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  1. There are several apps available and some pay (less than 5 bucks) that give forecast and real time data. Seach Lake Ontario weather or Great Lakes Boating in your app store. The one I use pulls up to date data from NOAA The one I use is Lake Ontario-Marine Conditions also has links to a couple of web cams from various harbors.
  2. I haven't been able to get out as much as I'd like this summer due to family events and must do home projects but managed to get out for a short trip this past Saturday. Went out of Golden Hill State Park, started in 200 fow, nothing on the finder but, as experience has told me set anyway and just fish. After trolling for an hour I and no activity I turned to my log and noted that this time of the year we've never caught a fish out far. In fact, all of our catches we're in close in less than 100' fow so we headed in. At 90 fow the finder was lit with fish here and there. My son chose and set his famous "Warrio" spoon. An ugly purple and yellow piece and sent it down to 60 and within 20 min landed this beast. We had a great day fish, or no fish but happy to have the added bonus of this super catch! Good fishing everyone!
  3. Great report, thanks for the Intel...
  4. Nice Atlantic! Would love to hook one!
  5. I go with my Allstate agent. Great affordable coverage with multiple policy discounts. So far, so good!
  6. Congratulations on your own boat!! I'm fishing about the same size boat so I know how you feel. I've been catching fish fairly consistently from 260' to 350 fow. Totally doable in your boat. Of course , lake conditions dictate where I go. Good luck!!
  7. Nice catch!! I have to put this destination on my fishing bucket list!
  8. I was in your boat a few seasons ago when I started (no pun intended ) I learned a ton from right here and talking to charter captains and more experienced people offline. There are tons of resources available. Low and behold my catch rate has improved significantly. There are a lot of factors to consider depth, speed , lure choice and color and how to fish them. I suggest you read this site thoroughly, ask questions, most people are very helpful, than before you go out, plan your trip , and fish it! Good luck
  9. I was there two weeks ago,no change. West launch was closed. East (nearest the coast guard station) was open and still underwater. They tried to collect my money at the gate to launch , I refused telling them I'm not paying if I can't launch. Found the launch still under water. They tried to do something with sandbags but water was carrying those away too. Hazardous launching because the concrete could damage your hull if the water is rough. It's a crap shoot...
  10. Great catches, memories made and much learned! Thanks for your report! Good fishing!
  11. I agree Olcott's done a great job. The state has twice the workforce and got the job done ( And Im sure has rescued some sure to be lost revenue) the state can't do anything!
  12. Thought I'd share this pic I took yesterday at the Ft. Niagara launch. Be safe out there! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Okay thanks , I have some, came with the boat, I've never fished them Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Hi all I'm new to spring browns , When trolling "100-150" behind the boat are you flatline trolling ? No riggers , right? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. Great catch! Hope to get out soon! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. Www.Oldolcottbeachfirestation.com phone 716-778-4443 very affordable brand new right at the harbor Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. Really cool! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. Ah yep, just saw the tribe page thanks for pointing it out! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Is anyone fishing the tribs yet ? What's happening where?
  20. Congrats!! beautiful boat!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. I fish west from Golden Hill to Pt Breeze. Late July and early August were the best I've had yet however, things have come to a grinding halt. Hoping for a turn around
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