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  1. The season for Bass in NY is not open year round! There is C&R for most of the state but not all. Jefferson Cty. and all the St.Lawrence and it's tributaries still recognize the 3rd weekend in June as opening day. The rest of state has C&R with limitations requiring artificial bait only. As always, a responsible fisherman checks the regs.
  2. ......and of course Bass season opens in June!
  3. Shakemsam


    Was out today for a few hours. Man was it cold!! More importantly......NO FISH! I guess it is time to look forward to next year.
  4. Shakemsam


    Fished yesterday for a few hours in the afternoon. About all I can say is the weather was nice!
  5. LOL........I have never seen a Crappie, that is why I asked to see a pic. You got defensive awfully quick. Now I have to wonder why?
  6. Brought home 42 perch and 9 crappie...Biggest perch was 13" and the biggest crappie was 12 and three quarters, biggest one ive ever caught... Any pics of the Crappies?
  7. If I am understanding your post correctly, you are fishing the lake........?
  8. Looking for 2 with rollers. Thanks
  9. Only looking for 1 of these but will take 2 if I must. Thanks
  10. It was required here as well, quite a while ago. (although not really regulated) I doubt they want to be bothered.
  11. I have tried changing the weight. It is very noticeable when they are wrong because they will immediately swing under the boat when wrong. I can get them to swing out for a short time but eventually they track along side the hull or worse. Keeping them straight off the back down the chute is my only option.
  12. Your doing something seriously wrong then.If the base plate says 1, 2, 3 and it's not planing out, you either have a broken diver (if that possible) or your using mono and you can't see the swing but doesn't mean it isn't, or your rod holder position isn't letting you see where it's going. Something isn't right? Can't you explain maybe we can help. I wish it was me,that I can fix! I have been fishing since the first ESLO and have used Dipsies before but not on this boat. These are actually Walker Deep Divers, but basically the same, only they do not require the o-ring. Regardless of the setting, length of rod, side of boat..........., these things track straight or worse.......... swing under the boat. I had a post going maybe a year ago about it and I remember I wasn't the only one and no one could figure it out. Running braid to diver, then 30# MONO.
  13. .....and then there are those like me who can't seem to get them to track at all on the sides and end up running one or two (through the chute) out the back at the zero setting. I prefer the chrome.
  14. 7 miles east of A Bay on Rt 12 is Krings point State Park. There is a boat launch there for Goose bay. Good for canoeing and pike fishing and decent LM. Good luck. Cant offer much in Rochester. I have heard of decent pike taken in Iron Bay and Braddocks Bay but I have no personal knowledge.
  15. I just can't troll for bass.
  16. I used to have a temp probe on a reel that I would send down a cable about every 1/2 hr. It was very accurate and helpful even though it didn't offer speed at the ball. It cost me around $50. Haven't seen one in years. Love to find another! I have always found keeping my speed between 2.2-3.2 on my GPS enough for me.
  17. The transom is 20 inches. Sorry, I thought that was in the ad.
  18. Looking for a VHF for my 16'. Something small, don't have a lot of room. Perhaps a handheld. Let me know. Thanks Shawn
  19. Looking for a motor for 16' aluminum Starcraft V-Bow. Under $200 if possible. Thank you
  20. Sorry the pics are so late. Busy working on the replacement... I received a few calls asking if I would sell a motor separately and I have decided I will. So if any one is interested; Both Mtrs are Long Shaft The 7 1/5 hp Merc is $450 25 hp Mariner is $700 Boat&Trailer $700 All B/O
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