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  1. Managed OK with our 20' Trophy +full tank of gas. Went out on the kicker tho! -Nick, could see your rig from the launch, looking good!
  2. Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 8/16 Wind Speed/Direction: SE Waves: 2-3+ Surface Temp: 74 Location: Sodus =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 4 Total Boated: 2 Species Breakdown: King, RB Trolling Speed: 2.3 - 2.9 Down Speed: 2.1 - 2.7 Boat Depth: 140 -300 Lure Depth: 60 - 100 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Started out in about 140’ of water. Took a rip on the 220 Wire, rod was dead by the time I got to it, brought it in and the leader was gone. Hmm, should have gone home right after that cuz things sure didn’t go any better after. A little later saw two boats kinda close together up aways, didn’t think too much about it till we saw that one boat was DEC. They made their way back to us and pulled up alongside. “Sir, need you to hold up two life preservers and two fishing licenses for me please†was the call from the twin Yammy powered vessel. I popped my head into the cuddy cabin and grabbed two vests and held them up. That provoked an approving nod from the officer. My dad already had his license out, so I reached into my pocket for mine. Ut –oh, no license. Must have left it in the car back in Ithaca. I held up dads license and told them I didn’t have mine on board. “Need your name, DOB, address, and phone number†was the reply from the officer. After I gave them that, the vessel moved off a bit. I thought good, they will look me up on their on-board computer, and they wont have to board us and look for more issues, cool! After about 5 minutes the vessel moved closer, and one officer handed me a ticket - which wasn’t easily done in 3 & 4 foot seas, and six lines out, I might add. “Sir, get a copy of your license and send it in with this ticket, and it will get dismissed†said the officer. I thanked him and the twin Yammies roared to life. Phew, dodged one there! Coulda been a lot worse. Oh yeah, we were fishing, right? Noticed the other wire rig had a shaker on it so brought that in and released a small Rainbow. Slid out to 300’ of water and was still reading 70 + degrees on my probe, down 100. Is that thing working? Holy crap. Looked at the Moor display and it was jumping around – 71. 65. 38! Then back to a steady 71. ??? After a bit released a small king that had hit the 250 wire pulling an NBK spoon. Pointed the boat for the bay and got a release on the 100’ rigger, SD & fly. Set the hook and fish was on for a second then gone. Reeled it in and the fly and half the leader was gone. That rig had taken a lot of hits on it the past few trips, I guess I missed a nick someplace? Oh well, lets go in. Headed into the bay and noticed right away a blue light flashing ahead – Harbor Patrol! He had a boat pulled over and was talking to them. I looked at our speed and we were going 5 MPH. Good, lets just slide right past them and get the boat back on the trailer. NOPE! He heads straight for us and turns on the blue flashing lights again. “How many times do you use the bay here?†was the call from the officer. About once a month was my reply. “Then you are aware of our no wake policy here?†was the annoyed voice from the flashing blue light clad boat. I said back that yes, I am aware and we were going 5 MPH… “No wake does NOT mean 5 MPH, it means no wake†was the now very annoyed reply from the officer. I bit my lip hard and apologized, thinking -I don’t know what the inside of a cell in Sodus NY looks like, but better not find out either. We finally got to the ramp and some guy was wading in the water for about 20 minutes looking for something that fell out of his boat. Why not? Seemed perfectly normal for this day! Finished off our trip by stopping in at Warrens. Our thanks to Troy, who happily helped us refill our tackle boxes. Was definitely the high point of the day.
  3. Thanks guys, headed up now, saves me a trip over to check. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  4. Is it open right now? if not, going to use the Margaretta Rd. launch I guess.
  5. Great catch and pic of the RainHead, or Steelbow - I'm confused... but nice Salmon too! Thanks for the detailed report, headed out of Sodus tomorrow. Seems like blue flys are flying all over...
  6. Way to go, gotta keep recruiting new fishermen. Good luck tomorrow, you up there all week?
  7. Very nice hog there! Looks like you are sitting in the lake in that last pic, gotta love the big waves and big fish in a small boat!
  8. In yet another part of the lake, a reel smoking, gotta be half a hundred pound salmonoid is still running around with 270 feet of wire, a UV Dipsy, and my favorite spoon! You are not alone...
  9. Sorry to hear that. How come the crimp at the end does not stop it from heading for the depths?
  10. Welcome to the site, and make sure you give us some reports of fishing up that way!
  11. Michigan Stinger Spoons - 309 - Tropical Thunder Glow
  12. We run these too, and they seem to groan a bit at times getting our 9 lb'ers up. Was going to experiment with heavier ones, but have not as of yet.
  13. Wow, you guys got brass ones going out to 200 with it leaking. Good job getting your 1st King of the year in the boat tho.
  14. Way to wait them out, good catch. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  15. Ray must be napping, cant believe he would let all this talk about wet lap dancers get by him. Huge congrats on the win, Rod.
  16. Never seen one come out of Cayuga either. Got a mess of them out of Sudus Bay on stickbaits as we were getting into some Pike. A Laotian woman was thrilled to take them all off our hands, said they were very good.
  17. Looked like a great day to be on the lake, you picked a good one to get back out there finally.
  18. "Our" lake is calm here, go fishin! Best of luck to you this weekend Nick.
  19. Windows Movie Maker. And its free too. A little uglier? Looks like it might work, but no underwater buffy vids! Might want to put a safety wire on that...
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