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  1. I can't seem to start a new thread, so I'll leave this here... Just a heads up on Wright's Landing - I just got home from trying to launch this morning, they got a new plan in effect this year. $10/launch, another $10 to park your truck and NO trailers can park. They telling you that you have to drive your trailer over to the east side and leave your trailer at the skating rink and drive back. What a complete PIA to say the least. Now I've been fishing up there every year on the Thursday and Friday of HarborMess and have NEVER had any problems. Thank goodness I only live 10 miles away, I'd be really ******** (even more so than I am now) had I had a long haul to get there.
  2. If the rod holders are gone, I might be interested in the tracks, let me know a price
  3. quick reminder that t-shirt orders will be going in tomorrow evening. I've got everyone that has PM'd me so far, thank you. see you all in less than two weeks, can't wait!!! ~joe
  4. will be getting t-shirts done up again this year, this time a gray shirt with the Salmon Slam logo on the front. Price has stayed the same at $10/ea. Please PM me with quantity and sizes prior to July 20.
  5. there's a decent BT bite EARLY at the plant before the sun gets bright with a few quality fish. There's been plenty of traffic, too. As mentioned previous - crazy, wicked currents, almost to the point where I was questioning the Fish Hawk....
  6. Hey Nick - Team So Saarie will be pleased to be back - most excellent day of the summer!!!! I will be in touch with you soon regarding the donation of food from the Hide-A-Way as well as whether you'd like to do the t-shirts again. **Joe
  7. Browns were slow today so we tried for kings for a while - nada. Lakers were fun tho, some big 'uns!!! C-C-C-OLD with that NE breeze rolling over 38 degree water...
  8. I don't need the swivel bases, but would be interested in the dual rod holder if you want to separate....
  9. Don't know what to tell ya, but I'll be out of Oz tomorrow morning offshore looking for the 2yo's and some steel. It's an experiment for me, never fished this late in the year out there, but it's supposed to be beautiful out so why not??
  10. all our bites were between 585 and 600, Good Luck out there and let us know how you do... I'm off next week and will be out every day starting tomorrow, with derby tickets this time
  11. we had a pretty decent day in Oz this morning. Fished 6a - 11a and went 5/8, with a big male king that was bouncing on the boat scale between 30.6 and 31.4. Of course, no derby tickets... The fog was rough to start and seemed to hang around for ever. Before it lifted, a white paddle with a glow hammer fired two ro three times. Once the sun came out the Cpt Valium with a sweet pea A-Tom-Mik caught fire, 91 down on the rigger over 600.
  12. there's been lots of info on brown fishing in Mexico Bay area lately if you read through some of the past threads. Seems to me guys were saying 80-85 FOW from the bottom up to 50 or 60. Good luck and report back!
  13. is there even anything besides A-Tom-Mik ?
  14. Oz has veen tough this week from what I'm told, hope you find some targets over there tomorrow. Wish I could be out there with y'all !!! Good Luck and see you Saturday
  15. Think of Chaumont and think of monster smallies Did real well a week or so ago in Guffin Bay, watermellon Senkos in 3-10 feet of water in the weeds along shorelines did the trick for some great big smallmouth. Or for the kids, try perch around Cherry Island, there were numbers there, but not a lot of size.
  16. Tradesmen - the order went in yesterday but I will send the guy a message to add 3 L shirts, no promises.... ~Joe
  17. fished Oz this morning 5-9, she was a little snotty out there for sure and the fishing was tough. Temps were nice, down around 70 feet or so but not a lot of action or targets on the screen (for us anyway). Did one Atlantic which we released and had 2 bite offs on meat. Fished out to 300fow. The city was starting to get busy with Harbor Mess getting going
  18. Last call for t-shirts, order going in tomorrow morning. Here's what I have so far: 'Bout Time - (3) XL; (2) L; (1) M Cohomotion - (1) XXL; (1) L 1fish2fish - (1) XXL; (1) M Ruff Rider - (2) XL; (1) L; (1) S Dispey Ranger - (1) L; (3) M; (1) M tank Sammy Gee - (2) XL Indecisive - (1) L Echo One - (1) XL Apple Boy - (2) XL; (1) L; (1) M Let me know if I missed anyone or if there are any corrections
  19. shirts are going to remain the same as last year - $10/ea. Tanks are also going to be $10, The order is going in a week from tomorrow, send me a PM if you already haven't .....
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