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  1. My understanding is that the only accurate line counter reel was one with a digital line counter made by Penn that actually measured line rather than spool rotation. I know one muskie guide that buys up every one he sees. I'm considering buying no more line counters and buying a bulk spool of metered braid and putting my old Abu 7000's back in service.
  2. Talk to Dr. Bruce Tufts at Queens University in Kingston Ontario his research is on Bass but he told me fish don't see UV light.
  3. Why when I log in and click on remember me ( stay logged in) it dosen't
  4. I never tip the owner of a business he has the ability to set his price. Employees thats another story. The only exception I make is my barber who puts all his quarters in a jar for his grandson I make a habit of having a couple of bucks in quarters for a tip I have on a few ocasions paid the entire cost of the haircut in quarters. I've gone to this barber for almost 40 years and he understands me. When he is done and holds up the mirrior to show the back I usually reply It's ok I've got a hat.
  5. Did you contact Alumacraft to see what they say. The back end of those boats is foamed in pretty tight. Try lowering the front end and see if the water flows to the center than when you raise the front it flows out under the gas tank. I noticed this in my 04 but if I trailer a couple of miles with the plug out it's gone. Water going down those drains has no direct route to the back of the boat because of the foam. I was not impressed when I first saw this.
  6. Great thread. I remember back in the 70's there was a local guy that would drill the sideplate of a Penn 209 and somehow attach a bicycle oddometer which was as accurate as most of todays line counters. He charged $10 which included the oddometer. Most were sold to guy's wirelining for lake trout.
  7. I heard an interview probably 40 years ago with Lou Eppinger he said the first thing you do is take the swivel off the spoon. Spoons are meant to wobble not spin but if we don't put a swivel on them they don't sell.
  8. 80 Power Pro 22=8 30=10 39=12 49=14 62=16 76=18 95=20 117=22 149=24
  9. Do different break strengths of leadcore sink at different rates?
  10. Thanks Guys where is Wicklow? any salmon action yet? Were a muskie fisher and Big Water Wantabe
  11. How are depths where you are launching? I have heard that Port Hope is closed and Lakeport is unusable (is that a word)? Thanks
  12. If a cabin fever struck muskie fisherman wanted to try for Brown Trout somewhere between Kingston and Brighton where would be a good place to launch 18 foot boat? Any tips appreaciated Frank
  13. Are the decks and floors solid? Does anyone know what would be involved in bringing this boat into Canada
  14. Are you guys talking stranded or solid wire? I mostly cast for muskies but want to do a little trout/salmon this year. Thanks Frank
  15. I primarly fish muskie but am planning some Lake Ontario trout and salmon fishing this coming season. Put my 20 year old downriggers back to work. I have been lurking on the site for some time. Why Copper? What is the difference to steel line ( wire) Frank
  16. Back in the mid 60's a well known guide berthed his boat next to mine and one day while having a beer with him I discovered a small bottle of liquid in his gear. When I asked what it was he told me fish attractant. When I asked if it worked he said " it works for me I sold $5000 worth at the Sportsman Show"($5000 was a lot of money in 1965) When I asked what it was he told me cod liver oil. 45 years later my wife makes me take a cod liver oil capsul every morning and I catch my share of fish so maybe it is an attractant.
  17. I normally only fish musky but would like to try salmon and trout. Is it to late to launch out of Lakeport or Bowmanville? Thanks Frank
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