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  1. Forget the Big Jon reels, I broke everyone that I tried when using the Amish boards. I ended up searching ebay for teaser reels. They're aluminum and they hold up great. It's hard to break metal! They're pricey but when I fugured what I spent on the Big Jon reels and the replacement parts, in the end I could have bought 2 teaser reels. I reinforced my grabrail on my hardtop and installed the reel on 1 end and a pulley on the other end. I did use a Big Jon pulley which was fine. Total Chaos
  2. 1000ft of 20lb Malin fits perfect on a Okuma Convector cv 20 with no need for backing. 1 less thing to go wrong. The 1000ft roll will also fit nicely on a Daiwa sg27lc without having to use backing. I run 20lb leader for spoons early then switch to 30lb in the summer thru fall. Total Chaos
  3. Had a friend do the same thing last year. Ordered around Sept. and got them in April. Seems like they wait until they have lots of orders then have the weights made and mail them out. They gave him lots of excuses as well and he sent emails all winter long. Total Chaos
  4. Again, here's an animal that's so reclusive that nobody can get a trail cam picture, yet there's at least 10 replys on here from people who have seen one??????????????? What's wrong with that picture. Most guys are running cameras at least 6 months out of the year and 24hrs a day. I run 8 cameras myself in what I would consider good cat country (because I too have been out west to Idaho and have seen a Lion and the terrain they like) and I have pics of everything except a MT Lion and a Bobcat. You expect me to believe that a person has better odds of seeing one then a trail cam? Not likely. This is a good debate though. Total Chaos
  5. I don't know how serious he will be at kayak fishing but here's one that will work just fine. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12669143&cp=4406646.4413993.19248926.4417969 Here's the one I have. It's a little more money. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12586847&cp=4406646.4413993.19248926.4417969 I troll the local lakes for trout and it works great. Have paddled for 6hrs straight with it. The only thing I did was by an aftermarket seat because my back would get sore. I bought a high back seat. I suppose the one you sit in you wouldn't need to do that with. They both have rodholders behind the seat and 1 between the legs. They both have storage that's adequate imo. I'm not expert but I've logged a lot of time fishing in it and I like it and it has served me well. If I had big money I'd get a foot peddle Hobie but that's big money. Also I would check Walmart as they had some good deals on Kayaks as well. Total Chaos
  6. Go to Dicks, they have brand new fishing kayaks for that price. I bought my Pelican there and love it. Total Chaos
  7. I don't believe that MT Lions exist here in NY. Until someone can show a pic with an identifiable location within the state I just don't believe it. Here's a few pics of some Fishers from my trail cameras. I saw one last year while bow hunting.
  8. I had a 3.7 in my 89 Crestliner Sabre and I never had a problem with it. It was a strong ecconomical motor. I ran it for 10 years. I sold it around 2001 and it's still running strong today after going thru 2 more owners. The motor shouldn't be any issue if it was taken care of. Total Chaos
  9. I went up to the SR Hatchery today because they were going to be doing the final egg collection of the year for Salmon. I wanted my daughter to know how this whole Salmon thing works. She was thrilled as would most 7yr olds be. Anyway they hit there target and then some for the Kings with 4.3 million collected from 890 fish. The Coho take (which is what they were finishing up on today) should be around 1.8 million from 280 fish. There were still quite a few fish in the ladder and holding pens as well as Beaver Dam Brook. Saw a few Steelies and Browns come thru the hatchery as well. I guess the fish were there all along and just made a late showing. There were quite a few Kings that came thru the hatchery as well. They were smaller fish maybe to 25lbs and the Cohos were 5-12lbs from what I saw. Some of the Cohos were still quite silver. Total Chaos
  10. I also used the 75gr Ultimate Steel. They do fly great. The usual hunter reaction when we loose a deer is to blame something other than what it was and in this case it was poor shot placement or operator error. So to ease the mind of course the first thing I went after was the bh. I did the usual if I only had cut a bigger hole. I actually went after 2 things when I lost that buck and that was the arrows as well. At the time I lost that IL buck I was still shooting aluminum arrows with the Ultimate Steel heads. So I went to carbon express arrows and Rage heads. The thought process was stronger arrow with less flex means deeper penetration. Bigger cut means more blood and easier blood trails. In the end it has worked out for me but everyone knows the only real killer is to put the arrow in the exact spot that kills the deer. Shot placement, shot placement and shot placement. Total Chaos
  11. Here's my bh history. I started out with 145gr Rocky mountain Razor heads way back in the day. They were a good strong head. Then to flatten things out I used the old savora heads with the paper thin razor blades. Never killed a deer with either. The RMR was a well built head though. The Savoras blades broke to easily. Then I switched to Satelight heads and I killed a few deer with those. Not a bad head but blades were prone to breaking on bone. Then I switched to Thunderheads and they were a darn good head. I killed many deer with those but I had a lost deer with a poor hit. Not the bh's fault. For a year or 2 I shot the Mangus 2 blade cut on contact heads. They penetrate awesome but fly like crap. I did kill 2 deer with them and no losses and both passed thrus. Then I went to the rocket mechanicals. This is where it got bad. I shot 5 deer with them and recovered 2. The only 2 were broadside. I actually had 1 bounce out of a quartering away 8 point. I also wasn't shooting a heavy weight bow or arrow. Should have listened to the experts on those heads. After that I switched to the ultimate steel heads with the 7/8" cut. Killed deer great if you hit them where you're supposed to. However I managed to make a poor shot on a big IL. buck and with such a small high entry hole and no exit that buck was lost. It was at that point I decided I wanted to punch as big a hole as I could in a deer and I switched to the Rage heads. I also bumped up the poundage and arrow weight and now I have the stats from the first post. I'd say I've had some experience with a broad range of heads. And given what I've experienced I'm quite content to keep shooting the Rage heads. Total Chaos
  12. Well, I've read all the reviews and I finally have to repost. All the Rage haters here it's your choice to shoot what you want but there's no doubt Rages work just fine. When I get home in the morning I'll dig up some pics of what Rages can do and post. The basic facts are, if you're shooting 60lbs or less and using IBO weight arrows don't bother using the Rage. You won't have the power to push them thru. The problem with most archers now is the speed craze. Everyone is trying to get 300+ so judging yardage isn't as critical. This high speed can only be accomplished by dropping arrow weight which leads to less punch at the deer. I hunt Illinois and I have 2 bucks and 3 does in the last 4 years. The 2 bucks were well over 200lb and both were 4 1/2 yo deer. The 1st was quartering to me at 20 yrds and the arrow passed thru with easy and the deer went 20yrds and dropped. Last years deer was quartering away at 27yrds and again a pass thru( I had to go back at night to find the nockturnal glowing 15 yrds past the deer) and the deer went 70 yrds and dropped. 1hr later I shot a mature doe at 25yrds and it went 30yrds and dropped. The arrow broke both shoulders and passed thru and she snowplowed for the entire 30yrds. I've made borderline hits on deer here in NY that I know if it was a fixed, normal 1 1/8" cut I would never had found it. And last the most inpressive kill was a heavy 6 point here in NY that was quartering away so bad I had to shoot just in front of the hind quarter and the Rage angled all the way up to and thru the front shoulder. That was the only Rage shot that didn't pass completely thru but the buck went 50yrds and dropped. I literally passed thru the entire body. That said I shoot a Mathews Drenalin set @ 71lbs, 28.5" draw and a 520 grain Carbon Express Pile driver arrow. It's only going 290 fps but it packs a devistating punch. Sure it's not as flat but I set up my stands for 20yrd shots so it's not that much of an issue. I set the pin for 22yrds and I can shoot spot on from point blank to 30yrds and kill it. It's your choice what you shoot but I think most of the problems archers are having with the Rage is underweight arrows and low poundage. I only speak of Rage as there are other mechanical heads that I think are junk. Basically any over the top head will yield less than desired penatration. One last thought, Chuck Adams was so dead set against mechanicals it was almost like he had it out for the manufacturers. When the Rage came out he endorsed it. I know money talks but that goes against who Chuck Adams is. If he thinks it's a quality product then it's good enough for me. However the proof lies in my experience with them and the mounts hanging on my wall. Since 2006 I've only lost 1 out of 12 deer with Rage and that's because I made the dredded high shoulder hit. And even with that I still poked the arrow out the other side because while trailing you could see the deer was bleeding out of both sides. Total Chaos Here's a few that I killed with the Rage.
  13. I also use Nockturnal nocks. Switched from Luminocks 3 years ago and glad I did. Much better product. 5 deer with them so far and no problems. Wash them up and reuse. Last year in Illinois I shot a nice buck but couldn't find the arrow. Went back at night and found it in seconds. I use green as I feel it works better in brighter conditions. Mid day and the orange doesn't do you much good but the green shows up nice. Total Chaos
  14. They all work if you hit them where you're supposed to but for those times I'm off, there's no better confidence boost than knowing I just put a 2 1/2" hole in him with a Rage Extreme chisel tip. I've had some borderline hits that I'm sure with a conventional head I would never have found the deer. Total Chaos
  15. Pricey but good rods. www.fishdoctorcharters.com go to the site and email him. Total Chaos
  16. As a kid I killed countless rabbits, woodcock and grouse with my H&R singleshot. I even killed a mallard flying by one day. It had a full choke barrel and I used 3" 6 shot. I also had a friend that had an old remington auto that I ocassionally got to use and I killed them with that as well. You will enjoy the light weight and low recoil. Total Chaos
  17. Not sure about the fish being in close but they are out in deeper water. I fished yesterday from 6:30 until 11:30 from the river to just south of the dunes in 125-150fow and was 4 for 6. 1 Coho and the rest Kings to 27lbs. 2 came on dipsys with ff out 300 on a 3 setting. 2 came on dipsys with ff out 335 on a 3 setting. 1 came on the 118ft rigger with an Ace Hi plug and the other came on a ff on the 115ft rigger. Temp was 46 degrees down 145 when I started but the south east wind was bringing it up fast. When I left the 46 degree water was down 115ft. All the fish were still silver and all of them were still feeding and had bait in their stomachs. There weren't a lot of marks on the screen but we still moved rods. I trolled all the way into to 90 fow before pulling them. Total Chaos
  18. I've been using malin for 20yrs never an issue and I run the 20lb wire. Total Chaos
  19. Here's what I took from the Rule site. I guess there isn't a float. Learn something new every day. Total Chaos Rule Pumps 12 Volt DC Automatic Bilge Pumps 500 GPH - 2000 GPH feature computerized operation on the principle of impeller resistance. Float switches are not required. The pump will turn on every 2-1/2 minutes to sense for water. If water is present, the pump will sense resistance and continue to run until all the water is removed. Thereafter, it will check for water every 2-1/2 minutes.Power use in the checking mode is minimal.
  20. My float switch just snaps in the base so I unsnap it and either lift the float or turn it upside down. Total Chaos
  21. It would seem to me that the 3rd wire would have to go direct to the battery. My Baha has the same setup. When my main kill switch is off the manual switch doesn't work but if the boat is full of water the auto will come on and pump it out. That said it has to be getting 12v from somewhere and that should be that 3rd wire you have. Total Chaos
  22. Anyone here ever deal with Fowlers Marina in Wolcott. Specifically with regards to Suzuki outboards. I have an issue and they are the only dealer in the area. Total Chaos
  23. I use cv 20's with 20lb Silver Thread and I've never even been close to being spooled. 30's will be more than enough. Total Chaos
  24. I know the feeling. Great job, looks like you have a new fishing partner. If she's anything like my daughter you won't be reeling many fish in when she's on the boat. Total chaos
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