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  1. Did you forward the video to Abu Garcia? Might get you a replacement reel out of it?
  2. Boat is kept in the garage, so no worries about water getting in, but good tip. I have a buddy that keeps his slightly tilted up. It's under tarps, but still, I will mention it to him.
  3. Thanks all. Figured it wasn't complicated, but thought I should ask.
  4. Quick question. 2002 75hp Mercury outboard. Other than lowering the outbaord to a vertical position, is there any way to make sure there is no water left in the lower portion of it so it doesn't freeze up and crack the lower unit? Already have the gear oil changed, ran it dry, fogged the cylinders, etc. Just want to make sure I've got all the water out. Thanks in advance, Jim
  5. Years back in my hunter safety course, the instructor said he takes a hot water bottle to pee in. On a cold day, he would tuck in in his jacket to help keep warm. As long as it doesn't leak, seems like a sound idea. Never had to put it to the test however.....
  6. Someone has to be the smart ass here...may as well be me. Save the $600 you will drop on new tires, park your truck at the bottom, and give someone $10 for a lift to the top.....
  7. Thanks for the replies. With an 18' Tracker, not sure I'm going to pound out to the 500' water. Will probably go with j plugs in closer. Still wondering...will lakers still be set up on the bottom like they were through the summer, or is going after them with cowbells at this point not so productive? Also, at what time of the year does it just stop being worth driving to Sandy? Don't hunt deer, so it's either the lake, or I bay for perch to keep me busy!
  8. Second year of this, and I keep managing to miss out on the late Sept. fishing. Not sure when it even "ends" really. From what I understand, this time of year is pretty similar to a spring set up, but using J plugs for the most part? My question is this. Once the salmon hit the tribs is there any lake fishing left to do through say October if the weather is decent? Bottom bouncing Lakers? Browns close to shore? Or would I just be wasting fuel? Thanks in advance, Jim
  9. Thanks for the info flyboy! It makes sense now.
  10. Too cool! Not knowing a thing about fly fishing...I see you stripping line IN to retrieve the lure....and when it hit, you let it run with it to take out all the coils.... Doesn't your line just twist up and rats nest?
  11. For slowing the boat down...I've been chastised for running a hillbilly set up, but 1 or 2 5 gallon pails tied off to the bow cleats does wonders for putting the brakes on a motor that just won't do 2.5 mph at the lowest idle.
  12. Yes. You need to be signed up no later than 7 am the day you fish. Pretty sure it's meant to keep people from going out, not catching a thing, and avoiding paying the $15 for the one day entry. Best bet is to register the day before. The big issue with a one day pass, imho, is that you have to roll the dice that the weather men were actually correct, and you can get out and fish the next day. It only costs $15 more to sign up for the entirety of any of the derby dates, which gives you much more wiggle room. Or, if you are actively fishing the lake, it's only $80 for a season pass for all three sets of dates. A bargain as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Being pretty new at this...I thought the cold water was where you wanted to be? Everything I've seen says find the thermocline, and fish above and below it. I know this season is screwy, but I have no clue any more as to where to be. Great fish by the way!
  14. Awesome. Live in Chili, and there are NO tackle stores on the west side, other than Gander and Dick's. Will have to check him out!
  15. Post a vid if you can, or the link!
  16. I'm really new as well, and tend to keep the flashers/spin Drs pretty tight to the ball as well. If you think about it, the spin Dr. makes a circle as it runs. If you let it out 3' it's making a circle of a foot or so as it works. Let it out 15', and who knows...it may be making a circle 10' across, and the fly behind it is just making the darn fish dizzy....
  17. JimB

    Lake O

    How much deeper? Used to go fishing at Wautoma Shoal. Worm harnesses would literally produce 20+ nice smallies a day, in anything from 25 to 15'. Would love to find them again. If we go deeper, what do you think the rig should be?
  18. Not sure, but this may help? http://www.justanswer.com/boat/6u2t1-1989-mercruiser-alpha-one-welch-plug.html Guess they also call it a freeze plug.
  19. For $60 (cost for the summer derby for you and the gf) you would have walked away with $1000. Great fish!
  20. I'm a member of weatherunderground ($10 US a year and worth it) and here is the wundermap page I look at. http://www.wunderground.com/wundermap/?lat=43.12014008&lon=-77.73178101&zoom=8&pin=Rochester%2c%20NY&rad=1&wxsn=0&svr=0&cams=0&sat=0&riv=0&mm=0&hur=0 On the right side of the page, click the check box for "weather stations", and zoom in the map near Bronte. I see at 2 stations along the shore close to Bronte. Burlington Piers and Oakville Harbor. Hope it helps.
  21. Try weatherunderground.com. They have a feature called Wundermaps. These will show info from weather stations that are made up of home owners, yacht clubs, weather nerds, etc. I'm in Rochester, and have a 40 minute drive to where I put in. The local marina there just added a weather station (basically wind speed and direction, but thats all that's needed) and I can see in 5 minutes if it's worth driving or not. Pretty sure they include Canada as part of their coverage.
  22. Selling for a friend that came across it in his basement. He gave up on boats a while ago, and never got around to installing it. Obviously, it's an older model radio. It's a Unimetric (uniden) Seahawk Mini 66. He also has an 8' or so antenna to go with it. Needs an antenna mount. Asking $100 or best offer. Local pickup (Rochester NY area, Spencerport to be precise) Can ship radio, antenna may be a bit of an issue. He would probably be willing to separate the two.
  23. Thanks for the info. See you out there at some point I'm sure!
  24. How fast would you say you troll? I use my electric trolling motor, and I'm able to get 6 pound balls to bounce nicely without blowback. The cowbell package says best at 1.8 mph....just wondering. I've managed to bounce up a few, but not consistently. Problem may also be I tend to go in the afternoons.....
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