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  1. The best final LL World Series Game in a while. Congrats to these boys, coaches and families. I've been in all those categories and it's not easy but oh so sweet and well deserved!
  2. I would agree 100% with these gentlemen, great deals on here. I don't know where you will be fishing out of but I like All Seasons Sports in Pulaski. Great staff willing to help, great selection of stuff and prices are not bad. Best of luck to you.
  3. X2 on what Fishhook said. Great site to benefit all in one way or another.
  4. I'll apologize if I'm out of line here but this is the "classified" section which I'm thinking should be all about selling gear. I'm sure many are happy to browse through and get deals on good used equipment, I know I have been. The sharing info threads are other sections.
  5. I agree with Pap 100%. I too have not only acquired a few products from this site but also have found knowledgeable help and even a few laughs now and then. I've waited for things sometimes longer than I thought I would have to but they did arrive and it's not always the fault of the selling party. I would say everyone on here is very reputable but one of the great things about this site is everybody is watching and if and when someone does something wrong it doesn't take long to find out.
  6. Nemesis I don't know how far you would like to take it meaning looking for compensation but you can order one yourself to the size you want and have it painted. Van Dykes and Dan Chase are the ones we used to use but there are others.
  7. I didn't say it could be made to look perfect and I didn't say it would be easy but it could be made to look better. I will agree the best way would be to have a blank replica painted to match.
  8. Nemesis that can be fixed I did taxidermy for awhile but haven't in a long time now. You can't do anything about the fins lining up but tail should be able to be enlarged and repainted. It may not be a 2 minute job but shouldn't have left the shop like that especially the drops of clear coat. I have seen her work and I will say this is the first that wasn't a beautiful job.
  9. Never too many rods, 3 per person if you don't catch fish you sure look impressive, LOL.
  10. They're usually very good about broadcasting warnings. Now boats heeding that warning could be a different story.
  11. I'm with Little Crappie except I run longer leader, 10' which is the length of my poles. Some guys run even longer and hand line the fish to the net.
  12. You might have to tighten your drag a little depending on how tight you run it though.
  13. When retrieving the board point the tip of the pole right at it. You'll be surprised how much easier it comes in.
  14. I usually run FF deep, tighter to the ball with spoons stacked above them on longer leads. On my dipseys most of the time FF.
  15. 2nd Mike's Marina. I was there last week, nice 24' Thompson if it's still there.
  16. If you have one put a 300/400 copper out. No marks last week but took 3 good shots on them, landed one mature on 300 and dropped two on 400. Riggers never moved.
  17. We fished last wed afternoon from Little Salmon to west side of plant, 140-250' with blank screens, good temp down 90', did get one mature on 300 copper out of temp. Thur fished from Little Salmon to big river but stayed under 150' again blank screens and good temp down 90. Took one small laker on dipsey and dropped two screamers on 400 copper FF. I won't be back for 2 weeks but for what it's worth I would start shallower than deeper, 120' maybe. Good luck
  18. Fished wed afternoon Little Salmon to west of plant, 140-250 FOW. Good temps down 90 but blank screens. Did take one mature on 300 copper FF. Fished thur morning Little Salmon to big river stated 120-140 FOW. Good temps again down 90 and still blank screens. Did one small laker on dipsey and dropped two screamers on 400 copper FF. I hope I'm wrong but looks like another slow year on this end.
  19. We just came back fished wed afternoon from Little Salmon to plant, 140-250 FOW. Good temp down 90 but blank screens. Did take one mature on 300 copper FF. Fished thur morning daybreak till noon Little Salmon to big river and stayed 120-140. Again good temp down 90 but blank screens. One small laker on dipsey out 280 and dropped 2 screamers on 400 copper FF. Looks like another down year on this end to me.
  20. Fished Tuesday afternoon in Mexico with very little to no fleas. Wire dipsys and Sea Flea on the rigger poles.
  21. I can't say what he does but I run mine on 1 and I'd think he is the same.
  22. I would also recommend Northwoods. Also try Amazon, you'd be surprised at what they have.
  23. I did use them at one time for stacking rods off my mounting board and yes you can use them with dipseys as long as they're anchored good. I would use one of the ratcheting style though.
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