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  1. It sounds like you almost 4" off in the pitch if you go by 1" = 100 rpms. Usually there is a load factor and I bet your off by one size or 2". Probably leaps out of the hole with that prop.
  2. Just read your last post, tell them to UPS the correct prop and give you a pepaid return label for there screw up on the prop they sent you out the door with.
  3. How many RPMs are you turning at WOT compared to what its rated for. You should not have to put any sort of tabs on a brand new boat, the mfg must sea test these and would not let them go out the door if there was a issue like you have.
  4. What do you have on there now and what is your max rpm compared to the MFG max rated rpm ? If its a I/O a SS prop will slip less than a aluminum and cut into the water sharper,less drag. The downside is the SS is not as forgiving as aluminum and you may end up bending you prop shaft if you smack some thing hard like a rock. If its a straight inboard you can go with a Nibral prop, just be prepared to spend some big bucks on them, same performance as the SS setup. Need more info to suggest any prop. If its a 350 you could throw on a Edlebrock intake manifold and carburetor and add about 30 hp. Really wont make a difference of more than maybe 1 mph...
  5. Really cant tell from the angle of the picture. The ventilation plate { horizontal plate above prop ] should be flush with the bottom of boat. How a dealer could put a 20" motor on a 25" transom is beyond me. Along with sending you out the door without sea trialing the boat to make sure everything is in order, INCLUDING having the right pitch prop. Prop should be matched to MFG max rpm rating. Let us know the Marinas name if they drag this out any longer than it already is. They should of UPS you the correct prop if they say that's the issue, it was there fault right off the get go.
  6. Probably wont need it this weekend with 3-8 footers in the forecast for both days.
  7. My daughter shot her first Elk in her pajamas on there back porch as her husband saw a herd in the back 40 and called her out to get some winter food. There is no shortage in Southwest Montana that's for sure.,i see herds all over the place, just have to know there patterns and be persistent ,like hunting Salmon Not saying the wolves aren't affecting the deer/elk population but they were originally part of the ecosystem and now there back. Thing will level out.
  8. All I can say is what I saw in the documentary. If the wolves cant smell the baby elk, which is true, they cant track or kill them. The skat and dna studys clearly show the bear as the one doing the damage. It also shows where they used to sit in the streams and eat cuttys that were being eradicated by the Lakers. The wolves that were reintroduced were not the same species as the original. They are bigger and more aggressive breed ,Saw some last winter at Yellow eating some carcass and they are huge. So if the main diet of bears in the spring are cuttys and there just about wiped out by the lakers what do they do to offset that loss of fatty food ??? Really don't think its some liberal pro wolf thing, and like you stated, Ecosystem, which used to have wolves until man took them out of Yellow.
  9. Mentioning Lakers,just watched a special on Yellowstone and they were trying to figure out why the Elks were losing numbers. Checked the wolves, mountain lions etc. out and they weren't the culprit. Turned out to be the bears and the reason they were feasting on the young elk was that there feeding habits have them in the spring feasting on Cutthroat Trout. Well there numbers had decreased over recent years so they turned to the baby Elk for that portion of there diet. Where did the Cut's go ? Man had stocked some Lakers in a neighboring lake years ago and they made there way into Yellowstone Lake. There diet ?? Yep Cutty's. They tried gill netting them and that helped a little but not enough. So they put trackers on them to find out where they were spawning then went there and shocked the waters. Cuttys are coming back and is the Elk population there. Has nothing to do with 40lbers but I thought it was interesting and food for thought.
  10. The ramp is open, don't think they will put floating docks in until next year.
  11. One other thing Deer failed to mention in his advice to Oscar, if his engine is raw water cooled the salt will destroy it in about a year or two, even if he flushes it out after every use. If its a closed system the engine will be good but you will be replacing the exhaust manifolds every 5 years or so.
  12. Having read this from the top Nlong27 and Deervalley never stepped over the line. Deer offered his opinion on that boat in Fla and since he lives there he has knowledge of what will work in that climate. Suggesting to Oscar to not bother bringing that boat to Fla is not out of line,just trying to help Oscar out. Nlong27 offering 10,000 on a boat that NADA has listed its avg retail at 9,000 with a trailer that is roadworthy is not out of line either .A survey will run him 500. that comes out of the buyers pocket. The radar and other gear not figured into NADA pricing along with the unknown engine hours vs the cost of transporting that boat to Fla which should require over width permits for about 10 states might run Oscar 3 -4grand to transport it. Hairybumcrack telling Nlong27 that his offer was basically a insult was wrong ,going political, that had nothing to do with anything was over the line as well. Let Oscar respond if he thinks it was out of line. I do think it may have been better to PM the offer or inspect the boat first, then make offer. People can ask whatever they want for a boat and if too high may sit on it for years or they take whatever is reasonably offered and move on after weighing all there options. Good luck with the sale Oscar and have fun in Fla.!
  13. Oh and I did write in a previous post if that was it too have a shop or your buddy time it correctly. [Just reread that post to make sure I did not give out info that may ruin your engine.]
  14. Completely agree ^^^ Should of been clearer on my suggestion. Just wanted to see if the timing was the problem. Now that you see how it performs you must time it to spec or you may burn a piston with th timing possibly too far advanced. Also must check rpms vs what it is rated for by mfg, same bad result if your over revving it. Glad to hear that was it, now put timing light on it.
  15. When I say best fuel rate I am referring to the engine running so its not lugging or over revving. Most of the time your best economy is around 3,000 rpm.
  16. I wonder if the previous owner switched props to get better fuel mileage, which many people think will happen by doing that. They are wrong, best fuel rate will come from engine running a couple hundred under factory redline with full load. Yes that boat should run in the mid 30's. The waterlogged foam and possible weight associated with that would be the last thing I looked at after verifying all the engine specs. Does it have a remote fuel filter and if so have you changed it ? You could mark the distributor and when under way turn it slightly in either direction to see if it picks up speed,if not move it back to the etched mark. If it does then have your buddy or auto repair shop time it correctly.
  17. You should not need a fin or trim tabs, adjust the trim on your outdrive to compensate for load. Trim tabs in your case is for balancing the boat left to right not bow to stern. A fin will create more drag and if they were all that great Mercruiser would be offering them or selling aftermarket kits as well. Electronic ignition or points ?
  18. Did it get up on plane before the kicker ? What RPMs are you turning and what is the motor rated for ? Have you done a compression test ? Is the throttle cable pushing the carb wide open ? Verify the linkage by removing it at carb and manually moving carb linkage. How old is the boat and is the flotation waterlogged ? Check weight at scale house. You may be over propped if previous owner ran it light and you added a tone of equipment. Prop hub could be slipping as well. Is kicker in water and dragging when you open her up ? Has it been timed recently ?
  19. Yes after some mouth to mouth, just kidding. The method I use is a bogo grip with about 6 feet of line attached to a cleat, continue trolling and when fish comes around pull in bogo and let her swim off. The frys can usually be launched head first into the water and off they go.
  20. Looks like you changed your mine from a previous post you put up,haha.. 100% better choice than the Amberjack IMHO check out the "survey" /Review at www.yachtsurvey.com you wont be disappointed.
  21. Hard to tell, is she a 31 or 29 ? We bought our boat up at the same time last year just down the road,in Mystic Ct and brought her home the weekend after Labor day. The exhaust manifolds should be your only concern as they last about 5 years in the salt. Looks good and ready for fresh water. Start saving up for your trolling gear !
  22. The ramp was open last weekend ,so it should still be open. The docks are not finished but boats were being launched and retrieved.
  23. As far as outboard vs inboard there are pros and cons to each. I/Os will usually have a doghouse unles they have jackshafts and that means fishing and landing around the house. More maintenance with a I/O as well. Inboards are hard to find in that footage but if you do, the house is gone and the deck opens up. I would rather work on a "car" engine than a Outboard ,just because I am more familiar with them. Never had a outboard on that size boat, maybe someone else will chime in.
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