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  1. Holy Buckets! Keep an eye on the children and the cats! Reminds me of living in a WWII baracks on NAS Cecil Field Florida.
  2. That's a nice brown!! I actually chuckled out loud at how fat it is, lol.
  3. 25lb leader is pretty hefty leader material for some applications. On copper and dipsies, that's a decent leader material, but may be too heavy for downriggers, espeically if you're running spoons. The heavier line can affect the action of spoons, which can decrease the amount of bites you get on a presentation. Flourocarbon is great leader material, as well as various mono lines. Either way make sure it's quality line.
  4. Your Daiwa 47LCs are perfect for dipsy rods. Those are among the standard options for dipsy reels, and that is what I have on my dispsy set ups.
  5. Congrats to the Yankee team, you guys were tough to keep up with, but I'm very happy with our team's hard work to put together a 2nd place finish. See you all next year!
  6. Tom, I'm sure you're right, but could it be a typo? We all know these people have screwed up a lot of really important stuff in the past. This is copied right out of the document. JUSTIFICATION: The original legislation (Chapter 455, L. 2011) expires on 3/31/13. The original legislation expires 12/31/13.
  7. It's reallly confusing when reading through this bill. The original expiration date in the 2nd half of the document, from the original bill, is December 31, 2013, but it's crossed off. In the first half of the document, the new bill eliminating the expiration date of 12/31/13, lists a new expiration date of March 31, 2013. What does that all mean? Is there a lawyer in the house?
  8. That's a great question. I agree with you, if it is a problem I'll stick with the 45lb, but then maybe the 60lb would be better ran in the chute. I'd hate to loose fishing time on my diver rods to redeploy a copper on a board.
  9. I like the Pline mono, 14lb test, on my rigger rods, and also use the same for leaders when I have to splice in 125' of 30lb big game for the fleas. The stuff has always performed well, good knot strength, and tough. I've had a few fish in the rigger cables and wires, and the stuff did not break. I just started running the Pline Flouro Clear, 20lb, this year on my dipsies and coppers. We took some heavy hitting on our dipsies over the weekend, and so far so good. Check out this link, lab test of a variety of popular fishing lines. It compares strength of line to the diameter, and ranks them from the strongest to the weakest. http://www.gamefishin.com/wa/features/linetest.htm
  10. Thanks for the update, and thanks for the work that everyone puts into this program for the fishery.
  11. Well... there's goes another hundred bucks!
  12. Glad to hear the LZ is getting splashed!
  13. Starting with a 300 is perfect. I've got Okuma convectors, CV-55L, and I like them. The drags are good, and you can easily fit 300 yards of backing and 300' of copper. Okuma makes a copper trolling rod, with larger diameter stainless steel guides, I don't have those on my boat, but they look like a great copper rod at a reasonable price. Good Luck
  14. Glad to hear you're in the water for the season! Nice job!
  15. I've got the same spreadsheet from the Great Lakes Angler website, I've played around with it a little, althgough I've never put it into to use as of yet. I understand all the math in the spreadsheet, but it may not be accounting for some things when actually applied, what that is I'm not sure, and that may cause it to be inaccurate. Bottom line, what the guys above told you is solid information. I'd go with that.
  16. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php/topic/35725-great-article-about-marine-surveys/ Legacy posted this last week. An article about marine surveys, and things you can look nad find on your own that would be deal breakers, before you even hire a person for a full survey. It's an excellent read.
  17. Isn't the world record Coho from Lake Ontario? I know it used to be, just not sure if it still was.
  18. on the solo trip! A couple of our fish on Friday were coughing up gobies as we were bringing them over the transom in the net. They are just stuffed full of gobies, and still eating. Those BTs are like my Lab. And yeah, there is some skinny water in the channel there, this weekend I'll have the out drive trimmed up a bit.
  19. I've got both copper and leadcore on my boat, and each has its time and place. With my leadcore I run the 18lb test, with 30lb power pro backing, and usually a 12lb or 14lb leader. I think the lighter, smaller diameter leadcore actually sinks better than the heavier, larger diameter. Most of the fishing I do with leadcore happens in May and early June when I'm targeting fish on thermal bars, steelhead, cohos, and some kings as well. If you're going to consistantly fish below 40 feet, then I think copper is better choice. Depending on how deep you want to go you could run the 37lb or the 48lb test copper. I run the 48lb as that is pretty much the standard on Lake O. When I took my captain's class there were some Seneca Lake fisherman there, and they were running 300 and 400 coppers for lakers in the summer, I assume there were running the 48lb. The thing about copper though, it's not very exciting to catch fish on it under 10-15lbs. I would much rather try to keep my riggers and dipsies going. Is this a presentation that you are planning on running on planer boards, or right in the chute?
  20. Lou, thanks for posting this. I've got to read it again, but I think it sounds good???
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