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  1. Hello. I pm’d you the other day. I’ll take ‘em if you still have them.
  2. Here is something very close: https://northportnailer.com/product/yellow-perch-2/
  3. Can you provide a pic of the tackle box with the lid open? I can pick up
  4. I have one. Galvanized. No tire though. In my Greece storage unit. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. Still have 2 left. $30 for the pair. Matching keys.
  6. 2 are still available with matching keys.
  7. 2 have been sold. I have 2 left with matching key codes.
  8. All work as they should. Fit the older style big body downriggers. 2 different key codes. I used them on Digitroll 4’s. Have been sitting in my toolbox for 15 yrs. $60/bo
  9. Excellent. Thank you Eyewal. I appreciate it. You confirmed some of what I thought. Have a great day!
  10. I’m with you on the catching fish. I would like to get more of these and want to know what to search. the top right is actually yellow with white glow.
  11. I appreciate the link but none of these are on the website. These are from the Pat Distaffen era.
  12. Can I have some help with ID’ing these NK spoons please. Thank you.
  13. I added 10 more Mag spoons same price if anyone is interested.
  14. Ok great me as well in Greece. Five eight 5 two five nine zero 6 ate one
  15. Ball bearing swivels with Coastlock snap. Most are new and unused. 23- Size #3 16- Size #2 $15.00
  16. I am just testing the waters here. I have 5 Solterra 20L lever drag, level wind reels I’m considering on selling. They are the gold and black models and are all in excellent, like new condition. Some are already loaded with copper and leadcore that has never been wet. Is there any interest in these? Offers? Please let me know. I have included a photo of the line capacity.
  17. Request cancelled. Thank you.
  18. I’ll take ‘em if it doesn’t work out with Big Tom
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