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  1. I used to fish Maine a lot years ago, fishfearme is right on with Mooselook Wobblers and the colors we used. I ran 2 poles, 1- 4 color and 1 - 5 color. The last few years I ran wire out 100 and 130, better fight from the fish with that. Good luck.
  2. Typically your coppers are longer than the amount of line out for your dipsey to achieve the same depth thus your copper will be further back. As mentioned I let the copper out slow down the chute, give it time to settle and then put it on the board. It will ride high over your dipsey and into place.
  3. That like leader length depends on what the fish want. Sometimes they're 8-10' off the ball yet the same combo is out on a board 300-400'.
  4. Downriggers is a matter of choice, you ask 3 different people and you're likely to get 3 different answers. I myself prefer Cannon. When I started a long time ago I had all manual because I couldn't afford electric, a lot of cranking on good days but didn't really matter. Now run all electric but there are other preparations for those to run. Watch the classified on here, usually very good deals either way you decide to go. Good luck to you.
  5. Wire collects less fleas and what does collect cleans off a lot easier
  6. I have the Cabelas Depthmaster 30's, no complaints here.
  7. I know it's farther south but Mexico and Pine Grove are both closed, I was there yesterday.
  8. Mexico is closed I was there today. I don't think it will be open any time soon.
  9. As said Kings are there that time of year, both in the lake and river.
  10. My other boat with I/O I had a trolling plate and you couldn't beat it....until the motor went down and I had to be towed in. My new boat has a kicker which in itself is worth it's weight in gold just knowing I have a secondary way to get in, may be slow but it's going to get me in.
  11. I would say without a doubt the knowledge on here is second to none. Don't be afraid to ask a question because there are people that know the answer to any question and are willing to help out fellow fisherman. That's what it's all about and what makes this site so good.
  12. I hate to say it but I don't think you'll be fishing. My rule of thumb is west wind 15+ you're not getting on the lake. As was mentioned the waves have a long ways to build coming across the lake and when they start to build it can happen quicker than you think.
  13. Yes red/orange is always the first spoon out and my best producer, then chartreuse but like jigstick said obnoxious and or bright works.
  14. Just my opinion but when I'm fishing kings deep I run free sliders on those poles which seem to pick up steelies and cohos if they're around.
  15. I have 10' ceilings so it looks low but can still walk under.
  16. I took furring strips and made racks hanging down from the floor joist in the basement.
  17. Add another to the list for transom bar/mounting board. Not the best picture but you can see the set up.
  18. I think a knot might actually be the strongest point of Vanish
  19. Capt Carl does have a great point however there is something special about dumping lots of money into your own boat, believe me I understand. Check the classifieds here. Sea Ray, Penn Yan, Baha, all good boats for the lake.
  20. Cummings Nets sells replacement bags that are very reasonable. I replaced one a few years ago that was normal but they did have the rubber bags. Just measure your hoop size, I'm sure it would be worth a look for you.
  21. I would give anything to have my dad on the boat again. Prayers from here my friend. Hoping for a full speedy recovery and getting back on the water.
  22. MCF is right. I have coverage for the boat, coverage for contents and then medical coverage. Mine is all together with home and auto thru same carrier. Your insurance agent should be able to help you with this.
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