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Found 236 results

  1. Just ended a 4 hour trip this morning with 12 eels either stuck to the boat or down rigger balls all over 15 inches most I’ve seen this year! Got 8 in the boat and lost a couple off the prop
  2. Pretty cool report on Seneca today, after the big blow I had 2 trips today, first trip out the 7-11am we had steady laker action with 10,12 colors taking lakers, 50 degrees was down 50ft reel rages black, purple ale and tony tiger, black ale took most, then fishing slowed down so hammerhead “laker takers” with gamblers slimers took a few to end the day. The Interesting night trip, the crew wanted to catch a salmon for dinner so we stacked spoons from 40-70ft with cheaters 62-50 degrees, ran 3 leadcores (6,10,12), first leadcore pulled in 220fow 10 color 3lb small mouth kept trolling rigger parked at 60 popped another small mouth, ended up with 4 small mouth 6 lakers and a brown, reel rages black widow black ale took most, never ended up with a salmon but everyone was surprised as much as I was seeing the small mouths chasing bait pods in 200ft + everything was released to catch another day
  3. Fished Seneca for the first time since the derby today, West side Severne to Long Point didnt mark much at all, fished Caywood to Lodi Point and screen was littered with bait balls the whole time. Ended up getting skunked, ran spoons off a rig rod and down-riggers with Dipsey divers and Chinook divers. Praying that Lady Seneca recovers soon!
  4. Fished north of Sampson to the north end and back Saturday and managed five Lakers over 12 hours---all caught jigging out of the back of a 28 foot Carver. Caught a couple of little ones (19" and 21"), 2 @ 25", and 1 @ 28" (looked like a nice wild fish). I fished Sunday morning for a few hours north of Sampson and managed one @ 27". Also had a few hits and lost a few after a short fight (typical jigging stuff) on both outings. Still crappy fishing but Saturday was probably my best day since I got back on Seneca a year ago. Also learned how to use the timer on my phone's camera for a selfie. Here's the 28 incher...
  5. A great morning fishing seneca aboard Reel Stories Charter. Boated 22 lakers and missed a bunch as well. Good fishing with friendly/funny guides that will teach you everything you need to know. A few beauties to finish off the great day...
  6. I’ve just heard from 2 people they just got approved to run full time without dec permits.. anyone else hear about it getting approved?
  7. This came out in today's Fingerlakes Times and thought I would share. Always nice to read and learn about LOU Members. Here's to ya Steven!
  8. So, my new job is right on Seneca Lake, just South of Dresden, I am the Caretaker for a kids' summer camp there, and with Covid-19 going omg, the camp is offering families a chance to stay in one of our fully furnished staff cabins for a few days or weeks, as well as offering stays in the more "rustic" cabins for less money. It has been a tremendous success for the camp. I am a very avid fisherman, and I suggested to my boss that we could offer a list of good charter captains to those who stay at our camp this year. She loved the idea. Anyone here on LOU who is or knows top quality charter services, please PM me or e-mail me directly at [email protected] . I'd love to give some business back to the LOU community, since I have learned so much from you all over the past years. Of course, if you'd be willing to pick the customers up at our docks, I'm sure they could appreciate it as well. Thanks!!
  9. I would urge anyone interested in the health of Seneca lake to go to the website of Fingerlakes 1.com and read the articles by Peter Mantis regarding Greenlinge (sp) possibly being given approval to spew even more warm water into the lake. DEC, can you help?
  10. I got out Friday night for two or three hours and again Saturday afternoon for four hours for some jigging. Managed one Laker Friday night and one Laker Saturday afternoon. The one on Friday night was pretty chewed up from the lampreys. Saturday's fish was pretty clean. Both fish ran around 25 inches or so. Tough fishing---these aren't the good ol' days but at least the sunset was nice!
  11. Ugh. Fished from 6am to 6pm north of Sampson. Managed a 4lb Laker and lost my tail. Lots of good marks but just couldn't get them to go. Clean boat was pretty as the fog burned off. Waiting for the wind to die down before heading out. Good luck to all! Tail Marks Boat
  12. 56th Annual National Lake Trout Derby - May 23rd, 24th, 25th 2020 REGISTRATION: Get registered for the 2020 National Lake Trout Derby! We understand with the recent epidemic, the physical businesses that you may have previously registered for the derby may be temporarily closed. We advise you to visit www.laketroutderby.org and register online. To register online go to www.laketroutderby.org and click the tab labeled "Register Online" and fill out the respective form. Filled in registration cards are emailed out within a few days of filling out the online form. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Derby Team at (315) 789 5520. Questions can also be emailed to [email protected]
  13. We all know we are ordered to stay home to control the virus. I heard the other day. Seneca and Yates county want no outsiders coming to their counties because these counties have no cases of the virus yet, they want to keep the virus out. it makes sense. have any body heard this also. I don't want to come in a pay a fine.
  14. Fished the shelf out in front of the marina down to the officer,s club in around 90ft of water,Had a total of 7 with some nice laker,s in the lot most came off of blades with spin glo and a few with straight copper and a great lakes #4 fluger copy,All the fish went back with the exception of two.Nice to see the lake coming back.
  15. Wanted to go deep out of Hughes but wind report turned us off so Liney and I decided to try Seneca, haven't been there since Memorial day. We launched out of Sampson, hey they resurfaced the road into the park down to the circle, too bad they didn't keep going. Marina is beautiful and we where only trailer parked on lower parking. We decided to go start south of Long point and came north to Kashong. We didn't mark many fish at first but tons of bait. Once we got into the area off Angus we had a great screen of bait & fish from 20 to 50 feet down. We started with a bullhead on top leader in 200 FOW which hit a white evil eye, eventually we got a 3# range rainbow on a black evil eye. That was it for us, nice day, fleas where so so, only saw one other boat trolling and we headed home
  16. Camp open , boat here , almost ready for 1st trip of 2018 . just renewed fishing license...... good luck to everyone and have fun.....
  17. Heading to a rental on Seneca for a week's vacation. I'll post regular updates on any action or lack thereof. Tight lines to all
  18. Got out around 730am Tuesday and fished the west side. Didn't mark much bait/arcs in shallow so worked out deeper and across towards east side, started marking more fish and got bites off the deeper rigger. Went 3/4 all salmon. 17incher went in the cooler, 2 dinks went back and a long distance release on another legal size silver. All fish off rigger at 55ft on green ladderback spoon behind vertical green blades... Made it out earlier today and it made a big difference. On the water before 6am and was headed to the area I found fish yesterday but marked some nice bait balls and arcs right out in front of my lift so decided to setup and trolled south (east side), kept marking fish in 20-60ft with bait but no releases... made a big turn to troll back north and got my first salmon off a steely dan stinger down 30ft. Trolling north through the same area and the bite was on. Ended up with 12 releases and boated 8. All legal fish from 15-21". Of course the best fish came off after a couple awesome leaps, looked to be a 4-5lbr and I was bummed for sure. But I had my limit on salmon and was happy with a nice 2 hrs of fishing. Bite seemed to shut off by 830. Orange seemed to be the color today and most fish came from the rigger at 30ft and from a cheater at approx 24ft on the deeper rigger. One off of a fly/dodger combo with 6 colors of leadcore. No fleas, few weeds, surface temp 72....
  19. Had a great morning.. 10 lakers and a rainbow.. left the dock about 530am this morning put 4 colors of leadcore out with the electric muffin color reelrage mag on took the big rainbow.. rest we’re Sutton and gambler rigs 120-130ft 60-80ft down took a bunch of lakers.. only a few off bottom.. rainbow was 28 inches just a hair under 8lbs
  20. I went fishing out of samsen this morning and i would like to say the sessler company did a great job on fixing the marina,everything is looking good,also would like to add i caught 5 fish two on gambler rig,s and the rest on a great lakes 4 spoon straight copper,with 4 to be returned to the l ake and one kept for dinner.The fish came between 80and 90ft of water.
  21. Launched out of Severne around 7:30 a.m and fished until 3 p.m.. We went 4 for 5 on lakers. Biggest fish was 5.5 lbs. Most were taken on a wire dipsy #2 setting with flasher and white fly combo set back 200'. Picked up a small landlocked salmon about 20" down over 170 FOW. Said hello and tossed him back. Pretty slow but compared to how I usually do on Seneca, I'll take it! On another note - I lost some gear and need to re-stock, Does anyone know of any local businesses (not big box stores) that carry down rigger releases, dipsy divers, cannon balls etc? I want to keep my $$ local but haven't been able to find anyone who has this stuff
  22. Sorry for the double post. itchy mouse finger
  23. Had trip today Guy wanted to go for silvers so we took the long haul from Roy’s to Long point and trolled south, 200-130fow trolled 20-60ft down with spoons, caught 6 dink salmon and 7 lakers.. got into the lakers about halfway down toward long point and showboat caught a short fat laker stuffed with 3 big saw bellies, no browns but steady action, a handful of lakers around 6-7lbs cooler temps closer to the surface down there compared to north end
  24. Had some action on Seneca last night, tried out a handful of reel rage spoons ,630-8pm had 4 salmon on landed 3 , 2 rainbow one decent size probably 3lbs and 2 smaller lakers 80ft down mostly 110-130fow 30-40 down. surface was 71 degrees.. purple alewife took most, Green UV NBK took the 2 lakers down 80ft.. the smaller reelrage spoons seems to be the ticket their smaller and lighter then stingers with paint that holds up way better 2.2-2.4 mph
  25. Just an FYI Issued: 06-20-2019, 11:24:10 Affects: New York - Seneca - Seneca Falls Sewage Discharge The Seneca Falls (T) WWTP, NY0033308 is issuing this notification. Discharge location: 9.5 Seneca Street, Seneca Falls, NY Location details: Waterbody affected: canal Discharge description: Eq Tank leak Potentially impacted public areas: Fishing Area - canal east of the locks Discharge date and time: 06-20-2019 at 12:00:00 Discharge duration: Aprox 24 hrs Hours Ongoing Discharge reason: System Capacity - heavey rains Steps taken to contain discharge: waiting for flows to lower then drain EQ tank to the plant Volume/rate of discharge: 20 Gallons per Minute Estimated Treated state of discharge: Untreated
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