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  1. Thank MC. I can only do it when I can get away, so as they say " A bad fishing is still better than a day at work" One year '88 I think, we killed them in the mouth of the salmon with SR9 Shad Raps. Couldn't keep em off the line. But that was then. I've never heard of anyone ever doing that since. It was one of those things where we just anchored up behind the break water, and had a ball.
  2. I was plnning a trip up next weekend. Probably put in in Oswego, or Mexico Point. Where is this hole you are talking about?
  3. Just caught this post BigMac. Cam shaft canbe replaced if there is approx. 30 inches between the front of the engine and the inside of the engine compartment. If not the engine will need to be pullled. It is easier to do on an engine stand then in the Engine well. You are going to need a lot more then just the CAM shaft. If you are the original owner of the rig, you know the history of how it was taken care of. If not, well, your shooting in the dark. From past experience with the 5.7 in boats, gas in the oil can be a big contributer to cam shaft and premature engine wear. A leaking carburatorcould be the cause or a diaphram in the fuel pump leaking. Like borderline said, a crate motor, may be a wise choice. PS, Putting used parts in like a cam shaft and lifters, isn't always a great idea. Ya might get lucky, but to do all that work, and then not have it work correctly!!!!! Besides, boat motors have specially ground CAM shafts because of their power band. Good luck...
  4. To eliminate the onboard tanks try a portable tank. This will isolate the issue as to boat fuel system or Engine. Ethanol breakdown in the tanks can be an issue. Also, in older boats the fuel line were designed for regular gas, not ethanol. The ethanol causes the rubber hoses to deteriate, which can lead to collapsing, or the rubber breaking down and causing a restriction.
  5. I have a 1 yr old Humminbird 597ci HD. I upgraded to the 598 ci SI because I wanted the Side Imaging. $350 and it's yours. The unit head and transducer are a year old, but the rest of the hardware is brand new. PM me if interested.
  6. Is the vent plugged on the fuel can?
  7. Isn't it kind of early for cabin fever to have set in?
  8. I have an 18' Fisher as well. Mine could use some TLC as well. I like the lite Grey grey as well. Anyone know where to get that color? Frank
  9. Welcome to the SIte Zack.
  10. Now that's a good point Mortigan! And a great question? So maybe we should let them spawn, do their thing, and stop all this combat fishing on the tribs? Course there are a lot of folks who would be out of work if that happened?
  11. Thanks Tim, I think your image got lost somewhere. But I get the reference. I've caught enough of the dark ones to remember the coloration. The meat also takes on a different color as well if my memory serves correctly. Not that nice pink you get from a King in the lake.
  12. I've seen the referral to Mud Hens? What the hell are Mud Hens and why the name?
  13. Sorry for your loss Ray. No better eulogy could have been written.
  14. Fish between the Piers guys. I was just chatting with my fishing buddy who was with me in '87 when a storm like this hit. I have never had so much fun as I did that weekend. Twelve ft waves were normal. But hooking up, and having the fish running across the face of the wave above you beyond the pier was a site to see. We are coming up tonight..... Tally hooo
  15. And the Governor went on vacation today. So for the next 14 daqys, there won't be any action on this. It has been on his desk for 10 days. That means a 6 day time period left to sign it. It totally amazes me when a new Anti Gun law can get enacted in just two weeks, and we can't get an extra line for fishing or a budget passed on time.
  16. Patience guys. The mans not a superman. He'll sign it, just in his own time.
  17. As an old Mechanic I find this information quite valuable. Batteries are something we take for granted, and shouldn't. Thanks for the post.
  18. We the people need to file a class action suite against the EPA on this. It's been done in the past and succeeded in other area, like the clean water act. At LOC if we band together, it could be accomplished. Crying about it, and doing nothing is like the Ostrich sticking his head in the sand. Mcdragon
  19. From a Veteran. To all my brothers in arms, we wish you a happy veterans day! To all the Red Legs at Fort Drum, take a look at this site. For those who don't know, Red Legs are Artillery Troops. http://www.15thFAR.com McDragon aka Frank Baker
  20. Tom, From a novice point of view, this has been about the best read on this board. I am always looking for more knowledge. Your posts are always spot on. You are one of the select few who are willing to share what you've learned in all these years on Lady-O. And that statement is not a slam to any of the professionals that make this board so great. Each in their own way contribute. Some more then others. Great job, great products. You can't ask for more then that!!!! McDragon
  21. Thanks folks for the information. Now to get tying!!!!
  22. It's a wonder we got here guys with some of the shenanigans we did. The story about the go carts bring back the memories of Doll and baby carriages sitting on their axles if left unattended for to long. By the way what are brakes? My mother was always asking why there wasn't any sole left on my Keds. We would jump on our 3 speed bikes on Saturday mornings during trout season, pedal our bikes up to 7 miles to get to a good trout stream with our rods tied to the cross bar, and then return by dark. Parents never worried and always knew we would get home. One spring in late March there was still snow on the ground and it was warm out. We were throwing snow balls at the side of big trucks as they went by the house. I tossed one a little early and it went in the open passenger window smacking the driver upside the head. Luckily it didn't cause him to lose control and crash but he sure locked it up and came boiling out of the cab. Good thing I had the neighborhood map in the back of my head, or he would have kicked my butt if he had caught up to me. Funny now to think back on it, but it wasn't then. And I can relate to you Tom with the shot gun shell. Had a buddy who shoplifted a box of 22's. He gets the bright idea to throw them against a brick wall to see what would happen. The first few did nothing, but he finally had them going bang on a regular basis. That is until one of the slugs grazed his cheek. To this day he still carries the scar. We did stupid stuff and got away with it. Frank
  23. I just hope I don't go broke before I get back on the water. We live by the lower Hudson River, so Striper fishing is easy for us to get out and do as it is only a 5 min run from the house to put the boat in. And I've caught quite a few Stripers over 30# through the years. I know that's not huge for Stripers, but for the upper Hudson it is trolling lures. My first trip to Lake Onterio was in the fall of 85 when snagging was still allowed. Never caught a fish. It actually scared the hell out of me, and I never tried it again. We were at the Trestle Pool at 5am, and there was nothing but glowing cigarettes all the way around the pool. When first light came, I heard bullets zinging by my head. Two ounce hunks of lead with a #1 treble hook embedded in it is a devastating weapon. Needless to say, I backed out of there. It was two years later on October 1st of '87 that I will never forget. A Nor Easter came though the lower hudson valley, dumping 16" of wet snow on the area. At Selkirk Shores, the wind was blowing thirty knots and pushing waves onto the shore that were in the 8' high range. We were in my 18' Bow rider behind the breakwater on the Salmon River. We were casting Shad Raps across current and on almost every cast, had a hookup. What a ball. The fish were stacked up and we finally had to quit because our arms were worn out.
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