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  1. years ago we used to troll the Black river at midnight and did very well about 910/9/25 ish
  2. thanks for the reply they only last for a few weeks maybe its past the peak ? still cant wait to get out there
  3. nice way to spend an afternoon. How are the fleas out of Fair Haven as we will be there the last 2 weeks of July ?
  4. Tyee I agree those lazy S turns do help put fish in the boat
  5. 2010 23 ft north coast Lowrance HDS GEN2 TOUCH 12 INCH its like having an extra guy on the boat who don't take a turn or **** about anything
  6. yes we will be there also the last 2 weeks of July 7/20 to8/3 then hopefully Tuna fishing for Sept and Oct
  7. are you talking 6500 CL look on ebay they are getting good money for them I have about a dozen that I use for brown trout in the spring
  8. I have donated a couple to the bottom of the lake and had to run to Screwy Louie s a couple of times over the years He just happened to have several in stock so im not the only one
  9. good fishing that's the way to do it ride the waves in
  10. good fishing we had the same the last 2 weeks of July would like to see it like that every year
  11. I really have not used that much but plan to this spring I have mostly 2 f us on the boat now we get set up in half the time ,someone always there for the net, and both of us can sit out back on the deck waiting for a release I only has one little problem when I was commissioning the unit called and they walked me right through it,I waited a long time for it it was on back order for months.
  12. I have the lowrance unit on a 23 foot North Coast It has run just fine for me every once on a while trolling into the wind and broadside on bumpy days you may have to fine tune it a degree or 2. the zig zag patterns it does I think got me quite a few fish and being able to set a course with your finger on the touch screen is great. For me well worth it so far We have had more probems with a 4000.00 unit on the tuna boat
  13. the nutrient's will make the smelt population explode in the lake really not such a bad thing
  14. only being to get out to the big O salmon fishing for 2 weeks end of July my MVP spoon was a Warrior 4-3/4 silver mag #160N lemon Ice that got us 11 adult kings in 2 weeks. It even outfished my FF combos
  15. what would it take for the state of NY to get permission form the feds to cull some of these nasty birds ? I see it has been done on some of the great lakes maybe some effort is all.
  16. I have (2) Harmon stoves for about 8 years now and love them I burn a total od about 4-5 ton per heating season for a 2,600sf home, they are my main source of heat and one of the stoves only runs when its really cold to push heat to the second floor. I paid more for the Harmons but have had no issues at all just clean them about every 2-3 weeks during the season I pay about 220.00 per ton and keep my heating dollars local.
  17. I agree twin screws make it a lot easier we are used to bringing the boat to dock with a running tide and blowing winds, and sometimes it can be quite comical .
  18. Im looking at buying a sisu 220 for fishing the big lake. I dont know what you all know about down east boats but any comments on this boat ?
  19. we have them now what the hell are those fleas ?
  20. i just priced out a kingfisher 2425 w 225 hp and a 10 hp kicker less electronics 67k and then have to ship it to the east coast
  21. great to hear that I will be there tomorrow for a couple weeks I will look you up Mr Clean
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