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  1. 7'ugly stick light actions, crank the drag down and reel em in.
  2. Run 40# big game and your issues will disappear
  3. I like the metal jigging spoons like the shimano and bass pro freestyle jigs, they can be fished much faster than any plasic
  4. They're all inaccurate and useless. Best solution is to buy a unit with built in software like autochart or insight Genesis and make your own.
  5. I thought it was no hard stuff before noon? Who's making these rules?
  6. My math shows 50 yards suffix 832 advanced 18# leadcore and about 400 yards of 15# mono backer.
  7. Best bet is to call your guide and see what they recommend or talk to a guide/local shop on the river system you're fishing. The fisheries and regulations up there vary more than anywhere I've ever seen.
  8. Probably not mounted deep enough in the water. What kind of boat?
  9. Thanks patriot but looking for that specific model only
  10. Looking for a few of these rods they are the 7' one piece medium action casting rods.
  11. Found them on the side of the road, going to buy some lottery tickets now!
  12. Think I may have lost a box of Sutton's, swans, and Miller spoons, Plano 3700 size. Cash reward.
  13. zackblain


    I think every finger lake has crappies
  14. 25$/ person weigh single laker 6-645am registration fish 7-3
  15. We launch a 26' islander, woodville can handle some big boats. Hoping to see at least 20 boats this Saturday weather should be perfect, spread the word!
  16. PM me sometime, Ill let you know if I have an empty seat on hemlock or canadice.
  17. Three seasons old 200' of cable,swivel quick detach base, your choice of blacks or roemer release and 1 ball. 185$
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