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  1. Saturday caught 4 , three knock offs.140 ft off the plant 100 down. All kings here's the biggest 31 lbs all riggers hammer glow w Mountain Dew pro kings. They call it something else but the same color. Also green pro troll glow/silver.
  2. This person was near me I was heading north, he was to my starboard side about two hundred yards away a little forward. He hooks up starts turning my way and is yelling and waiving his arms for me to move and yelling ,couldn't hear him. I waved at him and continued north. He is differently a fly by night, captains license, he payed for it and missed out on the people person section, and what makes him a professional? The PV boat he bought? He will run into the right person on shore someday.
  3. Fished from 4-8 south dune area caught one 25lbs, hammer fly green glo pro troll 100 down over 130, had temp at 100 to bottom. Didn't see many fish on the screen but a lot of bait pods here and there didn't go any deeper than 140.
  4. I read this morning for Mexico waves in shore for the afternoon 2-3 building to 4-6 know for tomorrow night under 2 what's up, is there any better weather reports to look at. I'll be going up tomorrow.
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