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  1. Nice going on boxing out, too bad you have to leave. We're gambling on the lake laying down for thur and fri, keeping our fingers crossed and coming up.
  2. Good luck. We hope to be back tues/wed but forecast not looking good right now
  3. Fished Mexico yesterday afternoon with p3434, 140-160 FOW. we went 2-5, mature Kings, lost 2 others and lost a nice Steelie at the back of the boat. All riggers, 105, 95 and 84. Spoon and F/F. Had a rookie, his first Kings.
  4. I get a lot of them running free sliders end of August through September. Red, Orange, Chartrause Evil Eyes.
  5. Fished Oz yesterday and today, tough both days. Got one yesterday 110 over 350 and one 250 back on a dipsey over 620. Today got 2 110 and 100 down over 220 back to back and that was it.
  6. I ran 6 from the battery switch to a fuse block at the back of the boat with 30amp fuses. 10 wire from there to the riggers,
  7. My 7 says 3 amp. That's all I've ever had on my other finders Humminbird or not.
  8. The second one is the original, the rest are variations. Hammers are still tried and true. When the next new fly gets mentioned everybody will grab that.
  9. I run Eagle Claw Starfire 10'. I have 2 with Twilli Tips with wire and 2 braid. I don't think you can beat them for the money.
  10. I had a Panther and switched to EZ Steer. Easier to turn the wheel in the direction you want to go than use a remote, especially for others that don't use it much.
  11. Good time for J Plugs and persistence. There's still ones off deeper especially Cohos just need to pick good days to venture out.
  12. Good fishing right through September usually. Good thing for you with a smaller boat is they're close to river mouths.
  13. X2, if not for the flea problem I'd still run straight 12.
  14. I made mine using 2 pieces of 1x1 pine and cut grooves in them with a table saw, same principle as yours.
  15. They're nothing more than large hose clamps. Usually the ones shipped are much longer than you actually need.
  16. I had a Panther and took it off in favor of an EZ Steer. I didn't have a problem with it but easier just turning the wheel for direction change for others on the boat.
  17. Glad to hear you got it fixed. It can be frustrating for sure. Good luck in the tournament.
  18. Kudos to this organization and anybody that helps out our vets and military personnel. Too often today you see the military being frowned upon and degraded. If not for past, present and future military we wouldn't have our freedom. God bless them all.
  19. I've used Offshore for 30 plus years the few times I do stack and still using them. Never had a problem holding just get a good bite on the cable. Usually as mentioned earlier I run free sliders more though.
  20. Size 30 reels work fine for dipseys also, will hold 1000' of wire with room.
  21. All my rods for Kings are mediums. My line is 30lb Sea Flea. Some guys just run 30 and now even 40lb mono just because it helps fight off the fleas not because that heavy of line is needed for the fish.
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