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  1. My answer to Icemans opinion is he is entitled to his opinion. 10# is not to light for spring kings. Usually 5 to 18 lbs. The advantage to light line is spoon action compared to 20# lighter is better IMO for more bites. Unless you use light line you will never know. Additionally releasing cold water fish in spring is no problem. Spring fish ALWAYS swim away. If anyone fishes steelhead in winter knows 3,4,5 lb. Test is the norm for clear cold water. Big steelhead are caught and released on much lighter line than 10# and fought and released to fight again. Take it for what it's worth, to each his own. BTW I will graduate to 12, then 15# Seaguar as the season wears on. No higher for spoons unless it's pre spawn spoon fishing in late August and September then it's 20#. Good luck
  2. You all can blame me for a week of East wind, I planned a trip to the bar this weekend, so considering my luck it didn't surprise me.
  3. I'm sure your all set up with proper equipment, didn't mean to imply you werent, but these are early spring kings taken in shallow water on light tackle 10# Seaguar floro leaders. Rigger rods are 7'Taloras with size 15 Okumas. Some came on short core with the same leaders. Good luck on those sharks.
  4. 10# floro all season long on trout rods. Last spring we landed 7 or 8 kings inside of 20ft. Of water on those rods. I only remember dropping 1, and it was not a breakoff. As Rich said, decent equipment is all you need. Good luck
  5. Lake George. Lake trout and landlocked are easy to get right now. Creek mouths where smelt are spawning. Short drive for you
  6. 40# big game. 30 will not keep most fleas off. It used too, but this little buggers are evolving. If your running spoons, leader down.
  7. That's where its at!! On a 7ft rod. I live for that. And a 15lb spring king is going in the cooler as well
  8. Poles got it, 8 for clear water with a tough bite, 10 for the rest of the year. No concern about wearing out browns on 8#, the water is cold in spring and they are easily released
  9. I agree it's like dipsey dive curve. 3 to 1 I used to use a jettison release with the 1# ball for lakers, and during staging bounce bottom with a j plug.
  10. Paul's description is exact. Ernie Lanteigne was teaching this application in the late 90s. The "thump" can only come from a dodger, and the proper "thump" will tell you your speed is correct. The name can be used for a shut wire rod with a #1 ball, but the true definition is what paul described.
  11. After this spring all the Browns will be gone! This has got to stop!!!
  12. So to answer the question regarding fav. spoon, if I have to catch Lakers with I rather wouldn't, the spoon I have been running on the center rigger between the cowbells is a small size evil eye in white w/black edge. It's actually a pattern you can buy now. Good results in deep water. BTW it's run clean. Slightly longer than the corner leads.
  13. Really don't have a fav. Spoon, but brands are stingers. Probably have a dozen go to stingers and pirates depending on conditions in the spring. Clear/dirty, chop ,no chop temp etc. Summer browns, stingers, stingrays, mags and evil eyes. Colors depending on depth and conditions. Line test 10 main line. 8# floro early spring to 10#floor leader all season.
  14. No expert here, but I believe the issue I would worry about is dekes getting covered with ice or snow, looking unnatural. Imo
  15. Landindzone, my deer target gets attacked by bears occasionally. It has deep claw marks on its side, an bite marks on it.
  16. Early last week we caught kings in 720 west of Oswego, then the next morning kings in 85 to 120 in front of the college. Kings are in different stages of their spawning cycle. I will defer to deep water, I hate finicky pre spawn fish. Spoon bite offshore I like much better.
  17. The thing with fishing deep is its a better bet after the wind we had. Inside water is unstable, hard to fish, particularly regarding speed. Offshore not so much. But there will be a window of opportunity soon where inside will be your best bet regardless of conditions.
  18. There are many fish inside in Oswego/Mexico area but not the norm. But offshore 650 to 700 plus there are plenty of 2 year olds and matures, and have been for weeks. Double diget catches many this week for those who ventured out. Don't give up yet.
  19. Forget the temp. Fish the fish. Pre spawn fish don't care much about temp.
  20. Inside fishing in Oswego is tough now, but the fish are there, but not like they should be. It will get going very soon. The offshore bite is excellent and has been for weeks.
  21. Let your other rods tell you... if the divers are hot, keep em short, if the coppers or L/C are hot stretch the rigger leads out.
  22. Get a fish hawk x4 and it will confirm what Chinook is saying. Also the position of your transducer on the boat changes the inaccuracies as well. More forward the ducer, the greater the discrepancy.
  23. If you can find a 255 sea ray amberjack, twin I/O. No dog house. 10 ft beam.
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