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  1. What is everyone's favorite cleaner for vinyl boat floors. Something you don't have to scrub to death thanks for your replies.
  2. I think Gi he is referring to traveling from grand island .
  3. You cant beat interstate batteries for price and longevity,but i guess its what you have good luck with.
  4. Always awesome to get out fishing with your dad. Anytime is a good time to make memories.
  5. Awesome report as usual very detailed. Thank you for your time and way to get after them.
  6. Awesome report saw the new ride in the slip this morning beautiful boat way to get after them.
  7. Awesome report and some great looking baits way to go .
  8. Nice catch looks like some good eats.
  9. Awesome action and love the boat way to go .
  10. I hope that you get it back.That's an aweful feeling losing your tackle.
  11. That is a heck of a day nice report and the first king of the year I have heard of so far.
  12. Nice work those baits look awesome I only wish i could paint.
  13. Good job nice fish i thought the lake was going to be to rough to get out but it looked nice in your pictures.
  14. Get in contact with the gambler on this site he could tell you were to get them.
  15. Looks to me like it is a renosky chatter stick.I think they still make them,try reno bait company.
  16. Good stuff as usual capt Rick i was out my self 3 rods and definitely concur was a better rogue bite couldn't get the spoons going for some reason cold water lake was gorgeous. keep up the good work appreciate all the reports and tips.
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