time. Brian
  12. Good Job. I haven't got into Bass like that in years.
  13. Welcome to the lake. Some of the best fishing anywhere right in our front yard.
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