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  1. Hello, my son has it in his head that he wants to catch catfish. He has not caught any yet. I am planning on taking him to the seneca river either launching out of montezuma or port byron. Can anyone tell me what area would be better? It's a 60+ mile long river. I am mostly a troller, so not a very accomplished catfish person. If anyone knows any good areas on that river this time of year, I would appreciate any info. I am assuming that the catfishing scene is not as secretive as most other types of fishing. Lol.
  2. I like what nys dec did with the sunfish and crappie laws. I would be fine with doing the same for yellow perch. It would be nice to not have to fish through 100 perch to get 25 large perch. I have seen people keep literally 3-4 inch perch in quantities while ice fishing. I asked someone once what do you do with them? and they told me they get a "french fry" of meat from them so they are good enough. I hate cleaning perch as it is (but have to do to eat them lol), but nothing is worse than cleaning one and saying man, why did I keep this one. Lol. I hate cleaning small perch the most. Seems like a waste. But, that being said.. seems to be no shortage of perch anywhere. Only seems to get harder and harder finding bigger perch. Maybe start with a 25 perch limit. Then add a size limit in a few years if necessary. A boat or shanty with 3 or 4 people keeping 150-200 perch seems like overkill and probably leads to small perch populations. Luckily perch can breed when they are still small, so there are still plenty of perch. I would just rather have more large perch.
  3. I like using a double rig. Small vertical jig on top with a palomar knot so it kicks out sideways. I put a small piece of worm on that hook. Then bottom of rig is a tungsten horizontal jig with a plastic minnow.. gulp or sassy shad. I have fished with people using real minnows and plastics seem to work just the same, but you dont need to but minnows or keep changing them as they fall off or get eaten. The worm on top is for scent to draw them in. I get tons of double headers. Better to catch 2 at a time than 1. Also, I am sure I am not alone here, but it sure seems like the more you jig, the more perch that show up. You can get a whole school to come to your boat with enough baits/people. I would bet the other guys you seen just beat you to luring the school to them first. Early bird gets the fish.
  4. I'm not sure what a silver bass is, but I know white bass do kinda look like bigger white perch. They are related. White perch are actually bass (from salt water I think) and are not related to yellow perch at all. But yeah, white perch and white bass are different but similar and can even be tough to tell apart. Usually you can tell by size. I dont know where there are white bass in upstate ny, but I would think they woulda had to end up stocked in some river or lake up here.
  5. Otisco has plenty of white perch. White perch just dont get very big. There are bluegill there. Mostly tons of dinks. Crappie are few and far between, especially keepers. That lake is absolutely infested with alewives too. Not sure how that affects the panfish, but as far as walleye and muskie, they are always full of easy food so makes them harder to catch. Similar in a way to seneca, but much worse. I would think your best shot is white perch there. I see people pulling them up one after the other when I am trolling for muskie and I see large schools of them on the sonar often.. and I know they are white perch because they often get snagged on my lures or bite the bottom treble hook. The white perch are just small. Someone else said cross lake is good for white perch. This is true. The whole seneca river is loaded with them. I tend to think of white perch as nuisance fish since they are so small compared to yellow perch. Please catch and keep as many white perch as possible. Thank you.
  6. Late February into March is best from shore for trout. You can get stuff earlier but not as easily.
  7. I sent you a PM. Some valuable owasco laker knowledge in there for you.
  8. 17lb 5oz fish took first. That's huge. Doesnt have an L by it like the 2nd and 3rd.. but I assume it must have been a laker? ..Anybody have any fishing advice for me? I am fishing cayuga tomorrow. Going out of Long Point.
  9. I run 2 downriggers, 3 cores and 1 copper in the summer. The trick is like sk8man said.. dont run 2 lines straight out the back of the boat that are going to be around the same depth. You will get tangled badly. Also, make sure you put the deeper running line out first. If you accidentally put the shallow line out first you will go through it with the deeper line. When you are running multiple setups the depths and the order on which you deploy them become very important to avoid trouble. Another thing to account for is leader length and thickness. Generally, the thinner leader, the more it will get hit by fish. Just remember trout do have teeth and get large so not too thin. 12lb test I like to use. Length 25-100ft. 50 is a good compromise. Someone else may say different. Good luck.
  10. I have thought for a long time that they should be stocking tiger musky in seneca. The alewives are out of control.. throw in an overabundance of shiners and gobies and you have a way too many baitfish problem. I know some people may be scared that tigers would eat gamefish which could be true to a small extent I believe, but I think the overabundance of forage fish needs to be addressed and the tigers could be the answer. Stock them for 5-7 years and re evaluate. But, sadly it will never happen. Too many people would complain about "trout-eating tigers". I would bet tiger/trout & salmon interactions would be pretty minimal... and tigers are a pretty fun to catch. I would almost guarantee seneca could produce world record class tigers in not a large amount of time.
  11. That lake has more alewives than any lake I have ever seen. Also the only lake I have ever been where I looked at the sonar and they are 40 feet thick from bottom to top and so many the fins are sticking out of the water like bunker pods and it looks like it's raining for up to a quarter mile. Disease is nature's population control. Would think that it would benefit fishing as well as there is less bait in the water.
  12. I have fished silver lake for pike in the summer a few times and found out the best presentation..at least the best that worked for me. I tried all of the standard pike stuff. They mostly would not touch any stick baits or spinner baits. I took my kids pan fishing using real small jigs tipped with a small piece of worm and started catching pike. I went back by myself with the small jigs and started crushing pike.. I nailed 7 or 8 pike in just a few hours, biggest was 37in. There were 100 boats around. I had people coming over to watch me catch them. Pike didnt seem to care. They like real small stuff in the summer. They were mostly concentrated at the end where the launch was around the edges of the weed line.
  13. What kind of fishing are you doing?
  14. offshore sells clamp down style clips that keep the planer boards from popping off. I swapped them out on mine. never have them pop off now.
  15. I am pretty sure that there are also still lakes that alewives are allowed to be used as bait. Not sure about Keuka, but I am pretty sure that Skaneateles is one. Probably several others. Alewives are not good for a lot of reasons. Disease, toxins that they produce, overtaking native baitfish populations.. etc. I dont know how dec comes up with stocking numbers, but I think the answer could be just as easy as stocking more rainbows, browns, and salmon in some of the smaller lakes. Owasco where I live gets way more lakers than anything and some of the larger Fingerlakes (esp. cayuga) seem to get an exorbitant amount more of silver fish than Owasco and other lakes. if it were up to me, I would just stock more silver fish, and add some walleyes to the mix. Dec really seems to hate walleyes, and I think some of th FLTA members are probably the people who complained about walleyes in owasco.. now they are almost gone.
  16. I think that the dec might disagree with moving invasive species around to different waterways. lol.
  17. T-Rok

    Cayuga Confused ?

    makes some sense... seeing as kayaks dont have livewells yet I think lol. I have still never been a fan of people catching spawning game fish, but the dec made exceptions for bass. I dont really have any special feelings for bass either. so I guess as long as they are letting them go right after catching them I have no qualms about it. ny state dec seems to love the bass tournaments too.
  18. T-Rok

    Cayuga Confused ?

    I know you can catch and release bass. that is ok. idk about the tournament part. that would require putting them in a live well and bringing them to shore. I dont see in any way how that part is legal. even if you let them go afterward. they were still kept in a live well. at the very least it is unethical. the bass are nesting now. it's one thing to take them off of a nest and them go immediately. another to take them away from their nest entirely.
  19. What is a smelt again? Lol... oh yeah that's right. small tasty fish that went extinct years ago I think. Seriously though, not sure on the smelt, but seen a lot of dead and dying alewives floating around the shallows last weekend. so I know they are in.
  20. We call them mooneyes on Owasco. lol. We have 2 places in Moravia that sell them in the summer, but if you buy them here and then go to Seneca, they will probably be dead by the time you get there. Alewives die so easy, it almost defies logic how they became so invasive in the lakes.
  21. We call em mooneyes on owasco. Lol. Yeah they work the best, but they are also the best at dying. Buy them in the morning and put them in the livewell as soon as your on the water. Best way to try and keep them alive.
  22. This thread turned into a little bit of a downer. I just liked reading the stories of peoples encounters with crappy boaters lol.
  23. A lot of funny stories on this thread lol. I got a million more. Ive had kids in sailboats who werent even near my boat fly in and get stuck in my lines because they couldnt control their boats. Jet skis run over my lines and wave bunches of times. But my favorite is playing slow speed chicken with the womens crew team in the spring south end of cayuga. I always end up giving them the right of way... but def like getting close enough to check them out. I blast billy squires on the radio. Its great times. Lol.
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