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  1. Just received an order that I placed Sunday night.. dozen Fish heads and dozen round balls. Gotta give Hermit lots of praise; Lot less expensive then any other 1oz or larger jig heads I can find, and wow talk about sharp.... they came packaged in a heavy zip-lock bag, with surgical tubing on the hook points. The tubing had fallen off a few jigs, and when I stuck my hand in the bag to remove them, I got stuck with 3 hook points. Can't wait to hit the ice an put 'em to use.
  2. Hit Keuka Lake State Park this AM.... supposed to meet up with a friend @ 8 AM, but he was running late. With a temp of -1 with no wind; my wife and youngest daughter in tow, we headed south of the launch, and set-up in ~170 FOW. It took some time to get electronics set-up and daughter & wife started jigging, so I really wasn't in a hurry to get my rig ready to go. Just as I was getting ready, my daughter hooked up with one off the bottom, so I talked her through working it up to the surface. Her first laker was 18 1/4 inches, and she was grinning ear to ear. By this time, my buddy and his wife made it out and introductions and congratulations were made. When dropping the jig down, daughter says "daddy, I think I got another one on...." I grabbed her line and gave it quick tug, and it was returned with a healthy head shake. She worked it up to the surface, and this one measured a hair under 22 inches. Within 15 minutes, she landed another one, but he was undersized, so it was back in the hole. After that she got a few more bites, but no hookups. She eventually lost interest, (or started feeling the cold) and spent the next few hours in and out of the pop-up shanty giggling and laughing with my wife. I ended up getting skunked; Lots of lookers and a few quick grabs, but no hook-ups. But my daughter's success more then makes up for it... Looks like I may have a new fishing partner for the next few years. Picture is of her second fish; first one she didn't want to touch.
  3. Anybody know ice conditions at Keuka Lake State Park ?
  4. Pulled my first laker thru the ice out there this afternoon. Jigging a PK flutter in fire tiger pattern. Pulled her up from the bottom of 87 FOW. Got a new fish finder, so still getting it dialed in; guy next to us said he was marking lots'o bait on the bottom, but I wasn't seeing that.
  5. Flyboy beat me to the punch.... 12 ' Field & Stream Eagle Run Out late harassing Canadice Lakers...
  6. And slivers in your tounge.... Sent from my SGH-I927 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. What pattern / color would folks recommmend ? Maybe run a meat rig ?
  8. So does that means the "Low water level at the launch" circus is back in town again? Sent from my SGH-I927 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. JJBat150

    Seneca perch

    Google Keuka State Park... it's on Pepper Road, just off 54A between Branchport & Penn Yann; closer to Branchport, On the weekend they'll be charging admission; I think $7 unless you have an Empire Pass. Here's a screen scrape from Navitronics; I've noticed the lines aren't exactly accurate on my Humingbird, but this should be enough to get you oriented on what the bottom looks like there. I'm been down there quite a bit the past few weeks with the kayak, and have had pretty good luck harassing the lakers with white tubes on hermit's shad jigging spoons in 80-100 Ft of water. Took the wife yaking there Friday night on date night, and had such a good time, we trailer the boat down Saturday and the family spent the afternoon enjoying the weather, scenery, and smell of grapes in the air.... Gotta love the Finger Lakes this time of year.
  10. Great job, it's a heck of a fish for Canandaigua. I also spend lots of time fishing Canandaigua as a kid also, wonder if it's one of the dinks we threw back all those years ago ...
  11. I was in that neck of the woods Friday night... was gonna try launching from the Switz / power plant, but the south wind looked like it was gonna be too tough to jig, so i headed over to Lamoka Lake / Mill Pond for the bass action. Afterwards, spend the night at a friends house in the area before heading down to gun show in Harrisburg PA. Noticed on the way home tonight that the lake was smooth and no wind out there... to bad it was raining cats & dogs. Gonna try to get down there again the next few weeks.
  12. The picture was taken Tuesday (9/17). Looks like this is the permanent dock. These's a small spot still dug up on the north side of the ramp, but it looks too small be be an attachment point for another dock. Sent from my SGH-I927 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. The new dock. Sent from my SGH-I927 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Thanks for the info guys... Looks like for now I'll be concentraing on bottom bouncing a 3-way rig with either spin N glows or flys.
  15. Looking to set-up a 12 ft kayak for some trolling action. Looking at targeting lakers / browns / bows in the finger lakes. Although I'm closer to Seneca & Canandaigua, I'm thinking that Canadice and Hemlock will be where most of the my trolling action will be at the beginning. It's been nearly 30 years since I've last trolled, so trying to refresh my memory and re-utilize some of the hand-me-down gear I've got. Back in the day we ran mostly braided on down riggers and pulled copper, so please excuse my lack of knowledge on some things. I was originally figuring on using a Dispy diver to get me the depth needed; but then I found this product so I ordered one to see how it will work. http://www.anglerinnovations.com/products/longliner. I've got a few Penn Peerless 9's and I figured with the long-liner I could run 20 lb Fluorocarbon line, and attach a ball bearing swivel for the leader to attach to. I'm going to pair these up to either a 8'6" Daiwa Wilderness Medimum action or a 9' D-Wave medium action. Some questions for the group : I'm concerned about the drag created by the water resistance from running this gear; Anyone know the difference in resistance between braided as compared to fluro or wire ? What about resistance created by Dispy divers ? What size should i be using for these lakes ? Is wire line over-kill for dispy's on the finger lakes ? How much line should I be loading up my reels with ? Anyone have any other kayak-friendly suggestions ? Figured I'd also be carrying the jigging set-up in case trolling doesn't work as expected.
  16. Expert: Worst fish die-off in years on Canandaigua LakeRead more: http://www.mpnnow.com/topstories/x1806114249/Expert-Worst-fish-die-off-in-years-on-Canandaigua-Lake#ixzz2XorzSUqk
  17. I've been looking to get into kayak fishing and been doing a lot of looking around the past few months at different kayaks and equipment. This video is driving that urge even more...
  18. Me and the family were out there the same time & pretty much had the same luck. Probably saw us, we were the Bayliner bow rider dragging the drift sock with the sleeping kids up front.
  19. Went out Yesterday morning (8/26) , hitting the water about 6:30 with my wife & 2 daughters. We stayed North of T-Falls on the west side and once I got the lay of the bottom figured out, we were marking baitfish @ 60-70 ft in 100-120 FOW, and what appeared to be bigger targets on the bottom. Not having a trolling motor, I'm utilizing a drift sock with 2 lengths of rope attached to it so that I can adjust how it's hooked to the boat depending on how the wind is turning me. (Still a work in progress; seems like every time I go out, the boat rides the wind differently, so haven't figured out the best pattern for tying it down yet), and the way the wind was blowing out of the south, and coming around Taughannock Point / Delta (not sure of the real name) it was tricky trying to stay on a good productive line. Anyways; we made a few passes through without any luck. The girls were starting to get bored and their stomachs and minds were anticipating a previously promised camp-fire cooked breakfast so rather then have them become bored and loose interest in this new-fangled fishing technique, we headed back to the cabin around 9:30 had breakfast and proceeded to enjoy a day taking in the Taughannock Falls experience sans water flowing over the falls. We headed back out on the lake around 5 PM, and took a quick run across the lake to take a peek at Meyers Pt and the salt mine, then headed back to the same area north of the park. We started out around 100-120 FOW, and were half-hearted fishing / snacking sandwiches / enjoying the quite time, and we weren't really seeing much action. The boat drifted into 80 FOW and almost miraculously the wind died down and the boat seems to sit perfectly still in the water. I was talking to my wife, not really paying attention, when I got a good solid hit, but once I started reeling it in, lost it. After that it was game-on for the girls... although we didn't boat anything, it was classic "video game" action on the fish finder. We could watch the jigs drop and marks come up from the bottom to take a look-see, but we couldn't get any takers. We threw a bunch of different colors mimic minnow tubes and even a few spoons at 'em, but nothing seemed to work. Although the fishing was a bust, the lake was almost smooth as glass, and just being able to spend time out on it watching the sunset, enjoying peacefulness and my daughters' excitement was enough to make the short getaway worth it. This morning my Wife & I woke the girls up at 6 AM and asked them about going out again, but they both voted on sleeping in, so we just sat drinking coffee, looking over the water and again enjoying the time-away and conversation.
  20. I was cruising the internet looking at some non-related stuff, and happen upon this Intresting Article
  21. Thanks everyone for the info! One of the things that drew me to this site is the willingness to share info and help out the new guys. Been fishing most of my life, but always willing to listen and learn from others. I did post a formal introduction here
  22. Name: Jim Bator Location: Hopewell, NY Home Port: Canandaigua Lake Boat Name/Type: ?? / Bayliner 175 BR I fish for an excuse to get away from hustle and bustle of life. ================== Been lurking on the site for a few months now, picked up some good information, and figured it’s time to introduce myself add my $.02 and share my experiences with the group. I have a wife and 2 daughters (9 &14), and have involved them in shore fishing and some limited ice fishing. We recently bought a 17’ bowrider (I wanted something more for fishing but I got out voted… something about swimming and tubing are more exciting ). I starting thinking about setting it up for trolling, but after all the information I read on jigging, figure that’s the direction I’m gonna head for now. Boat name not decided on yet; Because of my 2 daughters and size of the boat, a name like "SHE'S UNDER 18" seems appropriate. I'm not new to lake fishing; grew up trolling Canandaigua with my grandfather on his Starcraft holiday 14. He was also into pulling copper and I remember many Morning helping out as the sun was coming up over the horizon. After he passed, I continued boating & fishing with my father & brother until other activities and life responsibilities took over our free time. When the wife & I were dating and during our 1st few years of marriage we keep boating, then the kids can along and changed everything. Girls are now 10 & 14 and we’re getting back into the boating scene, and because of it’s size / age the old StarCraft was recently replaced with a 2012 Bayliner 175 BR. My family owns a boathouse on Canandaigua Lake, but due to some maintenance issues, it’s not able to house the new boat. I am working on plans to make repairs in the fall and winter months. So for now we’re trailering to get underway. So far the boat is pretty much as it came from the showroom floor; I’ve only added an hour meter and Humminbird 597. Thinking about building a removable casting platform for the front bow seat area, some better storage arrangements, and a good quality trolling motor in the future; but that’s fodder for another discussions. Because of my location (live near Hopewell Center for those of you who know the area), and the size of the boat, will probably be spending most of my time in the Finger Lakes section of the forums, as that's where I'll be fishing.
  23. Hey guys, new to the forum, been lurking for awhile, and have some quick questions. Family will be camping at Taughannock Falls State Park last weekend in August. Long story short, looking to take 18 ft boat out for jigging lakers, but don't know enough yet about this lake. Any information on the Park's boat launch and general area would be appreciated. I do have navionics and am starting to study the lake's contours. Sorry for shortness of the post, I'll create a more formal introduction when I've got some free time. Thanks. Jim Bator
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