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  1. Tell them the Vatican has a wall as does Mexico on there southern border. The wall is for there protection and MAY impede the flood of drugs coming into the USA. As far as Presidents and women don't forget to include Bill Clinton ,Monica and paying off rape lawsuits. Mayb explain how words are not always the same as actions.
  2. Good ,I hope they take NYC with them while there at it.
  3. Estimates are tough over the phone, like telling the local garage all you need are brake pads. Car goes up on the lift and your rotors are shot ,one caliper is stuck and you have a bad wheel bearing, there goes the estimate. Hopefully that fixed whatever the problem was and it was cheaper than buying a new unit.
  4. 12 vdc circuit breakers are available from NAPA/ebay etc for about 6-8.00 bucks per unit. The have them from 5 to 30 amps and that's what I use as well.
  5. Make sure to report back and give a satisfaction report one way or another.
  6. "He's not my President " Yes he is if, your a citizen of the USA. "Didn't win the popular vote...." need to win the Electoral College to be elected, Just like saying we should of won ,we had more hits than the other team, just didn't get them across home plate." Lost by 3 million votes" how about taking away all the welfare votes in the inner city, you know the people that are afraid all there freebies will be tossed out the window. Along with the fact that he didn't even bother to go to big cities that have been run and ruined by Democrats for 50 years [ Chicago ring a bell ?] NYC and LA come to mind as well... Biggest fish wins the tournament,,,,but but I caught more than the winner,,,suck it up buttercup and read the rules,he won,end of story..
  7. And Obama did what to help keep jobs here and more specifically, as you noted in NYS ? I rolled the dice and went with someone that at least talked about jobs and keeping our money in the USA, never heard the liar talk about that in her speeches although I did hear her call us Deplorable, thank you very much for that pat on the back said the working class people that keep the welfare state alive and well.
  8. You must mean the illustrious/racist "Rev" Al Sharpton ,Jesse Jackson ,BLM,,,,Rod Watson ,Elliah Pitts [from the Buffalo News ] and the likes are crawling out ? Oh that's right those racist have already shown there true colors. Obama showed his anti semitic love with Jerusalem already. I would be more worried about all the criminals he pardoned than a few white supremacist that will always be around, just like the black panthers. Maybe reducing the national debt that Obama rang up, more than all the previous Presidents combined ,or putting some of the 90 million people out of work back in the job force or getting the 6 million or so people that were added to the welfare system in the last 8 years off our back gives me something to think about instead of being a snowflake. "Change any time soon" You mean the stock market going up ? Ford/Carrier not moving to Mexico, the Japanese dude that met with Trump awhile ago and said he was investing 50-100 million or so in some plants here and peoples general upbeat mood about putting us back into 'US'A . etc. etc. Time has already told me what I hoped for! My next boat is going to be named The Trump Train, YES
  9. I googled there name and all the reviews were very good, nothing negative. What other options do you have besides them ? Did you call them and if so how did they answer your concerns or questions ? If you were happy with that end I would just send it in. Not sure who else might fix a auto pilot, maybe ask that question in the Electronic forum at this site www.thehulltruth.com they get a ton of traffic there. Good Luck !
  10. Not sure of the first year but one of my customers in 1985 or 86 won a Grady White fully decked out ,no truck.
  11. Fishing Erie ,not a big deal. Lake Ontario electric for sure. Had manuals a few years ago and it was a pain in the back, arms and a time killer. Dropping a ball and the release lets go at the bitter end, start cranking. Bringing a fish in, hit the button and your ready to drop that hot lure right back in before the fish hits the deck. As you noted buy once cry once, do it once do it right, higher resale if it ever comes to that, minimal drain on the battery. The price is long forgotten after a season with them. Sell the manuals to offset the cost.
  12. Why would you not want them activated when you hit the brake pedal and just hook them up they way there supposed to be. Your doing a lot of splicing/cutting on wires that don't need to be cut up, which just cause problems down the road. I would just splice the new lights into the original wiring going to the old lights.
  13. Also www.marinerepaircenter.com is another option.
  14. www.maxmarineelectronics.com will fix just about any marine electronic device.
  15. If that is what you like then buy them. You only go around once so why have 2nd thoughts on buying a rigger that's not number one on your list ? They have a lifetime warranty, great features, extremely well built and thought out. Top of the line Cannon with swivel bases and ratcheting rod holders are pretty close to there price. Not sure if they are lifetime warranty either. Next set I buy will be the Traxstech. New boat to me and tons of money put into the electronic and setting up end has me scheduled to replace the current riggers the following season. My version of pay to play !
  16. Should be in front of your prop as turbulence will affect it. My through hull is in front of the engine on the starboard side, pretty much right under the Captains feet on a straight inboard. As mentioned the Airmar B60 is the way to go and you have a choice of two different mounting angles so [depending on the deadrise where you want to put it] it shoots straight down.
  17. I would go to there web site and post that question on there forum. It might take a day or two before its posted as questions are pre screened. I believe the law is companys only have to stock parts for a item 10 years after it was initially manufactured. That's what a guy at a Stihl shop told me. That way the companies get to sell you new stuff and are not saddled with old inventory. I called Furuno about a repair on a FVC 585 and the guy said I would be better off buying a used unit than having it fixed. Each company and there customer service has it quirks ,I roll with it if its a good product.
  18. FishUSA.com has the 17lb sharks weights for 90.00 and that includes shipping. Your cannons are rated for 20lbs but I wouldn't go over 17. We use the 17s for deep water and anything above 75' the 15s are put over. Its suggested not to mix the brands your using as they will track different than the Sharks.
  19. Copied and for some reason will not paste. Just google 1986 Wellcraft Coastal 2800 and it will come up at the top of results. Quite a few things to ponder and I woulld definitely invest in a good surveyor before purchasing a boat of that size,[history] and cost.
  20. Wellcraft Coastal 2800 Review on Boats U S
  21. I wasn't trying to be a jerk about it, just that your 1st post had a response. That has a tendency to derail the OPs issue along with two different subjects going on at the same time.
  22. Guffins your pretty much hijacking this thread and should probably start your own. The OPs thread is about his throttle "sticking", not a shifting issue.So the lower shift cable has nothing to do with the operation of the throttle cable.
  23. I would unhook the cable from the motor to try and isolate where its sticking. If its in the controller I would google the model[or best description] and then you tube it the same way and see what comes up.
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