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  1. Knot Hers is boat name, 23' Baha Fisherman usually flying my Trump Flag on top. Hope to see you.
  2. The end of last week we were fishing 120'-140' but some guys were out alot deeper getting fish yet in temp. I myself plan on fishing tues/wed.
  3. I was going tomorrow but that looks iffy at best and friday looks even worse. Next tuesday and wednesday looks good so hopefyully I'll be out then.
  4. floatfisher you're welcome. You pick the right days and you'll be fine to fish, it all starts with a small boat and grows. Always great to make/keep the younger ones interested. Best of luck to you guys.
  5. Plenty of fishing time left
  6. Wallychaser you're not kidding. First light was beautiful but built fast up by the Dunes. I have a 23' and started back towards the river and the closer we got the better it was, layed downed nice again at least until 2;00 when we went in.
  7. I myself try to troll with/against waves. Against the waves you shouldn't have a problem but with if you're going too fast the cheapest way is the bucket with holes. Keep an eye on the angle of the cables when you get a fish to hit and duplicate it.
  8. It doesn't appear from the picture that you have much if any adjustment left on the trailer. I would look for a new one for sure. Once they start swaying it onlys get magnified the longer you go before correcting it but you've experienced that already, dangerous situation to be in. Another thing to watch is the tire pressure and rating. That could be compounded your problem but not the cause, another issue if you have a blowout like mentioned.
  9. This pretty much sums it up. I myself like shorter leads, 10'-15' usually and never have an issue.
  10. Hookedupf7 not sure where you're fishing. We fished thursday afternoon and friday morning and 120' range was loaded from big river to dunes. Most active where down 75-85'. Good luck
  11. Floatfisher you have a few options. Get a small drift/trolling bag and run off the back or 2 on the sides. You can also make these with buckets with holes in the bottoms. If you're worried or think these might pull the boat down too much look into a tolling plate to fit on your motor.
  12. I have always run free sliders but only when the fish are deep. If i'm down 70' plus lets say, I'll run the free slider which I figure is running roughly halfway down or 35' plus.When the salmon are in temp the sliders are usually too high for them but will pickup steelhead. If I'm fishing in close, under 70' I won't run them because of worries of tangles and the increased possibility of a dual hook up with salmon now being out of temp and all over. Evil Eyes are usually what I run because they're light and leader length 6-8'.
  13. Helped your dad dock yesterday and had a nice talk with him, very nice man. We never tried to get out but wed evening 2-5 off South Dune. Plenty of fish 70-90 down 55. She should lay down for you sat afternoon, good luck guys.
  14. Some people won't eat it no matter what just because they don't like it. I've never had fresh salmon from the lake that wasn't good, once they hit the river not so good and the longer they're in the river the worse they get.
  15. Gambler what was their reason as long as you had current required equipment?
  16. Don't put them in the trash no matter how much you soak them, there's always a chance of something in the trash reacting with them and starting a fire. They can be used to start camp fires or I also keep some expired ones on the boat, hope I never bed them but just incase.
  17. I like free sliders and run flutter spoons that are light. Evil Eyes, usually large in chartreuse/green and chartreuse/orange are my first choices.
  18. Good to hear, now go fill the box and make some memories.
  19. Some like fixed cheaters, I myself like the free sliders that run higher. I would also rather have another pole that stays in the water for possibly another hookup..
  20. I've never had that problem myself, I think it's more likely to tangle other poles if you run a longer lead and turn too quick. I have had both poles go on the same rigger more than once.
  21. 5-10' depending on lenth I put the spoon off the release. Usually I'll run the FF 10-15' and the spoon back 20-25' back. Every now and then I'll run the spoon 50' or more then I'll stack them 10'
  22. I have a Volvo Penta and once was the timing, second time was water in the fuel. Both times 2800 RPM was the best I could do. For the water I put Heat in the recomended amount in the tank and it cleared it up. If it is water and you have an inline water seperator/filter make sure you change that or you won't get the required fuel through it. Also check to see if there's a cartridge/screen on the backside of the carberator. Check that also to make sure it's good. For timing I had a buddy with me and adjusted it under load on the water..
  23. I very rarely put a spread out that doesn't include free sliders. I usually will stack spoons on separate rods above F/F and run free sliders on the spoon rods, usually Evil Eyes. I get my share of Kings taking the deep spoons and usually steelheads, browns or coho taking the sliders.
  24. I have 23' Baha and Mexico is your best bet, half way between 9 Mile and Big Salmon. Never a problem with launching, water is plenty deep and you can do 4 at a time (if lake goes down) with plenty of parking. Right now Pine Groove has more water but usually I wouldn't launch there with anything over 18'. I pulled out of the Light House Marina one year due to engine trouble, hopefully I'll never use that launch again. Good luck hopefully I'll be on the lake that time also.
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