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  1. Saw this scene from the south end of Cayuga and took a pic the other day, and it got me thinking. I dont hear the FLX guys talking about colored water very much, but up north on the big pond its the #1 topic during spring fishing. How would you fish the water in the pic? Up north we like rattle stick baits and they seem to work on Cayuga as well. What is your go to lure for stained water?
  2. Nobody likes the UV ones? I have been running one UV dipsy and it generally out catches the other one (Batman, Yellow/Orange, Black).
  3. I use Moviemaker (free), but want to upgrade. Might have to give Vegas a look, thx Sean.
  4. May have passed you at Taughannock? We could not buy a hit.
  5. But if you get this one, you wont need a fish finder.
  6. I always have the feeling that I am about to see something I would rather not see. I have some unidentified stuff already...
  7. Found some more eel footage from our trip on Cayuga 11/10. Man these things are nasty, they kind of look to be the apex predator in the lake now? I knew it was going to be bad when we were catching LL in the spring with 3 and 4 small Lamprey hanging off them. OYUSjJ6glg0
  8. Started out of Treman, trolled up the West side to Taughannock, then across and back down the East side to the inlet again. Went 8 for 10, all small LL & LT. Surface temp was 51.8, down 100 was 51.6, we hooked fish at the surface all the way down to 100. Dipsies were best running around 50 - 80 feet down with spoons of all colors seeing action. All the fish were clean of Lamprey, and returned. Saw the Blue Bubble out there, he was kicking the snot out of an eel that he bare handed off the side of his boat as we passed. Our video shows how they were chasing our rig too. NH5TVlSZWXI
  9. Cool vid! You guys had a heck of a year and the new rig is looking sweet.
  10. Good job out there, hope you had the heater goin.
  11. Its gotta be tough fishing from a balloon. Looooong handled net...
  12. Those rod holders are from Spider King. When looking on thier site, came across these called "double outriggers". The angles were not very good for Dipsies, but they were gimbal mount like I wanted, so I called them and asked if they could custom make one at a flatter angle, and they did it for an extra $10. Should have gone a bit flatter on them, but I am very happy with them, and around $80. for the pair. Only negative was waiting quite a while for them to get time to make the custom ones up for me. http://www.spiderkingrodholders.com/ind ... egory_id=5
  13. ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 10-4-12 Wind Speed/Direction:5-10 S Waves: <1 Surface Temp:64 Location: Sodus =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 4 Total Boated: 3 Species Breakdown: Steelhead Hot Lure: Black/Orange spoon Trolling Speed: 2.9 Down Speed: 2.3 Boat Depth: 20 - 450 Lure Depth: 20 - 120 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Went out of Sodus started with J plug near bottom and worked out into deeper water. Once we got out close to 200 FOW, marked some bait and fish around 110. Landed a few steelies up to about 5 lbs. on Mag dipsies out 375. Video shows a few smaller salmon were looking at our set up, but did not hook any. Was a nice calm day on the water.
  14. We keep a treble hook on a spare rod ready for any hitchikers!
  15. Good job and thanks for the tips this year, Abe. Hope to see you sometime up there.
  16. Anyone know what the leaderboard looks like after today?
  17. Seems like its been a bit slow for everyone. Sounds like the temps are up a bit higher since last week, we had to go down 90 to find 55. Bait was everywhere, I think they have too many choices for dinner right now.
  18. Sorry to hear of your loss, and hope they find those responsible. Have always been afraid to slip my boat, and never have. How do you guys sleep at night knowing that thousands of dollars of equipment is just sitting there, in a barely secure boat, in an unsecure marina? Damn, whenever we leave it (on the trailer) in a parking lot, I am always looking out the window to see if its OK.
  19. Just got my new carbon washers from Dragmasters for my 47's. Weird thing is they sent 4 fiber washers, when my 47 has just three. Wonder what to do with the 4th? Let us know how you make out.
  20. That fuel pump is on the back of the motor, cant miss it. Might as well throw a fuel filter on it too, its just upstream left side of motor. Troll Pro housing looking very stealthy!
  21. Was looking around for a pump for mine as well. Not sure what year yours is, but Nissan & Tohatsu parts are the same, and this one fits my 2009 8HP Tohatsu. Any idea why we both are having problems with it? My guess is ethanol...? I think we can get just a diaphragm though and maybe a couple check valves and rebuild it. http://www.boats.net/parts/detail/tohat ... 000-4.html
  22. How does the video look? Seen any short hitters or anything? Maybe you should run the meat behind the camera, maybe see what is chewing on your meat.
  23. Sodus has been a little tough of late, seems like folks have been finding better fishing evenings though. A few things: Do you have a probe? -water on the inside was over 70 degrees at 100' down, too warm. Needed to go deeper or find the few colder pockets of water. Can run two more rods (if two people in the boat), might as well get them out there, even if one is a leadcore or copper, or stacked on the DR. I assume you have a fish finder, were you marking the fish we were at 90+ down? If so, need to get more than 100' of DR cable out to get that deep with a 12 lb. weight. Anyway, congrats on your first, hang in there, they will come.
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