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  1. After everyone left, we found a small stretch of water in around 100 that held 45 to 48 degree water, was just W of the chute. We worked that for two mature Kings and a doubleheader Steelie. Hate it when Ray is right, shoulda wedged 'em from the start I guess?
  2. Excellent catch on a day with less than ideal conditions. Way to find them and make them go! Love that first pic.
  3. Congrats on the win, nice work on getting that last silver to round out the box. The kids looked excited and were having a great time at the weigh in, thats what its all about.
  4. What a great day to be out on the water! Day started out well with some good silver fish, so we changed into Laker mode. Managed 5 or 6 of those to the boat but nothing over 3 lbs., Oh well, was a nice day out with Dad. Didnt see who had the winning box, and what was the weight? Had to skip out, was "borrowing" a slip and had to get the boat back on the trailer at Taughannock. 5 Lb. Bow 8 Lb. Brown
  5. Kids look happy, a couple more future trollers! I am setting up a couple 50 lb DR rods tonight... I assume the wires were nasty?
  6. Good luck with the Eyes, Ray. Now knowing that we dont have to compete against him, we're in.
  7. Lower them down slow, and go 20' between until you get the hang of it. Point the two rod tips away from each other as much as you can. I too like to stack when using lighter line in the FLX.
  8. Great day! Nice Chromer, saw it on the board at 11 lbs. Gorgeous color on that Laker.
  9. Saw some Repel spray today that had 40% Deet, wonder if that would work?
  10. I've often wondered the same thing. There are times I think it does matter if it is accurate at an angle or not. For instance, started trolling with the current and got hits at 2.4 downspeed. Turned around to go against the current and now I can see the blowback is worse and the cable is at a higher angle, and I am left wondering if I should adjust back to 2.4?
  11. Coast Guard launch is closed till August, I think the sign read. The launch near Margaretta Rd. is useable.
  12. Welcome Sean. Post a pic or two of your rig and we'll critique it for ya. I would think if you pick your days by watching the weather reports you would be able to get out there.
  13. Weird thing is, we could not buy a hit on the spin/fly until I changed it out a few times to the short lead (approx. 20"), and increased the speed to 2.5 down speed from 2.2. Rigged front hole, and fly on the fins (less action). Camera fixed to weight, spinny was about 5 ft. behind weight.
  14. We are running the GoPro, and we have heard it will only transmit 20 Ft. in water.
  15. At this time we are unable to watch live, but are looking into it. We are hoping that everyone can learn along with us from these videos, and encourage members to comment on what they think the fish are doing and why. After two days of no hits on the Spin/Fly behind the camera, we tried a faster troll (2.5 down speed) and that produced 3 hits (unfortunately two came after the battery died). The fish seem less interested when the speed is lower, but we will try more speed changes while on camera to see what the results are.
  16. Blowback appears to be slightly more than with the probe rigger. We are currently using 10 Lb. Herbies, would like to go heavier, but not until upgrading or rebuilding the old Big Jons. Its a tough grind at times getting these up and out of the water.
  17. 65 is the deepest we've tried, depends on the water clarity and light, but maybe deeper. Blowback is a problem too.
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