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  1. Thanks for checking Nick. I thought it was strange that our staging fish had so many recent meals.
  2. Nick - what are you seeing in the stomachs of the Kings you have landed recently? The mature male we caught on Friday in 68 degree water had several small baitfish, and one full size Alewife in it.
  3. Gator: What do you think is the cause of this .5 diff? Maybe it changes the angle of the probe when a rod is attached? I have found with our Moor, once you reach a certain amount of blowback, the readout slows considerably.
  4. Go get em Nick! Looking forward to seeing some pics of 25 pounders this weekend.
  5. I run Chamberlain stacker releases above the probe on coated cable. You can install them without cutting. If careful when setting them, they do not damage the coating on the cable.
  6. Thanks for the report Abe, hope things pick up soon. Let us know how you do Wed. - good luck.
  7. Check out the modis image from 8/2. http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.php?region=o&page=1&template=subℑ=t1.15214.1550.LakeOntario.143.250m.jpg
  8. I was just remembering that I need to get some snap swivels. I had the same thing happen a few years back, sucks losing the fish and the hot lure. Will only use crosslocks with a pound test rating now, like Torpedo's.
  9. Good job, any size to the Kings? How many FOW? Thanks.
  10. Welcome to the site. You can look at the gimbal mounts for downrigger mounting if you have rod holders built into the boat? See pic. Keep an eye on the reports of other fishermen here to get an idea where to start.
  11. We saw much of the same on Friday. Although we didn't have a single fly bug us all morning, thankful for that!
  12. Good job finding them. Was there much color to the water in there?
  13. Thanks for the report, you did pretty good. Agreed, hopefully things pick up a little soon.
  14. Good job getting on some fish. Did you see any colored water in close? Thought there would be some with all the storms.
  15. Strange how that happens, marks on graph = no hits, and vice versa. Nice size on those fish!
  16. The video is running at real time speed (except for the one section slo-mo). I was keeping the down speed (Moor) at 2.5, and SOG was around 2.9 on our Lowrance. I was surprised that our Sting Ray was spinning at 2.5, but it seemed to produce some looks and a couple strikes.
  17. Yeah, pretty easy to do yourself. Hero 2 good to 197' New ones good to 131'
  18. Went out of I Bay Friday, 5/29. Surface temps were around 52, and it seemed like everytime we found 47 degrees with the probe (parked at 90') we were taking hits. Most productive was around 110 FOW. Finished 9 for 11 with one King, 4 lakers, 4 Steelhead. Was an all spoon bite, and the darker colors produced the most hits. Took one Steelie on a flat line and he was doing back flips behind the boat before we could grab the rod. Was pretty calm except for an occasional tug boat wake. Got some underwater action on GoPro:
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