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Running Double Dipsey question

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I have been running two wire dipseys a side for one season. My question is…

1) I put a magnum dipsey on a 1 or 1.5 setting on my inside dipsey (with a ring) and a regular non magnum on a 2 setting (without a ring) on the outside. 

Do most ppl run a ring with dipseys? If so what dipseys (inside/outside)? That mag dipsey w a ring really digs and does it’s job getting down. But is this the best spread? Am I to tight/close to the rigger etc?


Im just wondering what ppl are doing out there. 




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mag inside, reg outside. i do a 1 and 3. can also do both regulars with 20lb wire on the inside diver. Shouldn’t be an issue with your riggers. Baits are generally tighter to your rigger weights compared to 100+ feet behind your boat with divers. I always just run them right out of the package. Can’t say I have ever took a ring off and I normally glue them down so they don’t come off.  Still expect tangles with other divers or long lines but you do get better at preventing them the more you do it. 

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11 hours ago, jmyers8 said:

I run the dream weaver deeper divers with no ring. 124mm mag on the inside 1 setting and 107mm 3 setting on the outside and dont have any issues. 

Ditto. Plus I run 9’ inside rods and 10.5’ outside rods. 

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9 hours ago, jmyers8 said:

I also have a 7ft inside rod and 8.5 outside and usually expand the spacing of my rod holders when running 2 dipsys. For walleye we consistently run 3 or 4 a side 

What is the 7ft inside rod you’re running? Looking to set up double digger and want a short inside rod. Thanks. 

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