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  1. We did get a bunch of baby kings also all around 18 inches as seen in the first pic but then we were absolutely taken over by what I thought were baby Atlantic's but maybe small rainbows? They were built completely different then the small kings. Fins spots colors everything. I know the second pic sucks but we didn't take any of the small fish out of the water to ensure a clean release. Unfortunately the one small king I got clear photo of needed a hook cut off because his jaw was pinned together but he swam away fine. We also left the area as to not harm any more. Second pic is the mystery fish. They definitely were not baby kings.
  2. Splashed the new boat and got her in the slip on Friday. We took it out fishing on Saturday. I really couldn't ask for more fished in tight 30 to 90' in the morning and had a slow pick at small browns. Had a bunch of little 12 to 14 inch Atlantic's crushing warrior spoons on the 3 and five colors. There were so many I had to leave the area. Never saw anything like it. We're they just stocked?? At noon time we went out and worked 250 to 400. That is where we found the bait and the fish. Went 4 for 6 out there and had a great time. Was just happy to put a bunch of fish on the boat. Forgot to mention a few very tiny incidental Lakers that were committing suicide by absolutely engulfing spoons half the size of them. They were very shallow and high up in the water way out of temp. All the bigger stuff was down 55 to 80 and hit FF. Didn't reel in a fish just enjoyed seeing my brother and his girlfriend enjoying life !
  3. I think it would also help promote the Derby and the lake itself if some of the boaters had room to take non boaters with them. We do this for our clubs tourneys down here. It is a great experience for the non boater and many times they show up to our next tourney with their own boat!
  4. I have some extra stuff I can give you to start getting you back on the water if you need it. Shoot me a pm on what you need.
  5. As said earlier in the post contact Troutman87. I have his 12 pounders and get almost zero blow back. they out preform my larger sharks hands down.
  6. Bang Garlic spray . I am a firm believer in the stuff
  7. I hear what you are saying however. I also work on a tight budget but I would rather skip a day on the water and put that fuel and ramp fee savings towards bags. I used to do the bucket trick and I "thought" it was great till I saved up for a set of used bags. The difference is amazing. To me personally I would rather miss a day or two on the water to spend the rest of my days on the water that much more enjoyable. Just my two cents. But yes the buckets will work if your only trying to knock off a mph
  8. One thing I have learned in my brief Spinny/Fly Flasher/Fly career is there is NO set answer for your question. Last season a guy at the dock told me to run around 28" back. After two days of nothing I went as short as 16" and the riggers and dipsys started firing on a consistent basis. Went up the following weekend and couldn't buy a bite on the same combo. Switched to a 22" leader and bam the bite was on. It all depends on the fishes mood . Dont be afraid to experiment!
  9. Nice Boat Joe. Good luck with her.
  10. The only laker bite we could find last week was when we were smoking the bottom with the ball. If we were 2' off the bottom the line was completely dead. It changes day to day. What kind of temps were you finding at 50'?
  11. Blueberry Twist, Code Blue, Blues Traveler, Moody BLUES
  12. Hit the nail on the head. They are also good for the smoker
  13. Thanks Mark. Yes I am running and aluminum boat and yes the wires do get a funky negative charge on them. I am running the mag 5s and the positive ion control does not seem to help with shaking the neg charge.
  14. I am hoping to hear some of your opinions on the Pro Troll Black Box. For those of you that use one do you think it is worth the investment? Any Pros and or Cons? Gimmick or not?
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