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  1. Im all for responsible gun ownership, and reasonable gun legislation. What ive seen in the past month has been neither one... Ive seen gun owners flocking to the stores to stock up on 30 round magazines incase of a "zombie apocolypse"...seriously if you believe in zombies you have no business owning a gun... and ive seen politicians push through legislation that does little more than make people feel better... Fundementally everyone should have a right to keep a handgun or long gun in their home to protect their property, presuming they are not mentally ill or a criminal. I agree 100% with any law that improves the background check process on gun purchasers. Sure, you might have to wait a little longer to buy a gun, but if it keeps a single nutjob or felon from buying a gun, which it does, im all for it. I also have no problem making "straw purchases" explicitly illegal. That being said, only 12% of the guns used in crimes are purchased through a licensed dealer or retailer, so to believe that improving background checks is a fix-all is naive. The overwhelming majority of guns used in crimes are 'street guns'...the purchasers of whom have no regards for any law... If your going to break the most grave law of all, and murder, do you really care if you broke the law when you bought your gun in exchange for crack? Ultimately the best way to decrease illegal gun crime and use is probably to get serious about cracking down on street level drug crime. The two walk hand in hand. As for legislation that limits firearms physically, i tend to fall pretty center of the line on it... Alot of the pro-gun crowd screams and whines over ANY legislation that limits types of firearms. lets face it- THERE SHOULD BE some limit on the weaponry a private citizen can posess. You realistically do not need 30 round magazines, fully automatics or bazookas to protect your property. That being said, i think the 7 round limit being imposed is woefully inadequate and essentially made a huge number of gun owners in violation of the law overnight, simply because the majority of guns are fitted with 10 round magazines or more. The 7 round limit will push gun makers out of new york, leave homeowners with the choice of a bolt-action or revolver to protect their land- both of which are insufficient in my opinion given the types of weapons thieves are wielding, and in the long run of things it will do NOTHING to prevent gun violence or limit its effects. its just a way for the politicians to look like they are doing SOMETHING. Along similar lines, anything that bans a specific gun simply because of what color it is, how it looks or the furniture on it is similarly useless... So what would work?? What is reasonable? The parts about improving background checks, making straw purchases illegal and keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill- thats all reasonable... As for the guns themselves... The limits on them should be simple: No more then 10 rounds, No Fully automatics, No silencers. Bar those three things, anything else is resonable for a responsible gun owner to keep to protect his property and family and to participate in hunting. I just finished reading the president's draft plan on the issue, and i cant believe the amount of money being tossed towards mental health, school counselors, medical research into gun violence, etc.... Theres alot of money being earmarked towards things that MIGHT fix the problem SOMEDAY... when for half as much money they could of put a few cops in every school and FIXED the problem TODAY. as an added benefit you might see less drug crime in schools and have a trained emergency responder in the school to respond to medical emergencies until EMS arrives... If someone is absolutely crazy no amount of voluntary counselling in the world will keep them from killing. but a well trained police officer will everytime.
  2. at this time, no, in fact several motorcycle gangs have already offered to do exactly that, and the families asked that they not. They want the attention to remain on our fallen brothers and not be placed on a sideshow instead. From what we were told state police have given protesters a 'spot' to protest IF they show up, which they might not even show up, in a parking lot over a mile from the school. Their permit is for that 'spot' only and if they go anywhere other than there they will face charges. If you feel compelled to help, consider making a donation to the West Webster Fireman's Association or go into a local ESL branch and ask to donate to the family of the firefighters.. Making a donation to either will be a great way to help out, as the families of both firefighters have a long road ahead of them and they will need as much support- financially and emotionally- as they can get for the road ahead of them... Food, drinks, cookie platters, six foot subs, coffee, and all sorts of other things have been flowing into firehouses, ambulance stations and hotels everywhere for the tens of thousands of visiting first responders that are staying in town for the services, and at this time as far as i know we have more than enough food and drinks to last. Really money for the families is the best donation that can be made. Of course the other donation that has been incredible is that of trucks/men from out of town fire departments. Fire departments from HOURS away have been sending crews and units up here to cover monroe and wayne county firehouses so that we can attend the services.
  3. well be there as well... if nothing else, this has shown how strong of a sense of community webster has, and has shown to the entire world why they call the fire service a brotherhood... Its something that those on the outside- with the exception of maybe combat veterans and police officers- would have a hard time understanding.
  4. church my ass... the whole thing that theyre all relatives and a church is a farse. theyre nothing but a group of bored lawyers who do this to incite lawsuits to line their pockets... Best thing to do is to give them zero attention and let them be forgotten like the scum they are. Dont let them take the limelight away from what tens of thousands of people will be comming to webster to do this weekend... pay respects to our fallen brothers.
  5. horrible. as a firefighter from a neighboring department i spent much of the day at the scene. words cannot describe the things i saw and will never be able to remove from memory. What sticks with me the most though is the creepiest part. Back in june or july me and my buddy had seen the suspect a few times, at the pier on the webster side and also at shipbuilders creek. I remember that face and that beard, and i remember my buddy saying he looked like an axe murderer. the few times we saw him at the pier you got a wierd vibe from him... As soon as i saw his mugshot on the news, i knew it was him. what a creepy feeling. please keep our brothers and their families in your prayers... the two still at strong are doing better and should recover.
  6. the best thing that seems to work for me is berkly GULP! alive twister tail minnows on a jighead...usually in bright colors. Though small spinners like Panther Martins and Bucktail jigs are always a safe bet as well. to me jigs are the ultimate in smallmouth bait.
  7. i remember when i was young a neighbor with a boat used to take us off either shipbuilder's or Pultneyville in about 20fow. we would always get into big patches of smallies... Now i cant remember the last time i pulled a smallmouth out of the lake or even the bay for that matter. every smallie ive gotten in the past 10 years has either been out of the genesee or the erie canal. Id say the canal has some of the best smallmouth fishing around if you know what your doing. Its odd that largemouth populations seem to be doing pretty well, while smallmouths are dropping significantly short of heading up to the st lawrence area.
  8. nice... when i fish bottom rigs the horizontal length of line ALWAYS ends up getting twisted around the vertical length. its annoying and ruins bait presentation.
  9. im surprised to hear of guys getting these on spoons and stick baits. ive taken my fair share of sheephead, but its ALWAYS on live bait bottom rigged... so far for me softshell crabs seem to produce the best... though you will still get them on worms, leaches, cut bait and just about anything else that smells. Ive caught em in the erie canal before, the genesee and the Ibay small boat harbor... Drum are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, so the best time to fish for them is when the water temperature has been fairly consistent for a while.
  10. frm03064

    channel cats

    i just posted a thread in the Lake O tributary section about my channel cat exploits on the genesee.. The Genesee is full of em from end to end, and ones in the 10lb range are not uncommon... I fish for em just south of the mouth in the area of turning point park and the pattonwood bridge. The waters slow, muddy and gets nice and warm on a sunny day... My two preferred methods are either good old fashioned crawlers on hooks about 8" above a pyramid weight, or my best method overall is probably going to wegmans or tops and getting a pint of fresh chicken livers. You cut off some fatty chunks, wrap it up in spawn net material and tie it just like you would an egg sac. put it on a small baitholder hook with 2 heavy splitshots about 10" above the hook... just cast it will slowly go with the current but it should stay close to the bottom. this method produces best for me... and since the livers are wrapped in net they stay on the hook great.
  11. thats exactly what i use. ever since i finished college about 4 years ago my dorm fridge has sat in storage and collected dust... last fall i had a ton of salmon eggs and was tying up a handful of sacs here and there... keeping them in the same fridge as my food 1)gave that fridge a funk and 2)alot of eggs got too cold and nearly froze since i keep my fridge set pretty high... The dorm fridge was perfect, i cleaned it up and brought it inside and use it just for fishin bait now...and maybe a 6 of beer. Noticed a slight bump in my electricity bill running 2 fridges, but its really not much of anything and well worth it.
  12. i tend to have good luck overturning stumps in the woods/dry creek bed behind my apartment... usually each rock or stump i overturn is good for a half dozen or so... As for keepin em fresh, i have a small mini-fridge that is dedicated to fishing bait only... its stocked with egg sacs all fall and crawlers all summer.
  13. as a general rule of thumb i release almost all of my fish, in an entire year of fishing if i keep a few perch and a catfish thats alot.
  14. neat post. ive heard stories about there being gar in irondequoit bay. not sure if its true.
  15. anyone been to the canal locks yet for smallies? that was my money-spot last summer.
  16. My three go-to lures are a salt and pepper senko worm on a spinner harness, Panther Martin #1 black and yellow and oddly enough this year so far a pink Mightymite microjig has actually yielded suprising results on largemouths... All of these fished on 6lb test and an ultralight of course.
  17. GOod that its dead.. last thing we need is another invasive species because some idiot decided to throw his pet away.
  18. the key to drying anything out isnt so much heat... its moving dry air... Like when you get in your car and the windows are fogged up... turning the heat up only makes them foggier...open a window and let the cold air blow in, and the fog is gone. if you do decide to use a portable heater...be it propane or electric...make sure its in a safe position away from any fabric or tarps... Fires are no fun.
  19. good post. a simple, quick cleaning can save a ton in terms of both costs of major repairs, and in the case of Carbon Monoxide, lives. Having worked in home improvement for a few years i could never get over the number of people who never performed preventative maintenance on major appliances- be it furnaces, washer and dryer, or hot water heater... Gas is dangerous stuff... had a hose pop out on my dryer a few years back...started gettin a headache and the whole house stunk... fire dept. came out with their detectors and quickly found the source... luckily it was a really cheap fix... but i paid in terms of embarassement for having a whole fire company sitting in front of my house. Another easy and cheap fix that will keep your family safe.... check your dryer gas line... if its an old fashioned rubber one, take the $10 to replace it with a flexible metal one... The rubber ones wear out after a while, not to mention mice like to chew through them. The flexible metal ones last longer and make a better seal. Always use gas pipe glue on the fittings to seal it good.
  20. im starting to be moved towards the anti-fracking side of the argument... after looking at this objectively... i just dont feel like there is such a high demand for natural gas... and lack of other sources... that it is absolutely necessary or even a good idea from an economic standpoint to start fracking here... Short term it might create a few jobs... long term... probably not going to change the local economy in a big way or effect the cost of gas to the extent that people hope... Like i said before, with the price of regular gas comming down significantly, and the discovery of other sources of natural gas, as well as studies that are suggesting that alternative-fuel vehicles arent as safe and economical as once thought- i just dont see the demand for this, or the need for it, especially considering the risk to other natural resources- be it intentional or accidental, anytime you have major industry theres going to be contamination on some scale.
  21. if your not wearing a PFD and you fall into the icy waters... remember that your putting a ton of Fire, Coast guard and EMS personnel in harms way when they have to come looking for you... and think of the tax money it costs... coast guard search helicopters alone cost thousands of dollars to fuel for a single day.
  22. Im pretty neutral on this so far... Both sides present good evidence against eachother... My feeling is that if they could do this cleanly and with minimal environmental impact, it would do alot of good getting people back to work and providing an in-country energy source, thereby reducing dependance on foreign product... However, like any business, i feel like they are going to cut corners to save money as much as they can. and that leads to accidents and equipment failures. Those lead to leaks and contamination... I doubt the fracking industry intentionally wants to poison the environment, and in truth, they probably will try hard not to. But accidents will occur as with any major industrial effort... and thats where the environment will suffer... To be honest i think fracking is going to be a short fad... I think the supply of natural gas is quickly exceding the demand for it... And more and more research is showing how alternative green fuel sources maybe arent as economical and environmentally friendly as it was thought they were. With the price of regular oil continuing to drop, id suspect that the demand will even reduce further.
  23. could have gotten sliced up by the sharp fin points of something it tried to eat... or someone set the hook to hard... alot of amateur fishermen really yank back hard on the rod and cause damage to the fish (and break the line losing tackle) when really only a little pull is usually enough to do it.
  24. All winter you can get steelhead and brown trout in the creeks using drift or fly fishing methods...catch and release only of course. Come spring and open season for trout, you can still find em in the creeks, especially after stocking... April-June is a great time to learn how to fish the creeks using either fly fishing gear or light spinning tackle... The piers also provide some action in early spring as trout that have been in the streams over the winter head back into the lake... Spoons, spinners and medium gear are great for casting from the piers/shore. Come the second week of june, the temps usually get up and the action slows down. Anytime the water temps are over 55 the trout start to slow down alot and will become more sluggish. June-August are very slow in the tribs...Fish in the lake move into really deep water to stay cool. This is a good time to either have a boat, book some charters, or change your focus to fishing bass from the shore. Late august you will start to see some salmon action from the piers, especially overnight- casting glow spoons and egg sacs bottomrigged... This continues well into the fall... Come late september the trout and salmon will run back into the creeks... fly and drift fishing eggs and egg impressions is the way to go. Special regs go into effect for the streams in the fall, so no trebles, no big hooks, no jigs, limited weight... I use a medium spinning reel with 12lb line and a 6.5' shimano rod... Its a good all around package for most the year and for most species of trout and salmon... In the spring i tie a long leader of 2lb test onto the main line when fishing the creeks, as it allows for a more believable presentation. Cant get away with it in the fall though, given the size of the fish moving into the streams. As for bait, i prefer spinners, especially really small panther martins. They work great throughout the year and produce. Single hook variations are availible for fishing the tribs in the fall under special regulations. Some of my other favorites are vibrax spinners, cleo spoons, KO Wobbler spoons and even small plastic worms produce in the streams. Egg sacs, single eggs, egg respresentations and skein are best in the fall IMHO, though spoons and spinners continue to produce off piers. Also, remember to check local regulations for any streams you might be fishing, and remember catch and release is always a great thing.
  25. i havent been there in about 3 weeks either... im guessing most if not all the salmon action is overwith....though id imagine theres still some steelies moving through.
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