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  1. Think he's talking about this. http://www.fleetfarm.com/ Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. And the suckers... can't forget them. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. As far as the battery goes, I've been running Sealed lead acid (SLA's) in the kayak and on ice, but recently got a couple 12V Li-ion battery packs and mounted them into a old Plano storage box and a pelican case that I had laying around. The batteries themselves run anywhere from $25-$50 on ebay / amazon. You can get them from 4500 mAh (4.5 amps hours) up to 13 amp/hours Little bit of work to get them set-up the way I did, but if you've not concerned about water proof or getting too fancy, you could just hook up directly to the battery. Trying not to hijack the thread.... Here's a thread on ice shanty regarding the sled... I built it based on one my grandfather build 40 years ago that I grew-up ice fishing with. (grandpa's is in the background of my earlier picture of the ducer set-up). http://www.iceshanty.com/ice_fishing/index.php?topic=295083.0 Sometimes old school is the best way
  4. I used a couple of pieces of 3 - quarter inch PVC pipe I had laying about to make this cross bar to mount the transducer to. Drilled a few holes in it, so it's adjustable to get the 'ducer below the bottom of the ice. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I currently have a 597CI that I move around from Boat to Kayak to a Portable unit for ice fishing and run the Navtronics maps card in it. (Both the kayak and boat have transducer & power cabling permanently installed). I stumbled upon an opportunity to purchase a used 597CI with ~1000 hours usage on it, but is damaged and won't read the SD Card - all other functions seem OK. I Contacted Humminbird support, and they gave me a flat rate of $255 for repair. So.... $200 to purchase unit $245 for flat rate repair. $445 for a "factory fresh" unit. The dilemma : For around the same price, I can purchase a new 688CI HD that would use the same transducer and mounting base as the 597, so I could move that around as necessary, and not have to change anything. - I realize that if I got the down imaging model, the transducers aren't interchangeable but honestly not too interested in that option. Looking at the specs of the 2 units, the only real difference I see is that 597 has a higher screen resolution (640X640) then the 688 (480X640). I'm sure the 688 has a faster processer, so there maybe a bit of performance gain. Looking to see if anyone has hands-on experience with the 688 series compared to the 597 series ? Anyone have experience with Humminbird's repair service for an issue like this ?
  6. Just sent the "contact us" link an email explaining that I can't access the site, and wanted to know if I could receive discounted price at a later date. I'm also going to keep trying to get one purchased. Looking at the NYS Parks facebook page, lots of issues and complaints out there.....
  7. Go-Pro's are so 2013.... Need to get one of these http://www.dji.com/product/phantom-2-vision
  8. Local Paper has some pictures of the barge crew pulling the fisherman and his catch out of the water. http://www.mpnnow.com/article/20141111/NEWS/141119914/1020/SPORTS
  9. Been a few months since I was Last ob Canadice; hit it tonight on a family kayaking trip and was surprised how low the water level was. Also noticed what looked like zebra muscles in some shallow areas; anyone else noticed them yet ? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Craze weather... I'm just Southeast of Hopewell Center and only rain. Friends in Flint & Geneva got hail this AM
  11. Stopped by this afternoon. Launch is closed and boating advisory in effect for entire lake. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. I got into kayaking last summer, and have been sticking to the Finger lakes; not brave enough yet to try the big O. Jigging and pulling cowbells have been pretty effective for lakers. Look to get out this weekend or next week to try for browns not that the ice is finally breaking up. How active it that forum ? poked around a bit last night, and didn't seem to be alot of recent post. I did attempt to register using Facebook accounts, but still shows as pending approval.
  13. Just received an order that I placed Sunday night.. dozen Fish heads and dozen round balls. Gotta give Hermit lots of praise; Lot less expensive then any other 1oz or larger jig heads I can find, and wow talk about sharp.... they came packaged in a heavy zip-lock bag, with surgical tubing on the hook points. The tubing had fallen off a few jigs, and when I stuck my hand in the bag to remove them, I got stuck with 3 hook points. Can't wait to hit the ice an put 'em to use.
  14. Hit Keuka Lake State Park this AM.... supposed to meet up with a friend @ 8 AM, but he was running late. With a temp of -1 with no wind; my wife and youngest daughter in tow, we headed south of the launch, and set-up in ~170 FOW. It took some time to get electronics set-up and daughter & wife started jigging, so I really wasn't in a hurry to get my rig ready to go. Just as I was getting ready, my daughter hooked up with one off the bottom, so I talked her through working it up to the surface. Her first laker was 18 1/4 inches, and she was grinning ear to ear. By this time, my buddy and his wife made it out and introductions and congratulations were made. When dropping the jig down, daughter says "daddy, I think I got another one on...." I grabbed her line and gave it quick tug, and it was returned with a healthy head shake. She worked it up to the surface, and this one measured a hair under 22 inches. Within 15 minutes, she landed another one, but he was undersized, so it was back in the hole. After that she got a few more bites, but no hookups. She eventually lost interest, (or started feeling the cold) and spent the next few hours in and out of the pop-up shanty giggling and laughing with my wife. I ended up getting skunked; Lots of lookers and a few quick grabs, but no hook-ups. But my daughter's success more then makes up for it... Looks like I may have a new fishing partner for the next few years. Picture is of her second fish; first one she didn't want to touch.
  15. Anybody know ice conditions at Keuka Lake State Park ?
  16. Pulled my first laker thru the ice out there this afternoon. Jigging a PK flutter in fire tiger pattern. Pulled her up from the bottom of 87 FOW. Got a new fish finder, so still getting it dialed in; guy next to us said he was marking lots'o bait on the bottom, but I wasn't seeing that.
  17. Flyboy beat me to the punch.... 12 ' Field & Stream Eagle Run Out late harassing Canadice Lakers...
  18. And slivers in your tounge.... Sent from my SGH-I927 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. What pattern / color would folks recommmend ? Maybe run a meat rig ?
  20. So does that means the "Low water level at the launch" circus is back in town again? Sent from my SGH-I927 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. JJBat150

    Seneca perch

    Google Keuka State Park... it's on Pepper Road, just off 54A between Branchport & Penn Yann; closer to Branchport, On the weekend they'll be charging admission; I think $7 unless you have an Empire Pass. Here's a screen scrape from Navitronics; I've noticed the lines aren't exactly accurate on my Humingbird, but this should be enough to get you oriented on what the bottom looks like there. I'm been down there quite a bit the past few weeks with the kayak, and have had pretty good luck harassing the lakers with white tubes on hermit's shad jigging spoons in 80-100 Ft of water. Took the wife yaking there Friday night on date night, and had such a good time, we trailer the boat down Saturday and the family spent the afternoon enjoying the weather, scenery, and smell of grapes in the air.... Gotta love the Finger Lakes this time of year.
  22. Great job, it's a heck of a fish for Canandaigua. I also spend lots of time fishing Canandaigua as a kid also, wonder if it's one of the dinks we threw back all those years ago ...
  23. I was in that neck of the woods Friday night... was gonna try launching from the Switz / power plant, but the south wind looked like it was gonna be too tough to jig, so i headed over to Lamoka Lake / Mill Pond for the bass action. Afterwards, spend the night at a friends house in the area before heading down to gun show in Harrisburg PA. Noticed on the way home tonight that the lake was smooth and no wind out there... to bad it was raining cats & dogs. Gonna try to get down there again the next few weeks.
  24. The picture was taken Tuesday (9/17). Looks like this is the permanent dock. These's a small spot still dug up on the north side of the ramp, but it looks too small be be an attachment point for another dock. Sent from my SGH-I927 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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