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  1. I use Berts ratcheting and I'm very happy. There are other ratcheting styles also that are used, just a matter of preference.
  2. I can't help you out with info on the channel but fishing was good off the pond this year around then. Of course as you know that's subject to change at any given moment.
  3. Merry Christmas and A Happy Healthy New Year
  4. What these guys said about good reels is true with the salmon. All mine for riggers are original Penn 320 GTI's which are not made now. Diver reels are Cabelas which seem to hold up ok. Rods I think for the money you can't beat Shimano TDR's for riggers and Eagle Claw Diver Rods.
  5. Welcome aboard Rob. Good group of people here.
  6. I think Sk8man is right, you're talking about sliders. He's right on with his descriptions, couldn't be explained any better. Now I prefer free sliders, especially when fishing deep. I put flutter spoons on and this is usually where I pick up the steelies although I've had times when the coho bite was hot on them slso.
  7. I run a 400 copper on one side and a 300 on the other off the TX44 boards. Sometimes they're taking shots when nothing else is.
  8. Hills, Valleys and Streams in Elmira, another sponsor, also had them. They do mail order also.
  9. X2 on Troutman and welcome to the site.
  10. X2 with Pap. I run Troutmans 12lbers also. They work great, great price and a real gentleman to deal with.
  11. I personally stick with 8" but that's a matter of preference.
  12. Always white both with and without dots, green and when sun is high chrome. Later in the season I like orange slso.
  13. Just for the heck of it I looked them up. Prices don't look bad but I can't find any place where it says they're located, you contact them and then they get back to you. That to me would keep me away. I agree with the other guys stay local or at least a reputable company that you know.
  14. Twas the night before the election and all through the house....not a creature was stirring, except a computer mouse. The emails were deleted from the server with care....in fear that the FBI soon would be there. Hillary and Bill are asleep and all snug in their beds....Dreaming of the time that Hillary was still ahead. Hillary wants a win but instead gets a coal lump.....because tomorrow the Americans elect President Trump. And so she's defeated and still dreams of what could have been.....for the following day We The People MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
  15. I have used them from day one and still have them, both wire and braid. My buddy went with me one day and handled them and says he like them better than the ones he runs.
  16. NorthwoodsOutlet had the best price for Fish Hawk last I knew.
  17. This was the first year in awhile that we didn't get any. I myself usually don't target them when I'm fishing deep for salmon but occasionally I will send a shorter copper out on a board. Most of the time my steelies come off free sliders using orange Evil Eyes. When I'm running the weights down deep my rule of thumb is the slider will be 1/2 way down to the weight. Usually that's right about where the steelies will be.
  18. They don't stop at Salmon either. See quite a few lift steelies and take all they can. Either no ECON officers around or when they show up the offenders are gone.
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