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  1. Yeah. I have been watching those threads. Those record fish make this one look like a baitfish.
  2. We thought we had a real nice walleye on until this thing appeared. Fun to fight though.
  3. Nice. Was thinking about a cyphen or pump.
  4. Thanks part that sucks most about hauling fuel in 5 gallon cans is the new "spill-proof" nozzles on all new containers. They should call them "patience-proof." Slow and infuriating.
  5. On the water at five. Only put two walleye in the boat by 12:00, with a random small mouth mixed in. Black River Bay was slow too for the short time we were there.
  6. Yeah, my son and I were out there until the wind blew us off our troll.
  7. So hit or miss out there, not to mention the never ending wind blowing you all over the bay.
  8. On the bay at 5:45 this AM. Worked mainly Pt. Salubrius side. Put 4 walleye, and 3 smallies in the boat by 8:30. We ran purple Reef Runners and dark blue Husky Jerks. Both produced well.
  9. Nothing. Got so windy we had trouble steering on our troll passes so we bagged it. Wind was pushing us sideways at times.
  10. We weren't really fishing for this guy but a nice fish anyhow. Caught him on a green thunderstick 20 FOW.
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