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  1. In 100 120 ft of water just west of 9mi. the cold water was on the bottom 5 0r 10 ft. Depending on exactly where you were, but mostly the bottom 5 ft. Just above that was 65 70 degree water. The fish occupied both warm and cold water. Had 6 diver bites yesterday on 220 and 240 settings over 105 110. So the math tells me 70, 80 down on the warm side.
  2. Sorry for your loss, cancer does suck.
  3. Yup, you said the same thing as before. He cut behind you, but he didn't get your copper, you got his? Can someone please help me understand that, I'm from NJ Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. If he cut behind you, he would have picked up your copper. Sounds like you have it reversed? How is his copper on your rigger if he passed behind you?
  5. They are catching fisherman from New York to Canada ðŸ‘
  6. I am not here to pass judgment on any of the comments here, or the DEC position on the state of the lake. But I can say this is one of the most healthy, and wall mount worthy Kings you will ever see. It's not about the weight, it's it's overall healthy look. I hope this all works out.
  7. I use out downs when the kings are staging, and glued to the bottom. I use standard diver on a 3 setting on my rigger rods.. Let it out about 40 ft. That should get it down about 10ft.lower than the ball. Then lower the rigger 10 ft from bottom getting the diver and FF right in their face. I think they are spooky in shallow water and schooled up. Keeping the rigger weights off the bottom is a good thing. If this application works other times, I wouldn't know, I only do it like I described.
  8. After the next hard NW wind, be ready.
  9. I have used PP in the past, and as stated it's great until the fleas get bad. It's especially good for shallow water trout fishing as it's extremely quiet. I would deal with the fleas. Then I would put PP over the top of the cable until the fleas showed up, then took it off. Now with high speed Scott's I just stay with the standard cable. Lazy more than anything. As for cable termination, Scotty's are as fast as any high speed rigger, and I use 17# sharks. I've had no issues with breakoffs. No snubbers. In fact on one non probe rigger the termination is a overhand loop knot in the cable, with the loop hitched on a heavy snap swivel. Cheap and effective.
  10. Big John is a good choice. I run them. dont let your rod holder dictate how you set your drags. no snubber, and keep it as tight as possible without locking it down. you will have a much better landing percentage due to better hook sets. let em pound on it then loosen it up as needed.
  11. well i would look at it like this. an extra 20 miles from LSR to Wrights landing (if its that far?) 11 MPG 2 gallons of gas @ $2.30 a gallon. so for 5 bucks each way your not driving there? after all thats invested in your endeavor to catch fish? If you run 50 MPH from LSR to Oz, you will burn 10 times the gas. IMO just sayin good luck going forward.
  12. I agree that the fishing has been off a bit the last three years, but If I were in Mexico (LSR. Catfish etc) having the problem with lack of deep water without having to run several miles, and the fact that summer winds fill the bay with warm water, I would consider moving your boat to Oswego or even FH? It's 1 mile to deep water. Good structure for browns, and there is never a time when you can't get to Cold water fast. Salmon fishing the last couple weeks had been good. Now granted there are times when the bay out- fishes Oswego for browns, and if corse the fall run for kings, but all in all I believe you would be more happy moving a little west. There are "multiple" captains and rec. guys who moved out of the river and couldn't believe they didn't do it sooner. Just food for thought.
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