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  1. I think Lady O has a mind of her own, and is not letting anyone in on it. Good job sticking it out and getting on some fish.
  2. Its just a $200. Go Pro, I made the mount for it with aluminum strips and stainless hardware. Gopro.com
  3. Went out of Treman for a short morning trip, found some colored water on the E shore. Landed a few good LL's on various baits. Took a good rip on a spoon down 20 on a DR, when setting the hook fish was gone, but hook penetrated and removed Lamprey, this is what we brought in: Many fish with multiple Lampreys on them. We started sliding fish into the splashwell so the eels would stay on. Killed 5 eels, all fish returned. Water level in the inlet is OK, mostly 6 Ft. throughout now. Careful of mud bar just past the docks, Approx 2 Ft. deep there.
  4. Pic? Hitch pins for securing your draw bar? OK, maybe just the clip they use in them. Have to give that a try.
  5. Us too. Gonna be tough because the blowback at 30 feet was bad enough, thinking 50 feet might be the max. Trying to keep the speed as low as possible, any advice on what 2.0mph presentations work best for Kings?
  6. A lot of trees and wires down in the fingerlakes area. Had to get the chainsaw out to make it out of the driveway. About 6" of snow here in S. Ithaca.
  7. Your glow lures will glow after exposing them to a light source. Your UV treated lures do not need to be charged, these will reflect the UV light that has penetrated the surface.
  8. The shot at the end was kind of by mistake, we brought the weight up to keep the fish from getting in it and the camera was still rolling. GoPro mounted to the tail of a Herbie weight, will add a pic of that when I get it.
  9. Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 4/18/12 Wind Speed/Direction: NE Waves: 3+ Surface Temp: 47 =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 4 Total Boated: 4 Species Breakdown: LT & BT Boat Depth: 10-100 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Went out of Sudus Wed, pretty slow inside with 1 LT, went out to 100 and worked back in, landing 2 more LT, one Brown. Biggest LT 13 lbs. Had alot of fun with the new Herbiecam (GoPro mounted to Herbie DR weight) Video starts out with a couple fish chasing 2 different presentations (hard to keep a steady speed with 3 & 4 footers!) last clip is us landing one of the LT. PhkNO-ETn1Y&feature=youtu.be
  10. We went out of Sodus yesterday, went 3 for 4. All BT, one around 7 lbs. Had to get in real tight to shore with the boards to get hit, and all 4 were on small jointed sticks. A lot of boat traffic. We used the coast guard launch and dock, and others were using the Margaretta launch as well.
  11. The boys will sure be happy to have you spend more time with them. I have been fishing with dad for almost 50 years, it is a passion you can share for many years. I am sure you will continue to be a credit to all the captains out there, always willing to help out the little guy. Welcome home.
  12. I cant think of anyone that isnt using something electronic these days, but many of us remember "fishing blind" I am sure. The first flasher we had was not very reliable in the 80's, I can remember looking at each other when a DR weight hit bottom, and saying "Do you remember a ledge there?" more than once. Back then we thought nothing of hitting the water without a radio, and cell phones were not around yet either.
  13. Welcome Chris. Reading here will get you back in tune in no time. Some things do not change that much though, you will find people are using some of the same thing as the 80's & 90's Good luck.
  14. Made it out of Taughannock for a bit on Thursday, was calming down for a while, but kicked up again later in the day. Started the day with a nice Brown, about 5lbs. on the DR set at 50 over 150. Did two LT and one medium Salmon before they shut down. Did not mark any large concentrations of bait or fish, just the occasional few. Salmon in mid leap All fish hit in the upper 50 feet, most on larger spoons, dark colors except for one LT on an NBK.
  15. We dont cut ours, we heat up the tip and pull it off. Twilli goes right on.
  16. Finally ditched my roller tip after a big King destroyed it, and went with Twilli tips. Shoulda done that a long time ago, they work great. If your going with wire, its the way to go.
  17. Well, at least you can get your T-stick back when you hook him again in the tribs.
  18. LMAO, thanks for the post. Gotta love it when you get clients that make it worth the ride, huh?
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