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  1. People do want to help their fellow man. They just don't know how, or feel that they are being taken advantage of, as you said, when the government crams it down their throat. I whole-heartedly recommend the FreshAir Fund. We have had Chris 3 years in a row, and even had him come visit us on his February break for some ice fishing, totally free of FreshAir's funding and administration. I am as far from a liberal/sap/mushy/touchy-feely kinda guy as it gets, but I believe in this type of program. His first year visiting us, he stared into the sky and said, "Man, there are a lot of stars up there."
  2. Took Christopher fishing from the Otter Stealth out of the South end of Hemlock the past 2 evenings. Rowed up about 3/4 mile from the launch, to where the weeds dropped off. Tuesday night we probably caught 50 bluegills & pumpkinseeds, of which 1/3 were good sized, but I was so tired we let all of them go. Went back to the same area Wednesday, didn't land as many, but I got 4 nice, fat perch as well as a dozen keeper sized 'gills, so it's a fish fry tonight!! Just fishing crawler bits on a chartreuse maribou jig about 6 feet under the bobber caught them all. If I had more time, I would have targeted bass and/or pickerel, but not hitting the water until after 6:45 makes it kinda hard to explore.
  3. Andy, I think I saw you cutting that line to cause the board to release so that you had an excuse to buy new boards Mike, He had a blast, but still wants to come back to Cdga for more lakers next year. I am pretty sure we have him hooked! Chris says that when he is done with school and college, he wants to live in the Finger Lakes. I guess we have started the process that Fresh Air Fund was designed for; getting inner city kids into the outdoors and letting them see the other side of the world. He still cannot believe how many stars there are in the sky as we sit around the bonfire at night.
  4. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Fireplug - fishing with BroadHorizons ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 08/15/10 Time on Water: 06:15 Weather/Temp: Cloudy, windy 70 +/- Wind Speed/Direction: 10 - 15 Waves: 2 - 4 Surface Temp: 74 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 5 Total Boated: 5 Species Breakdown: 4 kings, 1 coho Hot Lure: Ask BroadHorizons Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: 120 + / - Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Our Fresh Air Fund kid from Brooklyn visited for the 3rd year in a row, this year I decided to try something different. Got with Andy @ BroadHorizons, and we went Salmon fishing. Christopher had a great time, even though he slept a lot in between hits. His first fish, at 7:10 am, ended up being a 24# king! He fought like a champ, and landed that one, a nice Coho, and a smaller King as well. The last hit of the day, thei wire dipsey (HOT TICKET) started screaming, he looks at me and says, "You take it, my arms are too sore." Ended up being a nice 26"# king. Had a great time, much thanks to Andy for the trip, Christopher cannot stop talking about those huge fish.
  5. Nice, Mike! You busy next weekend? Christopher is visiting this week from Brooklyn, going out w/ BroadHorizons on Sunday for Salmon, maybe a Cdga trip next weekend? Let me know.
  6. There is a new bait shop on 5 & 20 between Canandaigua and Geneva, they advertised they had live sawbellies for sale. Don't know name of shop or hours, just drove by as I was coming back from Keuka Lake.
  7. Good to hear you hit the fish finally!!!
  8. Nice day for it! Sorry I missed the boat ride, had the garage sale going on!
  9. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Fireplug, fishing on Pond Hop'r (a.k.a. BroadHorizons) ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 05/16/10 Time on Water: 06:00 - 15:00 Weather/Temp: Started out cold, got warm Wind Speed/Direction: low wind Waves: 1' Surface Temp: 45 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 7 Total Boated: 6 Species Breakdown: Kings, Coho, Steelhead, Atlantic Hot Lure: Rapala blk. back, orange belly Trolling Speed: 2 - 3 Down Speed: 2 - 3 Boat Depth: 85 - 150 Lure Depth: varied ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Had a great day with BroadHorizons and his buddy, Ryan. Fished in up to 200 FOW, first fish was a nice 25 # King so we thought we were in it for the day. Hard picking, fish very scattered. Only marked 1 of the 7 fish we hooked. Caught 1 Coho and 1 Steelhead off stickbaits on planer boards. Blk. back, orange belly, 1 Smithwick, 1 Rapala HJ9. Didn't notice the other baits we used. Beuatiful day to fish, great time with good people. Looking forward to heading back out with Andy ASAP!!! Ryan's big fish for today My first ever Steelhead!!
  10. Especially if the dipsey didn't release!!
  11. You can count on that! I have caught 1 musky in my 37 + years of fishing. A 49" monster from Munoscong Bay near Sault Ste. Marie, MI several years ago. Beast of a fight, beautiful fish. Would love to see them prosper around here and I plan on fishing for them again after the move.
  12. Jekyll loves this stuff so much, he even puts it on his sandwiches!!!
  13. I'd gladly take it, but I am gettting ready to move (without professional help) and I think the wife would kill me if I came home with another piece of fishing gear . If you have it when I am done moving, I could use it.
  14. Very nice! Love it when they stay outside range and taunt you. Kinda like those deer that walk just fast enough across your shooting lanes to get to more thick brush that you cannot relase the arrow!
  15. VERY NICE!!! Keep 'em outside, they are our future!
  16. Nice fish! Cannot wait to get out on the water again, hope the good fishing holds up.
  17. Nice picture! Woody slummin' it with a mallard, what is this world coming to?
  18. VERY cool! Love wood ducks, prettiest bird out there, IMHO. (tasty too)
  19. Got out with FLXTroutman from the South End. Trolled North along the West shore, 2 planers, 2 D/R out kinda shallow. Cold and wet, we finally got a hit on the Port Planer. Bright orange stickbait running high in the water. FLX reeled in a nice, fat female SMB. Just over 4 #, quick pic, then back she went. Hardly marked anything, never saw another soul. Headed in around 10:00 due to boat issues.
  20. I concur. Bonine made a BIG difference compared to Dramamine last ocean trip I made. My fishing partner took Dramamine, I took Bonine. He took several naps, I was wired for sound!!
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